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A Holiday in Malta – one of the fashion trends of recent times. This little European country go not only to sunbathe on the beaches and swim in the sea. Tourists flock here to learn the language, hang out in the best night clubs, explore the many castles and coves to walk in the cities, has not lost medieval charm. In this article we will try to describe what kind of housing can be found in this country that it is and how you need to approach the choice of accommodation in Malta. Let's start with General tips.

Malta Valetta

Feature hotels Malta

This state is located on several Islands. Malta – the largest of them. But there is also Comino and Gozo. Of course, many tourists go it is on the largest island. Although there are hotels on all three. When choosing a hotel in Malta also need to decide what is more important to you – a holiday by the sea or the proximity to nightlife. On this island will have to choose a hotel that would satisfy both requests, not here. But this country – small size. So if you prefer a hotel on the beach, at a disco or a night club can go on public transport and spend on the road no more than thirty minutes. Fans of partying and night life suitable area of St Julian's. In the season, he never sleeps. But those who come here to enjoy the scenery and to relax in privacy, experts suggest the island of Gozo.

4 star Hotels

Housing of this type on the Islands are even some guesthouses. The rooms generally clean and comfortable. Food can be at the level of “five”, it all depends on location. Because the water in Malta is much to save, the towels are changed not every day, but only if you throw them on the floor. Hotels of Malta in this class are the most popular hotels in the North of the island. This “Ramla” and “Mellieha Bay». Good reviews about the hotel «the Dolmen resort”. It is located in the resort of Qawra, near an ancient pagan altar, between two picturesque parks. The hotel consists of apartments with panoramic Windows and a huge balcony suitable for romantic dinners. At the hotel there was entertainment including a casino and a nightclub.


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Best hotels of Malta

5 star Hotels

On the Islands of the state very well represented hotel line international class. The most comfortable and luxurious hotels Malta – “Hilton”, “commune”, “Radisson” and “Intercontinental". Here you will not only offer a huge range of services, but also very quick and professional service. As often in these hotels organizes international seminars, they are equipped with huge conference facilities. Almost all employees understand English. These hotels have gyms and spas and several pools. Some of them are heated in winter. If you want to relax in the cheap Suite, and even in “five”, come off-season. Then the price of housing and services fall much. Most of the hotels of higher category is situated in the heart of St Julian's. Very good hotel "Excelsior" in the capital, Valletta. It is located in the city centre, near historical sights. At the same time there are all conditions for a beach holiday, a private Marina, 3 restaurants with Haute cuisine and five bars, and renowned throughout Malta infinity pools.

Spa treatments

Food & system «all inclusive”

Most local hotels in the price included only Breakfast. Many can be enjoyed morning and evening meal. But to cover you will be on the menu. As a rule, serves many varieties of cheeses as well as delicious salads. Breakfast buffet in the country – a great rarity, as the system “all inclusive”. Hotels of Malta with a private beach and “all inclusive” there are only a few pieces. Among them one of the best – “Mellieha Bay». This “four” is known for the fact that it has its own Bay of Windows offers gorgeous views of the Bay and the village. Water sports included in the stay. Breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant, and lunch in hot weather on the pool terrace. By day the hotel's animation, including children, and in the evenings a variety of entertainment shows. Feed the tourists at the buffet.

Hotels Malta all inclusive

Nearby there is another hotel with the concept of «all inclusive” - “Seabank resort & Spa”. There are several restaurants and bars, a pizzeria, a diving school. Near the hotel there is a disco every night.

“Five” “Corinthia Marina”, located in the Cove of Saint George has a Spa and a kids club, a “four” “Qawra Palace» swimming pool with sea water and the coffee shop. Most services leads in the system “all inclusive”.


Malta is like a rocky coast and a few places with a sandy entrance into the water. In St Julian's and Sliema beaches look like stone slabs, in the sea where down the stairs. Most four and five star complexes in this region of Malta – hotels with beaches. So their guests are there and bathe. Although public, municipal beach in St Julian's-sandy. Examples of such hotels with their coast can serve as “the Corinthia San George”, “the WESTIN Dragonara” (“five”) and “Cavalieri” and “Golden Tulip Vivaldi” (“Quartet”).

Hotels in Malta with private beach

Travel with children

If you came to the island with his family, tourists are advised to pay attention to the Northern resorts of the country. In Chirkey, Golden Bay or Mellieha are the best hotels of Malta. With kids you'll have no problems staying here. Sandy beaches, gently sloping into the water, loads of fun by the sea – the kids safely, you will not survive, and they – miss. Us has described “Mellieha Bay” is extremely popular with Europeans-French and British-who come here to relax almost from newborn. After all, there is a beach with fine sand and gently sloping entrance that you for Malta – a rarity. Parents with older children will fit a slim «Plaza Regency”. Here you can combine a beach holiday with sightseeing and other activities. Near the hotel there is a Park with numerous playgrounds. It is close to the five-star hotel "Le Meridian” where you will have a more comfortable stay.

Malta Hotels with children

Rating of hotels in Malta

The Most popular hotel of the country, in the opinion of tourists, is recognized as ‘Mellieha Bay». The five best hotels of Malta also includes "Hilton", ‘Carlton”, “Dragonara WESTIN resort” and “Sunseeker holiday Complex”. Some of them – the largest hotel, almost like a mini-city, with malls, shops and offices. This is the "Hilton". His restaurants are the envy of Paris and new York. Panoramic Windows overlook the ocean. From ‘Carlton’ as close to Sliema and St. Julian's. The beach had not, but guests can enjoy coast hotel «Akiles beach club”. But “Dragonara WESTIN resort” is not only a complete range of services, but also your piece of the sea. “Sunseeker holiday Complex” in Bugibba is conveniently located. This comfortable hotel with great design, helpful staff and everything you need for a comfortable stay and rest.

hotels Malta

Reviews of hotels Malta

The Level of service in local hotels, according to travelers, often does not depend on network or star, namely, from a specific hotel. Of course, “five” in Malta allows guests to feel amazing. But good hotels are found among “b”, and even the low «treshka». The visitors are reminded that the Maltese hotels three-way sockets are English type. A voltage-230 volts. To charge the phone, tablet or laptop, you will have to ask at the reception the adapter. Sometimes it is given under a Deposit of a certain amount. The system “all inclusive” in Malta, as well as in...

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