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The name of the rapper known around the world, but personal life hidden from prying eyes. The news that was born the daughter of Timothy, all shocked. A famous Russian singer with his lover carefully concealed the fact of pregnancy. Just after childbirth was published the first photo of Alena, who is in an interesting position. However, everyone's attention was drawn to another picture in which a girl holding a baby.

Personal life rapper

the daughter of TimothyTimur Yunusov, aka Timothy, to the age of 29 managed to succeed not only in music but also outside this sphere. He has a fleet of impressive size, their own clothing line BlackStar, club and restaurant. Let's not forget that he is the producer of the majority of Russian artists.

Girls always loved him, so no one is surprised by the number of its noisy novels. However, it was only a temporary relationship, and no one could even imagine that this charming man once settle down, but it happened. A radical change in the singer's life happened last year when was born the daughter of Timothy and Shishkova.

Who is the girl who won the heart of a rapper?

wife TimothyThe Civil wife of Timothy – Alena Shishkova is a Russian model and participant of a huge number of beauty contests. She's younger than his choice of almost nine years, but this age difference does not affect their relationship. This is a very sweet girl with expressive eyes and a charming smile.

the daughter of Timothy AliceFor a bright appearance and the Cone hides a very modest girl. To subdue it, Timur had to put a lot of effort. It is very nicely cared for Alyona, gave huge bouquets of roses and wrote romantic messages even after the girl went to his home (originally a model from Tyumen).


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Timothy just picture the beauty of the mother, and after a while they lived together.

Titles won by model:

  • ‘Miss Hope”;
  • ‘Miss Charm”;
  • ‘Miss Dream”;
  • Second Vice-miss Russia 2012.

It Should be noted that the latter is considered the most honorable award participating in beauty pageants and models.

Often beloved rapper compare because of the appearance of Megan Fox.

The Only thing that has changed is the girl with the help of plastic surgery – lips. This procedure turned Alain into a chic woman, who sympathize with not only men but also women.

When the baby was born?

At First, the wife of Timothy perfectly concealed his position, but when to do it was difficult, went, away from the prying eyes – in the Dominican Republic. There about future mom cared mother of Timur. It should be noted that the relationship of mother-in-law with daughter-in-law has developed in the best manner and that she advised Alena Shishkova to give birth in the Dominican Republic. Daughter Timothy G. was born 19.04.14 the baby's Weight was four pounds, and growth – 53 cm.

Famous dad was not only present at birth, but personally cut the umbilical cord. Rapper have withstood the entire process, but in the end he let a tear of happiness.


The news about the paternity of a famous musician shocked not only fans, but friends. Approval pair they kept it a secret, primarily because of the reluctance to make pregnancy a PR company. Young parents just after birth has published a photo of a newborn beauty, but the faces of girls they are seen. Only recently, the daughter of Timothy Alice showed the world his face. the daughter of Timothy and Shishkova

As you can see, daughter of Timothy is a very beautiful child. It is very similar to my dad, grandma, laying out the Internet for photos of her granddaughter, affectionately signed: “Presented in front of you the boy – my daughter, my son!”. What do you think, who look like the daughter of Timothy? Alice grows quite active, and is known dad has managed to teach her some moves.

Fans of the singer did not miss the chance to note that Alain has not yet had time to fully recover, so he prefers to hide her figure in loose clothes. Such caring was a bit, most are simply touched the baby and mom showered with compliments.

Alena Shishkova and Timati are still not connected by marriage, despite the fact that the singer only this year have several times offered her to legalize their relationship. The girl consistently refused, arguing that his decision by the fact that he didn't want to take away from Timur the status of eligible bachelor.

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