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Julio Medem is a Spanish Director, who is called "unreal reality". Since 1974, Medem appears in television shows and movies not only as a Director but also as writer, editor and actor. Filmography of Julio Medem has about 60 works in a particular role.

Julio Medem

On the way to directing

Julio Medem was born in Spain in San Sebastian. The passion for cinema began in childhood. The boy experimented with light using his father's Amateur camera.

At the age of 14 years Julio has experienced the first love of a girl friend. The feeling was not mutual, forcing the teen to think about certain points. For four years the guy wrote a script that the world never saw. But all of these experiences prompted the young man to further explore the world of human psychology.

After studying at the school of Julio Medem decided to become a psychiatrist and entered the medical University. At this time the young man worked in 2-3 printing studios as a film critic. Holidays for Julio was a distraction: he can do what he likes - remove...

Having Received the diploma of the doctor, Medem began working in the specialty. However, after a few months the young man realized that everyday communication with the mentally ill adversely affects his psyche. Then he decided to engage seriously in the cinema. In his opinion, the movie also treats the human soul, only more ambitious.

Professional activities

The Path to the Director's chair began for the talented guy with a variety of work in this area. He was the editor, and editor, and screenwriter. In parallel, he continued to shoot.


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Julio Medem

In 1986, the short films of Julio Medem was noticed by the specialists, and the story "Legs" were awarded prizes international festival, held in Bilbao. Less than a year, another short film "at six o'clock" was marked by a famous Spanish TV channel.

In 1991, the scenario medema was approved for filming. In the end, after a year of debut film, Julio Cows. The film received critical acclaim. Many shook the wit and precision of the Director, with which he conveyed the story of two Basque families in the eyes of intelligent animals.

The Picture immediately received the award "Goya". She was also awarded at film festivals in Turin, Tokyo and Montreal.

More movies

On the crest of success in 1993 comes one more film - "the Red squirrel". Julio Medem does not step back from their ideas and again uses animals for allegorical narratives. And again success! The film was awarded with numerous prizes, main of which is the prize in the Cannes version of the youth jury.

At this point in Hollywood appeared willing to work with Julio Medema. Stanley Kubrick is recommended to invite the Spaniard to work on the project "the Mask of Zorro". But the prospect to exchange their views of the world on Hollywood "masterpieces" are not brought a Director.

In the next picture "Earth," the protagonist is the angel that comes into the world, to cleanse it from evil. In this role, Julio Medem invited Antonio Banderas. But the actor was unable to attend because of employment in Hollywood and approved Director Carmelo Gomez.

Julio Medem's films

The Most significant works

1998 was marked by the release of the painting "lovers of the Arctic circle". This is a dramatic love story truly touched the hearts of many viewers. The film received their well-deserved prizes, and was bought for distribution outside of Spain.

In 2001, Julio Medem had a grief - died in a car accident his sister Anna. After 6 years on the screens out the picture "Restless Anna" about the life of the young artist. In the picture was used of a cloth sisters medema.

"Room in Rome" has just conquered the jury of the film festival in Malaga in 2010. The Director himself was not particularly happy. He claimed that he made the film in between, boredom.

Julio Medem believes the most successful and hard his work the picture of "MA mA." This is the story of one woman - Magda, who, dying, gives life to his daughter from the man she loved.

Julio Medem filmography

The Main role in the film played compatriot medema - Penelope Cruz. She is also a producer and received the prize of the national authority of Spain in 2016.

Here he is, Julio Medem. His filmography includes a few paintings. But each of them is a whole world of inner experience, of introspection and conflicting actions. The Director is rightly called the doctor of human souls, because his paintings bring hope and love.

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