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“the Bodyguard killer” came in the top of the most anticipated films of 2017. It's not so much that the picture has an impressive budget and a solid cast, as the combination of Comedy and Thriller that didn't get boring to the mass audience. With a budget of $ 30 million, the film grossed over 175 million, which is conventionally considered a success. Director Patrick Hughes was able to create interesting, dynamic, and therefore interesting movie.

The Plot is simple and is a huge cliche, but the audience did not notice it, engrossed in interesting conversations unconventional heroes and the beauty of the photography and editing. The actors are “Bodyguard killer” came the impressive status and reputation. The all-star team, dubbed by critics the second version of “the Expendables”, however, turned out to be a good choice. Deficiencies in the intricacies of the plot, the Director was able to “cover up” the charisma of the main characters. Actors and roles "Bodyguard killer” harmoniously matched so that the picture literally lives his life.


bodyguard killer actorsAs such, a story with a deep background of the film has not. The viewer confront the fact that the events are developing “exactly”, opening certain parts in the course of the narrative. First, the picture introduces the layman with the first main character – bodyguard “AAA” Michael Bryce. It seeks to streamline in your life everything and does not tolerate any surprises. The hero's life goes out the window when he loses a senior client. In order to regain his status he must be delivered to the Hague of witness who is willing to testify against a renowned criminal-dictator dukhovich, Esq. Since the film is literally filled with references to the mafia, the Russian actors in “the Bodyguard killer” too.


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The Peppercorns adds the fact that the witness is the killer, and not easy. Client Bryce is one of the most wanted criminals in the world, which also framed him with the death of the client. Throughout the film, Bryce struggles with those who want to kill Darius Kincaid and his own desire to strangle the obnoxious passenger. Kincaid is the complete opposite of Bryce, he tends to accept life for what it is and is open to any uncertainty. Largely the Comedy portion of the painting is built on the confrontation of the main characters and their foundations. The actors are “Bodyguard killer” could most accurately convey the idea of the Director, because of what the altercation of the characters do not seem trifling or histrionics.

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bodyguard killer Russian actorsTo both the audience and the critics of the picture came to mind because the movie, unlike the previous attempts of Hollywood to introduce “star” in a regular pattern created for the average viewer. Famous actors in “the Bodyguard killer” does not try to flaunt your personality, and follow a chosen role, fully playing its role. Therefore, the film came to taste to those who just wanted to go for a session in the cinema and relax.

In technical terms, the picture is also not to find fault. Shooting and editing are at a high level, battle scenes and skirmishes made “manual”, clearly and beautifully. Some questions about the plot, but in the end, the picture is not to the purpose to introduce the neophyte into the intricacies created micro-universe and the existing characters. Actors and roles in “the Bodyguard killer" organic, which significantly brightens up some sharp edges.

Michael Brice

bodyguard killer actors and rolesThe Role of a good guy and just “smart” played by Ryan Reynolds. After Deadpool's and Reynolds is characterized primarily in that role, i.e. the role of extraordinary and unpredictable character. However, he once again showed that they can do better. The character is a unique collection of clichés on different “good guys” in the world of Hollywood movies. Bryce pedantic down to the last detail, he doesn't like surprises, surprises and needs constant order. Also, the character suffers from several complexes, which is doubly amusing considering the age of the hero. In the end, lyrical image of the knight and the good guy fades, giving way to human nature is no stranger to mistakes. Russian actors in “the Bodyguard killer” entirely serious, but their Western colleagues got a bright and funny role.

Darius Kincaid

In stock Samuel L. Jackson just a few characters who can be called if not a Comedy, it is specific. Kincaid in his performance turned out practically a baby is so unpredictable killer. Despite a few “baby” behavior, the killer feels great responsibility for his beloved, which causes him to make a deal and testify against the dictator of the dukhovich, Esq. Later, when the back story of the character does occur, it turns out that Kincaid is not as simple as initially it seemed to Bryce. The killer turns out to be a man of honor and trusted friend, who eventually lend a bodyguard.

Dukhovich, Esq.

Russian actors in the movie the bodyguard, Hitman namesThe Dictator of Yugoslavia (original Belarus) in the performance of Gary Oldman was colorful and “evil”. The character is not sympathetic enough, even when fully disclosed. The viewer craves victory authentic “good guys”, while the dukhovich, Esq. by all the canons of the genre remains the focus of dislike and even hatred. The dictator turned out excellent. He is cruel, unscrupulous and consistent. No rushing between good and evil, and false contrition and even more than a moralization of self-image. The villain is simple and unpretentious, and what is the merit of the actor. When the public learned that Russian actors in “the Bodyguard killer” yet will expect to see people from the Russian Federation including the role of the dukhovich, Esq., however, the choice of the Director was correct.

Amelia Russell

“evil” - says the signature on the phone Bryce. The girl, despite the hard nature, vulnerable and tender feelings for the main character even after he blamed her for your mistake. A minor character, but he plays a very important role, since the girlfriend of a bodyguard and a killer tie them and do similar. The heroine was played by Elodie Yung, which brilliantly coped with the task.

Sonya kinkade

The Good wife killer, center for criminality and threats, at least within the women's prison in Amsterdam. Extremely sharp tongue, but loves her "cockroach", and therefore almost always in their relationship with the spouse formed idyll. The role played by Salma Hayek, with its spark and passion. The image came out colorful and rich.


bodyguard killer Russian actorsThe names of the Russian actors in the film "Bodyguard killer” was probably known to the countrymen before the picture went into wide release. NPCs with Russian origin in the film two: the lawyer of the dukhovich, Esq. and his trusted gunman Ivan. Their roles were played by Michael Gorevoy and Yuri Kolokolnikov, respectively. If the first game in a number of projects, including overseas, that Kolokolnikov in a big movie barely made its debut. His image in the film leaves no doubt of the seriousness of “here those bad guys”. Ivan is strict, disciplined and ruthless.

The Film “the Bodyguard killer” turned out to be informative and interesting. The viewer has no need to delve into the background and origins of the characters, just sit back and get aesthetic pleasure from simple stories, performed by professionals. Painting is not gonna be called a masterpiece, but a failure it is not.


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