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The Film is "Far to expensive", the actors and roles in the paper - adaptation of Nicholas sparks novel the author of several bestsellers. Director melodramatic films - George Tillman Jr. The film premiered in 2015.

a long way the actors


Luke Collins is the main character of the melodrama "a long way". The actor who played him, was once known only to a close relationship with the world-famous Director. Today, on account of his several dozen roles in the movie.

Luke - Rodeo. One day he meets a girl named Sophia Danko. Begin to develop relationships. This is the main storyline in the movie "a long way". Actor, best known for her role in the TV series "mash" played in the melodrama an elderly man, who the characters are in serious condition in the car trapped in a ditch. They transported him to the hospital, and later Sofia visits the old man and learns from him the story of his first love. The story of Ira Levinson is the second storyline in the film "a long way".


The Main role is played by Scott Eastwood. Sophia, played by Britt Robertson. Alan Alda played the role of Ira Levinson in the film "a long way". Actor Jack Huston played the Levinson in his youth. Oona Chaplin - Ruth, wife of Ira. The other actors of the film "long way": Tiago Riani, Danny Vinson, Michael Lowry, Elea Oberon, Lolita Davidovich, Gloria Reuben.

the journey is actors and roles

Scott Eastwood

The Actor was born in 1986. Father - Clint Eastwood is officially recognized him at once. Nevertheless, I supported Scott in the early years. And that's Eastwood, Sr. helped to make first steps in cinema by starring in the movie "a long way".


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The Actor made his debut in the historical drama "Flags of our fathers". Then there were roles in the films "Invictus", "Gran Tarino". Director of all these pictures is Clint Eastwood. But in the filmography of Scott, of course, not only films of his father. He played in such films as "Curveball", "Carmel", "Chicago Fire", "Rage", and many others.

Britt Robertson

The Actress was born in 1990, in Charlotte. Made her film debut in 2003. Fame came to her four years later, after the movie "Dan in real life brother." Other films with the participation of Robertson: "the first time", "future Earth", "Cake", Obnoxious people."

Alan Alda

American actor, screenwriter and Director was born in 1936, in new York. His family had a direct relationship to art. The father acted in movies and played Broadway musicals. The mother was not an actress, but had the title «Miss new York". And Alan and his younger brother in childhood was determined with the future profession.

the actors of the movie a long way

The Actor made his debut on the theatrical stage at the age of sixteen years. In his youth, he played in the Broadway production. In the movie began acting in the early sixties. The first played a significant role in the film "Paper lion." The world recognition was received after the TV series "mash". It is noteworthy that in the "Novel about three army doctors" initially actor to star in not wanted. And agreed only after creators have agreed to script some changes. At least one episode in the film about the war, according to Alan Aldi, had to be serious.

In 1980, he has served as a Director, removing the film "seasons", while playing the main role. In recent years, mainly engaged in producing activities.

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