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A Very popular series about Roksolana and Sultan Süleyman called "the Magnificent century". Those who have not watched, still at least vaguely, but I've heard about the movie. The contents of "the Magnificent century" is not much different from the historical reality.
content magnificent century

Turkish-Ukrainian love in all its glory

This love story more than a century agitated the minds of people. The simple slave (Ukrainian in some versions) could not simply win the heart of the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, but also to lead the Turkish people and "push" their enemies very feminine legs. The reign of Sultan Suleyman is considered to be truly a Golden age, a time when the Ottomans were the main threat then the world and its peace.

Returning to the series, we review the history of Hürrem and Suleiman the eyes of the Turks, as well as discuss "the Magnificent century". Hürrem and the corpses of the defeated enemy ascends to the throne. I pay tribute to the actress: Meriem Uzerli played not just good, but unique. Anyway, and it kept the series. Now the actress has changed - and the indignation of fans has no limits. But that's another topic.

Thus, the slave Alexander, realizing that in the silence to survive the prisoner will fail (and the cherished dream of revenge, haunted), decided to win the heart of the Sultan and become one of his favorite wives, to enter the number of the government holding. And it needs to change the foundations, acting on the ruler. But the traditions are all the other inhabitants not only of the harem but of the whole Muslim countries. Profit enemies "packs", it becomes the sole ruler of hearts ruler, and as a consequence, acquires tremendous power, give birth while still a bunch of kids. During the climb she was beaten, burned, blackmailed, poisoned, and more. But the Slavs indestructible, and therefore win Hürrem simply can not through official channels or indirectly by hiring the killers.the magnificent century the contents of the series


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The Contents of "the Magnificent century" have deviated from the official historical fact, but as for me, this is not essential, and the series is presented as art. The main events are the same - and that is good. Though the Sultan seemed to me somewhat more sluggish or suspended. Constantly surprised rounded eyes, when in the harem, something happens! A sort of Holy innocence in his personal life and a very tough guy in politics!

Other characters of the series also show themselves absolutely from an unexpected source, varying as gaining power that almost invariably leads to the death of all (as it says the contents of "the Magnificent century"). Ibrahim, Hatice, Valide, and eventually Shah-Sultan Lutfi Pasha thing of the past. Skillfully conducting business, however Hürrem sometimes falter, that has periodically fallen out of favor of the Lord, but, returning, had gained even greater power. Maybe it's because she learned from her mistakes, and enemies - no, maybe because it was a really great love between her and Sultan. The fact remains - Hürrem difficult to shake, even after ten years of captivity, arranged Mahadevan, she'll be back to make a great slaughter. It is here that we come to the fourth and final season of the series.

the magnificent century season 4 contentThe Movie "the Magnificent century". Season 4. Contents

It is Here that the idea and must start the most interesting, follies, wars and intrigue. I'm not going to tell in detail the film "the Magnificent century" (contents series), but hint that some kids Suleiman threatens a specific "a-tat-tat on the ass". In addition, will announce the sister of the ruler. Some main characters will die or be executed.

In connection with the departure of Meriem from the show many are threatening not to watch it. But the latest season promises to be the hottest. So reluctantly, I guess I'm still his inspection, although from a purely historical point of view, I already know what will happen next.

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