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Some Russian cities are abandoned for one reason or another. Collapsed, people left the villages, factories, hospitals, hotels enough on Russian soil. Such objects are always shrouded in mystery and legends, making become very attractive for tourists. Look at the most mysterious and interesting abandoned places in St. Petersburg.

Haunted Houses

abandoned places in SPb

The thrill-seekers, mystics and supernatural phenomena can safely go in Saint Petersburg by nightfall. In the city you can find several places which quickens the heartbeat and the feeling of fear. Abandoned places in SPb impress the most intrepid travellers.

  1. “Gothic” haunted house on the street of security officers, 13. This unusual building was erected in the XIX century and got its name for unusual for those times architecture. Originally it was a manor, which included the stone manor house, outbuilding, grotto, kitchen, stable building, a yard and a small greenhouse. At the end of the XIX century in several buildings of the Vorontsov garden was opened hospital for the mentally ill, which led to changes to the external appearance of the house, its interior decoration. Currently this building is abandoned people. “Gothic” house managed to gain a bad reputation. Locals claim that the house is inhabited by ghosts and vengeful spirits. You can feel it, only crossed the threshold of the building. “Gothic” house – a great choice for fans of the “thrill”.
  2. Manor house in Redkino. This is another settlement with ghosts that can be found in the ancient village of Redkino. Abandoned places of St. Petersburg is not only mysterious, but also beautiful. You can verify this by looking at the remains of a noble mansion (XVIII-XIX centuries) its territory was occupied by a large noble house, outbuildings and family cemetery. Locals say that here also was a convent, which later disappeared along with all the parishioners. They say that the old manor house and now «lives» hidden from ordinary people life, and within its walls are haunted.

Header “Moore’

abandoned places of St. Petersburg


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Abandoned places in St. Petersburg – it's not only old houses and buildings, but also caves, underground rivers, asylum, collectors. The well-known Petersburg collector “Moore’ is kind of “portal to the underworld”. Once it was a sewer, filled to the brim with sewage. Now this kind of a well with underground tunnels. There you can descend and explore its winding passages. The underground corridor has a length of about 500 meters, and it leads to the origins of Michurinsky stream.

Refuge on the Petrodvorets watch factory

Unpretentious design, made of brick, behind which is seen the cupola that can be found in Peterhof. All of this - outside the asylum Petrodvorets watch factory, which produced legendary watches “Rocket”. It was built to protect plant employees. Now this building is included in a list of “Neglected places of Russia». Asylum is abandoned and not guarded due to the lack of need for its use. In the building there is a grim and mysterious atmosphere. Here it was like everything was frozen in anticipation of people who are trying to hide from the unknown trouble. In the premises of the asylum everywhere hung gas masks and military helmets; here you can see the manual on civil defence. All this is complemented by the silence, destruction and mold. In the spring here the water comes from, why the atmosphere is especially creepy. abandoned places Russian

What other neglected places to visit in St. Petersburg?

In St. Petersburg many interesting and mysterious objects that deserve attention. Tourists should definitely visit the abandoned places in SPb. They will plunge into the atmosphere of mystery, mysticism and the supernatural.

  • Ushakovskii baths. The building was located on the same street, which was renamed in honor of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. Baths are no longer used and was abandoned because during construction we used a silicate, old brick.
  • Quarry Vruda. It is located near the Baltic railway near the village Syaglitsy.
  • Volkovitsky tower. A dilapidated windmill, which can be found in Volkovysk district.
  • Rediska abandoned mine.
  • Underground river Country.
  • Abandoned the camp “Astronaut”.
  • Estate "the Fifth mountain”.
  • Header “Civil”.
  • Manor Demidov haunted.
  • Abandoned manor Novikov.

Map of the abandoned areas of St. Petersburg is presented below.map abandoned places

TOP 5 most dark facilities in Russia

Interesting and mysterious deserted places especially a lot in the far East and in the tundra. Below are the most mysterious abandoned places in Russia.

  • Mining town called “Valley of death” (Magadan oblast, Kadykchan). Was abandoned by people after the explosion at a coal mine.
  • The 8-th workshop of the plant “Dagdizel” — in the past, the station that conducted the testing of naval weapons (Kaspiysk, Dagestan).
  • Diamond quarry (waste) in Mirny (Republic of Sakha).
  • The lighthouse located on a rock Sivuchiy. Built in 1939 (Aniva, Sakhalin oblast).
  • The Hotel «Northern Crown”. An abandoned five-star hotel with an area of about 50,000 m2 (Saint-Petersburg).


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