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Brian Phillip Welch was born in TORRANCE (CA) in 1970, June 19. It is better known under the alias of head. Our hero is the guitarist and one of the founders of the rock group Korn. This Association greatly influenced the development of nu metal. Welch is a backup vocalist. Known for extremely aggressive and heavy riffs.

Early years

Brian WelchBrian "head" Welch grew up the town of Bakersfield. From an early age, our hero thought that differs from their peers. For this reason, the victim of bullying and attacks. His main passion was music. The young man at the age of 10 years took up the guitar. At school, he saw James Shaffer. It was a budding guitarist. The musicians began to play together.


Brian head WelchBrian Welch met at school Reginald Arvizu. In the future this man will be the bassist of Korn. Together they formed a band. The team called Pierct. Later the Association was renamed Toy. The line-up had several changes. As a result, the team was joined by James Shaffer-guitar. Later he also will become a member of Korn.

After the split Rick Morrill, and Reginald Arvizu formed L. A. P. D. Also, the group included the “Monkey” and David Silveria - the future drummer of the band Korn. Welch traveled with L. A. P. D. on the rights of clerk. The band signed with the independent Studio Triple-X Record. As a result of the team in 1992 he released the single and the album called Who's Laughing Now. Soon the group was renamed the Creep. Welch took the team as a permanent member. Rick Morrill – vocalist left the band. Shaffer and Welch found Jonathan Davis – team member Sexart. He became a singer. In 1993 the group got the name Korn. It happened after the final accession of a new vocalist to the band.


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Brian Phillip WelchThe band's Debut album with the same title appeared in 1994 He became the first in the list of successful recordings of the choir. Brian Welch, however, left the team. In 2005 the group announced that after thirteen years of joint work of enterprises of the road and our hero apart. Brian rejoining Korn for another 8 years. The reunion happened in 2013.

Solo career

In 2008 passed the long-awaited release of an album called Save Me From Myself – solo works of our hero. On this album Brian Welch worked since 2005 and was Soon followed by the video for the single Flush. The musician announced plans to make a documentary called "Washed in the blood». This paper elaborate on the internal struggle of a musician and his choice of life based on Christian precepts. In this tape need to sign the personal history of this artist, as well as interviews with his friends, and animated sketches. Also there will be given notes, created during the charitable activities of the musician in India.

Love and Death and personal life

Brian Welch photoThe project was announced in 2012 we are Talking about the group, which consists of Studio and live composition. Brian Welch for a solo career and worked with various musicians. By 2009, however, was finally formed the participants of the concerts of our hero. They later became the basis of the project Love and Death. In 2012 appeared the first work of the group of Chemicals. In 2013, he released a full length album Between Here And Lost.

In 2016, our hero released the book. In the same year there is a new single by the band Love and Death titled Lo Lamento. Anyone who buys book Brian may officially free to download this song. Now let's talk a little bit about the personal life of the musician.

In 1998, July 6, Rebecca - wife of Brian, had a daughter Jeannie Marie Welch. This is his second child. The first girl, Rebecca, and Brian gave up for adoption. The musician says in the book called Save me from myself. The team left the tour that Brian was able to see my wife. To date, the couple divorced. Brian Welch had become the guardian of his daughter. Musician and Jeannie Marie live in Arizona.

Our hero believed in Jesus Christ and in 2005 in the Jordan river were taken by water baptism. The ceremony was held with a group of Baptists from Bakersfield. The musician announced that with the Lord's help to be completely free from addiction. Davies and Welch have exchanged mutual recriminations, after the latter left the band. The musician has a number of tattoos, which are quotes from the Bible.

It Should bring some interesting facts:

  • Head and Monkey 2/3 of his life.
  • In the childhood of our hero was influenced by Queen and AC/DC.
  • As a special happy signs of a head kick Done before performances.
  • Favorite flavor of the musician - the smell of lime.
  • Our hero wants to go on tour with the Beastie Boys.
  • The Musician often gets lottery tickets.
  • Head has an older brother named Jeffrey.
  • Musician doesn't like to travel by plane.
  • Been a fan of Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Has a large number of tattoos. Most of them associated with Christian themes.
  • Growth Brian is 187 cm
  • Main tool of the musician period, Korn — it's a seven-string guitar Ibanez. Some of the exclusive tools of our hero going in the Studio Ibanez.

Now you know who Brian Welch. Photo of a musician is applied to this material.


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