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Coming to us from Japanese culture, the anime genre has occupied a firm place in the niche of the entertaining, entertainment, loved by so many admirers of intricate stories, vivid scenes and extraordinary characters.

Where did that come from

anime girlOriginally, anime was created as cartoons for children younger and secondary school age, and then there was teenage full-drawn films. They raised issues of concern to children in these years: the maturing of spiritual and physical, friendship, first love, sex, relationships with parents and the outside world. More understandable to a teenager form and a fascinating story cartoons played and dealt with those situations in which there could be boy or girl in reality. Thus, the children learned what is called life. Later in the anime stood out separate areas, which were intended for the adult audience. This cartoon actually for boys separately – for girls, anime adult cartoons and even pornographic content. However, despite the variety of types of anime genre there is one distinctive feature: a kind of picture of the characters, especially female ones.

Type of anime heroine

anime girlWhat is a girls anime? First of all, it should be noted that they are very beautiful. Aesthetic issue, apparently, was promoted to first place when the idea of the genre. And because all artists working in this direction, adhere to a particular type. Girls anime strikingly feminine, sexy, and that sexiness is served gradually, not roughly, a few veiled. Erotic images is expressed primarily in the figure. They have almost perfect proportions. The shape resemble an hourglass: the narrow shoulders, thin waist, fairly wide hips. Long, slender legs, small high Breasts. Bust mandatory, all anime girls are endowed with them, even children's action figures.


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Secrets of

beautiful anime girlOne of the main secrets special charm of the appearance of the heroines of Japanese cartoons – a touching, unusually expressive face. First, eye. They are huge, a half-face, with the increased number of pupils, which reflect the surrounding world, like a drop of dew. Girls anime one with my own eyes only conquered the world and literally forced myself to fall in love. This is one of the sources of the great popularity of the cartoon. And even facial expressions. Animators have learned to masterfully convey the expression of those subtle inner feelings of the characters: emotional pain, suffering, amazement, excitement, happiness, love, etc. In this regard, girls from the anime look much more vivid and realistic characters, for example, the American cartoons. Because the genre of the anime, oddly enough, often called “film”, and not «cartoons about”.

Fans of filmindustrie

Scenes of the Japanese series, their characters have spawned a whole generation of not just the fans – devotees of imitators who try their behavior, lifestyle, appearance to fit a favorite movie. Beautiful girls-anime became a cause of the present boom among teenagers and youth of Japan and Europe. Makeup, hairstyles, and even outfits – all are copied with the greatest attention and accuracy. Fans trying to recreate their dreamy, mysterious smile, clear, like a shimmering bell laughter, soft, graceful movements.

Japan's Culture is somewhat reminiscent of these amazing heroines of the anime: grace, a certain mystique, a special philosophy, which is so hard to understand the Europeans!

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