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The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular places among the lovers of beach-sea activities. The exotic beauty of the country amazes tourists. One of the most secluded resorts is the Peninsula of Samana in the Dominican Republic. It is preferred by connoisseurs of individual relaxing holiday. It is here that you can fully enjoy your vacation in style “bounty”.

A Little about the resort…

Coconut groves, clean rivers, mysterious caves, picturesque waterfalls and deserted sandy beaches-all this you will be able to see on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Throughout the year in marine waters, you can admire the dolphins and manatees. And in the winter in the sea appear the famous humpback whales, which are the largest in the world.

Famous Peninsula

Adobe – the famous Peninsula of the Dominican Republic. It is located in the North-Eastern part of the country. It has three major cities – Sanchez, Las Terrenas and Santa Barbara de Samana, and a lot of small villages. In General, all the Dominican Republic is divided into 31 provinces, so Samana is one of them with an administrative center in Santa Barbara de Samana. Very often, tourists get confused and believe that Adobe – the island of the Dominican Republic. But in fact it is not. Although close to the Peninsula is the island of Cayo Levantado, which is a real Paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling.Samana Dominican Republic

The province has three airports, and only one of them received the status international. In the cities, there are hotels offering stay “all inclusive”. However, most of the institutions – little hotels for modest budget travelers.


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Climate conditions

The Most precipitation on the territory of Samana (Dominican Republic) is the period from January to March. It is worth noting that the province is surrounded by mountains, and therefore there are no hurricanes. For this reason, the resort is the most peaceful region in the country. In the rainy season the downpours can be quite protracted and can last up to several days. But after that just comes with fine dry weather, allowing you to relax on the beach.

In Fairness it should be noted that throughout the year on the Peninsula the air temperature has remained virtually unchanged. Its fluctuations can be only a few degrees. The hottest month is August. During this period the average temperature is about 32 degrees. And the coolest are January and February. In these months the temperature is kept in the range of 29 degrees.

Transportation resort

From the airport to one of three cities in the area can be reached by taxi. But according to eliptamin guys (Dominican Republic) easiest way to travel is by rental car, bike or scooter. As for public transport, it is also available on the resort and presented by minibuses and buses. In addition, there is sufficiently developed such a form of transportation like a taxi.

Beaches in Samaná

The Beaches in Samana (Dominican Republic) you can safely claim the title of best in the country. They are all located along the coast of the Peninsula. Which one is the best for tourists – hard to say. It all depends on where you prefer to swim in ocean waters or waters of the Bay.Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic

Tourists should know that the Eastern and Northern coast is washed by the Atlantic ocean, but the South coast overlooking the Bay of Samana.

One of the most famous beaches of the resort is Bonita, whose length reaches 13 kilometers. It is located near the town of Las Terrenas. The beach is convenient for those resort guests who prefer hotels and villas in Las Terrenas. The coast in this area has a white sand finish. The beach from the coast will trim a wide strip of palm trees. Conditionally it can be divided into two parts: Western and Eastern. The Western section of Bonita beach is calm there are no waves. And here on the East coast often there are high enough waves. For this reason, here's a favorite with surfers.

Cayo Levantado

On the island of Cayo Levantado is the eponymous beach. It is of interest to those holidaymakers who prefer a quiet holiday and housed in a local hotel. But, in principle, everyone can come to the island. You can use the services of the local population for transportation by boat. Besides from the waterfront in Santa Barbara de Samana can also be reached by boat. Incredibly popular the beach is becoming in the period of mating humpback whales, as the coast of the island is very convenient to observe of behaviour of animals.Samana Dominican Republic reviews

Beach Colorado is located in the East of Samana (Dominican Republic). He refers to the wild part of the coast of the Peninsula. Partly it is the private sector, but the rest is open for free access. Here there is no infrastructure, but you can admire turtles, which are on the beach very much.

