The ski resorts of Kazakhstan: photos and reviews


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Popular ski resorts. Kazakhstan – one of those countries that accept large number of tourists wanting to go skiing, sledding or other similar equipment. This article describes the best resorts in the region.


"Medeo" – a unique ice rink surrounded by snow-capped mountains. He poured the clear water, polished to a mirror Shine and is open to visitors from late fall to early spring. An unforgettable atmosphere is created by constantly playing music and magical lighting in the evening. It offers all the amenities: car Parking, benches on the perimeter of the rink, the rental ice rinks and skiing, a cozy cafe, where you can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate. Besides, the nearest city some 15 kilometers from Medeo. Kazakhstan is known for its mountain air, mild climate, lots of evergreens, blue skies and the beautiful landscapes. What else do you need for active rest?

In the opinion of people, "Medeo" – a great place to have a good time. All the tourists amazed by the sceneries from the highest point. The whole town, which is located nearby, this place is visible at a glance. Numerous reviews of tourists say that the service here is top resorts of Kazakhstan


"Chimbulak" – is stunning in its beauty of the place is just 25 kilometers from Almaty, capital of Kazakhstan. It is always warm and Sunny. A deep layer of snow lies from late autumn to spring. The route can be selected at its discretion and level of training. There are trails for beginners, and a long way for experienced skiers, extreme slopes for snowboarders. All this impresses the tourists, who visited Kazakhstan.


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"Chimbulak" – a base where all necessary equipment is available. It is possible to rent or buy in the sports shop. Professional instructors are always ready to help and answer all questions. Convenient hotel, restaurants, live entertainment, Playground for children will also be a nice bonus at the resort.

Many tourists come here not only to ride, and visit the extensive tour. There are lifts, moving which, it is possible to consider stunning scenery. It highlighted many of the newcomers. None of the tourists, judging by the reviews, did not receive negative emotions.Kazakhstan Chimbulak


"AK-Bulak" – luxury resort an hour away from Almaty. Here you can ride a snowboard or skis. Tracks divided by degree of difficulty. From majestic mountains, completely covered with snow, is breathtaking. All ski resorts (Kazakhstan) are famous for great atmosphere. The air is just saturated with oxygen, and a sense of euphoria in this place does not leave even for a minute. Skis and snowboards can be rented. Qualified instructors will never be denied assistance and will conduct training before the descent. This is an important point, according to visitors.

Summer Vacation here will be a great. At this time here is the mountain bikes, ATVs. Due to the fact that the County's many scenic clearings where you can picnic and stroll on horseback on mountain trails, the time spent in these places, remember. Even though the beautiful nature, comfortable enough also is the fact of having next to “civilization”.Medeo Kazakhstan


"Edelweiss" – ski recreation in the city of Ridder, namely in the village Ulba. Its doors it opens from early winter to mid-spring, however, as many other ski resorts. Kazakhstan – the state in which they are really very much.

The resort has 5 slopes for snowboarding or skiing, and there is a separate trail for children. Provided for accommodation of a hotel room. There is Parking for cars, sauna. All equipment can be hired.

Experienced instructors conduct training workshops, for children there is a special ski school. Keep warm and grab a bite to eat in cafes or restaurants. Beautiful landscapes, frosty air and bright sun will be a perfect addition to relaxation. Feedback from visitors suggests that you can come here even with children, after all, provide an environment as comfortable as possible.trails in the ski resort Edelweiss


"Tekes" – ski resort near the town of Tekeli. Here are two long tracks: one – for beginners and the other – for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. For comfortable living there is a magnificent hotel, where you can eat. Good service have described the ski resorts. Kazakhstan in this area striking splendor of the snowy mountains, which is just fascinating in its grandeur, and the forests stretch to the horizon.

Here you can not only go skiing or snow boards, but also on a sled or snowmobile. The instructors will teach all the necessary skills, and in cases of unforeseen circumstances will be provided with specialized medical care. Tourists talking about affordability and complete comfort. Location of resort is good enough everywhere, stunning scenery.


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