Green theatre (Kiev, Ukraine): description, history


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One of the most unusual places of rest and entertainments in Kiev – the Green theatre built in the ancient fortress and the Pechora-shaped amphitheater. The school is located under the open sky on the banks of the Dnieper. In Kiev - is one of the best places for a party, concert or other entertainment theater, Kiev

The History

According to some archival records, the original structure on the site which today houses a Green theatre (Kyiv), went deep into the earth for 9 levels. By the mid-nineteenth century there was a need to strengthen the Pechora territory of the fortress. To cover the ravine, which was located between Arsenalnaya street (the modern name) and the Mariinsky Palace and the water tower, it was decided to build two retaining walls with internal galleries and loopholes. These guards were military fortifications and formed a kind of fortification. It is quite could easily accommodate a small garrison of troops. Retaining walls were erected in two stages. First – the top was built in 1853-1854 Second wall was erected in 1856. It was a two-tiered gallery with loopholes, having a semi-circular shape and covering an access Chain bridge and the Podolski goal (Naberezhne verk). Underground passage, which ran a water pipe, connected the two walls with the Arsenal street. It has hosted workshops with the water tower on the theatre Kiev address

Existence in Soviet times

In the past twentieth century, at the very beginning, Pechora fortress was turned into a warehouse and a water tower. In the postwar 1949, architect Vlasov was commissioned to build on-site leisure centre with cinema, amusement Park and theater under the open sky. After opening the water Park and the October Palace, Green theatre (Kyiv) has been unjustly forgotten by the residents and guests of the city. The revival of the building began in the early 80-ies of the last century. Was the order given in the drains for rain water and drain wells. Reconstructed and reinforced granite walls, built a balcony for a few hundred seats. Nowadays this complex is almost never used, severely damaged, sometimes destroyed. Occasionally there are concerts held, but, in fact, the complex is forgotten.


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The Mass of mystical rumors and terrible mysteries surround the Green theatre (Kyiv). Reviews of local residents, and many visitors contain stories of ghosts wandering through the galleries, about buried alive in the walls of the fortress people. These stories stretch beyond the history of the building of the mystical train. They say that somewhere in the depths of the theatre, no-no and opens the passage between ours and other worlds. I do not have to be this rumor? Numerous fires that periodically batter in the construction of the lightning, terrible and mysterious death of people, fantastic events and phenomena – here the rich history of this structure.

green theatre Kiev reviews

No Wonder that the area where is located the Green theatre (Kiev, Ukraine), some time was favored by a cult of Satanists. At the present time, of course, there are no rites and sacrifices. As each "haunted house" at the Green theatre, allegedly with Owner. It appears dark nights on the dilapidated walls of the ancient fortress. According to tradition, when you visit the theater you must greet the Owner, in order not to arouse his displeasure.

Modern Green theatre (Kiev)

The Address where the building – Park road 5. Today it is a club site under the open sky. Until recently it was exclusively a night school. In 2014, the area of the Green theatre was also a place of rest during the day. Visitors of an entertainment centre has a pool, play areas, bar and grill. From the hot sun will save the tents, under which hammocks. On the territory of the Green theatre you can relax by day and noisy fun at night.

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