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Modern products of the horror genre very rarely able to surprise the viewers, this is often a standard variation of common genre cliches, dressed focused on basic instincts effects. Do not hide neither the filmmakers nor embody the idea of the Director on the screen actors. "the Babadook” is an exception. The film, fitting into the standard horror movie structure, is a truly elegant and meaningful creation. Genre in the ribbon is only for decoration history, filmed by first-time Director Jennifer Kent. She performed in the role of a Director and writer, creating one of the most interesting and intelligent horror in the last 20 years, without resorting to competitive methods. The plausibility of the plot action, she helped to keep E. Davis and N. Wiseman – talented actors. "the Babadook” thanks to their extremely organic acting is not sinking to the level of hysteria.

actors babadook

The Plot

The Main character, a widow and mother Amelia (actress E. Davis), suffered a terrible tragedy. On the way to the hospital she and her husband get into a car accident. She and the baby survived, and her loving husband suddenly died. Years pass, the inconsolable woman, laboring as a nurse, barely making ends meet, raising her son alone. Unadapted to society little Sam (Noah Wiseman), fenced off from the outside world, constantly constructs a simple weapon and easily loses control of himself. Once a child finds a book about a scary monster the Babadook, which, poised in the dark, makes people do terrible things. From that time the boy and does lose rest, and with him and Amelia, which also sees the Babadook.


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Essie Davis

Two-layer structure of the narrative

Story has it all: a forced early adulthood, he suppressed the pain, tormenting guilt. This whole spectrum of emotions trying to convey to the audience the actors. "the Babadook” definitely not fit into the conventional formula of mystical horror. The film is designed so that in the outer layer, the classic story about the Boogeyman hassling the already troubled family (with Association “Candyman through the town’ and ‘Nightmare on elm street”), emerges the basis – allegorical dramatic story of a widowed woman who can't let go of the deceased spouse. All this amazing cocktail of emotions brilliantly played professional Davis and Noah young actor who seemingly was born to play in horror.

], Benjamin winspear

Cast film

Starring in the horror was played by actress E. Davis, well-known to the audience for the films “Australia”, “the Matrix Reloaded”, “Girl with the pearl earring", N. Wiseman, H., McElhinny, D., Henshall and others. The female leading role Essie Davis, the daughter of the famous Australian artist George Davis, embodied on the screen the heroine with a completely shattered nervous system, which could be placed in specicaly. The actress is so good in the way that it is eye-catching, her skill is amazing and to complain about absolutely nothing. Essie Davis debuted in cinema in 1995 and played more than 30 roles on television and in the movies.

Noah Wiseman

Clawed monster. The actor who embodied him

In the center of the narrative horror, as befits the canons of the genre, monster of a child, and maybe adult nightmare, with which not in forces to cope the main characters. In some episodes a clawed monster in a cylindrical hat played by actor - Benjamin Winspear. The artist got quite a complex character. On the one hand, it really is a monster, veleusic first in housing and then in the mind of the protagonist. But the Babadook is the embodiment of fears and emotions Amelia: fear of letting go of the deceased spouse, undue irritability, suppressed hatred of the child. No wonder writer and stage Director Jennifer Kent, given the texture of the Winspear, uses caricature, almost a puppet of the Babadook to the exacerbation of the senses to the limit, their gipertrofirovannyy. Character B. Winspear complex, when it showed the Director adhered to the noble restraint and simplicity. No one thought the minor character – neither Kent nor involved filming the actors. "the Babadook" did the Winspear famous, like the actor Robert Kruger Englund, however, the project has not yet become a franchise. Perhaps we should wait for the sequel.

Celebration of directing from Kent

“the Babadook” — this is not just another cheap feed-through horror story, a triumph of art direction, a psychological study of the growing madness. Scares him the most is not dark something appearing unexpectedly, and the relationship between the two families and the closest people. Jennifer Kent – a real artist is able to sculpt a drama out of nothing, while beating without a hint of background music and cheap special effects.

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