But the Rincon beach – is a real pride not only of the resort but throughout the Dominican Republic. By the way, Rincon entered the top ten beaches in the world. It is located on the coast of the picturesque Bay. Next begins the territory of one of the national parks of the resort. The beach is surrounded by plantations of coconut palms and hillsides. Its coast is covered with fine coral sand and is washed by the waters of the Atlantic.

Tourists will certainly be interesting wild beach Fronton. It's unusual natural beauty. From all sides it is surrounded by hillsides covered with lush tropical vegetation.

Interesting sights of Samana

Hard to imagine, but on-site eliptamin guys (Dominican Republic) is six national parks. The most popular and largest of them is the Park «Los Haitises”. Many tourists are attracted by its pristine beauty, unique animals and tropical vegetation. In the Park you can spend time walking through the jungle or by boat. Also worth a visit are the caves in which still there are pictures of the very first inhabitants - the Taino Indians.the island of Samana Dominican Republic

If to speak about Samana (Dominican Republic), it is necessary to recall the beautiful El Limon waterfalls which are definitely worth a visit. According to ancient legend, anyone who bathes in the waters of the waterfall, threatening untold riches. True or not, hard to say. I should probably check the veracity of the legend himself. However, the road to the waterfall is not very easy, but incredibly scenic. It lies between the majestic mountains. As the vehicle will offer only the horses. But after a magnificent waterfall, the guides offered to go to the ranch, where you can see how they grow cocoa and coffee. Judging by the reviews of Samana (Dominican Republic), such excursion trips are the most popular among tourists.

Through the mountains and parks for tourists, trips by jeep and horseback, which adds even more exotic excursions.

Bay Peninsula

The Resort Samana (Dominican Republic) known for its whales. From January to March to the Peninsula from the Atlantic swim large flocks of humpback whales. Animals travel great distances, about three to five thousand miles, and sometimes up to seven thousand miles if you sail from the coast of Norway.Dominican Republic Samana hotels

The Whales swim in the warm Bay of Samana to breed. Young whale calves are playing while entertaining the audience. Whales are one of the main attractions of the Peninsula. Locals even came up to arrange sightseeing trips by boat around the Bay in search of animals, which is determined by the manufactured fountains. Will you be lucky enough to see a whale up close, the big question. Still wild nature – this is not a zoo and the animals are not subject to our whims. And yet, such trips are incredibly interesting for tourists because you can experience real extreme and excitement. Especially nice if you can get to get close to the animals.

Hotels in Samana in the Dominican Republic

The resort has suitable accommodation for relaxation. In General, the Peninsula is good for those guests who prefer a quiet holiday by the sea. Going to Samana, of course you should not expect to find here fashionable institutions. But the resort is gradually developing on its territory the construction of new hotels. The best establishments on the Peninsula are: “luxury mountain Bahia Principle Cavo Levantado don Pablo Kollekshen”, “Albahari Wanted”, “Sublime Adobe” and “Wanted "Alisei" ”. It is likely that in the near future, guests will be able to offer a larger selection of hotels. The best hotel complexes located near the cities of the resort. They have pools, nice rooms and equipped territory. According to tourists, these places are perfect for a comfortable stay.

Museum of lost ships

Stay in Samaná (Dominican Republic) – is not just the ability to lie idly on the beach, but the opportunity to see the most interesting places of the resort. One of them is the shipwreck Museum, which is located in Santa bárbara de Samaná. The place will appeal even to children. His exhibits are the most interesting finds recovered from the bottom of the sea. In the Museum you can learn many interesting facts about shipwrecks and how they raise the seabed.Samana Dominican Republic vacation // создаём пока пустой массив, где будут жить наше оглавление const links = []; // находим все подзаголовки и добавляем им id, который состоит из слова h2- и порядкового номера этого заголовка [...document.querySelectorAll('h2')].forEach((el, i) => { // присваиваем id каждому элементу, добавляя к нему порядковый номер этого элемента = `h2-${i}`; // отправляем в наш изначально пустой массив новый элемент с уже готовым HTML-кодом для ссылки links.push(`

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