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Vladislav Pavlov – the young actor, who made more than 30 roles in movies and TV series. Want to read more about his biography and creative activity? Then read the article from the first to the last paragraph.

Vladislav Pavlov

Biography: childhood

Vladislav Pavlov was born in 1984 (29 April) in Saratov. He's from an ordinary family with average income.

From an early age the boy showed an interest in art. He liked to draw, dance and watch performances on TV. At school he studied well. Several times per week attended sports section.

In high school, the guy enrolled in a drama group. He liked the atmosphere on stage and backstage. Teachers noted Vlad is a great talent and creative perspective.


After high school, he applied to the Academy. Sobinov, located in Saratov. Talented guy enrolled in the University on the chosen specialty Vlad (actor of puppet theatre).

Soon our hero went to Moscow, where he easily entered the GITIS. His teacher and mentor was Vladimir Andreev. In 2008, the guy received a diploma.


When wide screens first appeared Vladislav Pavlov? The actor began acting in 2001. It adopted the role of an operative in the TV series “Secrecy of the investigation”. Aspiring actor at 100 % completed the task set before him. The image was vivid and believable.

The Second picture with the participation of Vladislav Pavlov was released in 2006. In the teen Comedy "Nobody knows about sex,” he played Leh.

In 2007, the native of Saratov “lit” in military film ‘cadets" melodrama "Sasha, my love”. In both cases, the Directors were satisfied with the cooperation.


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Vladislav Pavlov actor

His first major role, however, and wide fame, Vlad received in 2009. In action series “Sword”, he has successfully fit into the image of Dima Chizhov ("Siskin"). His character along with his friends created the illegal repression. Their goal-to destroy the criminals who managed to escape justice. This character has caused sincere sympathy of a large number of spectators. While Directors and critics praised the acting Pavlova.

List of his other film work for 2010-2016:

  • “the Ninth division" (2010) – Marat Reuben, an employee of the Department No. 9.
  • «Moscow. Three stations" (2011) – Pavel Zemtsov.
  • “Prosecutorial check-up" (2011) – an investigator.
  • “Deffchonki" (2012) – Anatoly.
  • “nosey" (2012) – porter Kovalkov.
  • “Floor” (2013) – Nicholas, the main role.
  • “Hound” (2015) – Lieutenant Shirokov.
  • “See – you know" (2016) – Arthur Naumov.
  • “the Fifth guardian" (2016) – Sergei.

Filmography of our hero does not end there. In 2017 planned to release two movies with his participation – Thriller “Explosion” series “Method Polyakova”.

Vladislav Pavlov (actor): personal life

Before us is a cute, educated and motivated young man. About this choice is the dream of any girl aged 18 to 35 years.

Vladislav Pavlov, the actor's personal life

Vlad cannot be called a womanizer and conqueror of female hearts. He believes in big and pure love. At the moment, his heart is free. Yet on the horizon appeared a girl worthy to become the actor's wife and mother of their common children.

Interesting facts

  • Vladislav Pavlov Loves to travel. It's not just about travelling abroad. The actor believes that in Russia a lot of places to relax and have fun. It is Siberia, the Caucasus, Krasnodar Krai and the Crimea.
  • Our hero can not imagine my life without sport. Several times a week he visits the pool and gym. In the summer, riding her bike, and in winter-skiing.
  • Vlad tries himself as a scriptwriter and Director. He's interested in the drama of human relationships.
  • With Your idol is the American actor Tom Hanks.
  • In 2008, the theatre festival in Edinburgh (Scotland) was awarded the USA Weekly News.

In conclusion

About where he was born and in which scenes were filmed Vladislav Pavlov, now you know. Biography, career and personal life of an actor – all of this was discussed in the article. We wish the young talent success and big love!

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