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Trade on the Internet do not always involve the purchase or sale of real goods. In particular, it concerns trading on the currency markets, where the buying or selling currency contracts, traders earn exchange rate difference. To conduct speculative transactions on the Forex market there is no need large financial investments.

Any foreign currency transaction will be executed on short lending. The Deposit, which in this case provides the trader, called the margin. The margin loan is different from its size, which exceeds the margin several times.

Margin trading – is transactions of purchase-sale of foreign currency (assets) using the virtual credit, which provide the trader secured a pre-agreed amount (margin) placed on Deposit at the brokerage firm.

The relationship between the means that the trader will receive the loan in a dealing center and called his own shoulder. Margin transaction due to the effect from the financial "leverage" (shoulder) allows you to earn income far exceeding that which could be obtained using only its own funds.

Trading on Margin allows if there is a profit to increase it on ascending and descending market. The operation is completed, if there are carried out two mutually closing of the transaction: for example, if you bought a certain amount of a certain currency (open position), the trader some time have to sell (close position), and Vice versa. The final result of closing position is the difference between the prices of purchase and sale. To the released collateral margin added to the result of the closed transaction: when it is positive the balance of the amount in the trader's account exceeds the Deposit, otherwise the Deposit will be deducted the loss on the transaction.


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Of Course, transactions are not always successful, but practically the more than the trader risks – that his Deposit. Broker monitors not only transactions, but also accompanies her. If the loss of her approaching critical, the trader receives the notification about the necessity of increasing the size of mortgage funds, the so-called margin call (in translation – the requirement of margin).

Trading on Margin, thus enabling investors the opportunity to manage earnings, increasing Deposit, but also limits them to the risk of loss.

The Main difference from margin transactions operations using a conventional loan – in the absence of any funds required to pay to the broker for the loan usage. Moreover, the risk of the trader is limited to the funds deposited to their broker's account. This means that if the broker at sharp jumps of the prices on the market manages to close on a margin call and the loss exceeds the margin, i.e. the amount of the bond, the losses shall be borne by the broker.

Trading on Margin involves only the right of the trader to dispose of specific assets, that is to buy or sell. Usually this is enough for realization of speculative operations, because the trader is only interested in the difference in the price of goods, and not himself. I must admit that such trade, which does not require actual delivery of the goods, leads to a significant reduction of overheads for merchants.

The Use of leverage increases the trading capital of the trader. Even if the trader has just 1% of contract size, still this method will allow him to earn on the difference of currency rates.

Margin trading is contributing to a sharp increase in the volume of transactions on the market. Although there's more risk, but with the increase in the volume of transactions changes the character of the market, it becomes more liquid.

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