Dramatic story of the creation. "The master and Margarita" is a novel about eternal love and creative power


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Often it happens that certain books have interesting and dramatic story of the creation. "The master and Margarita", this masterpiece is an outstanding representative of this situation. The plot of the novel occurs long before its first printing, and especially the film adaptation. In 1928 the first characters of it began Woland and his retinue. The author then suggested that he would call his work differently, because it was conceived as a novel about the devil.

At that time three names survived history. “Master and Margarita” as the name of the book, came much later. Bulgakov suggested three headline: “the Consultant with a hoof”, “Black magic” and “engineer Hoof”. Recently released the book “the Great Chancellor”, it to every lover of art, you can see the first drafting options. By the way, most of them Bulgakov himself destroyed. Later, the writer tries to resume the creation of the book, however, his exhaustion, both physical and psychological, interferethe story of the creation the master and Margarita

Start of work on the novel is followed by a difficult period in the life of the Creator, and all these blows, one way or another, reflects the history of creation. “Master and Margarita” at some point ceased to be created at all, even in the manuscript version. Moreover, almost all existing then the drafts were burned, still have a couple of notebooks and some sketches of the different chapters. The works of the author are prohibited, they are considered hostile to the life system of the time. It also has a significant impact on the work on the book.


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the story of the creation of the novel the master and Margarita

Margaret appears in the plan only in 1932, and after her – Master. A woman by chance comes into the story, her image is entirely consistent with his wife of Bulgakov. The next two years, the author is working on his manuscripts and hopes to see the work printed. For eight years he finishes the draft revision, and it is the sixth account!

The Structure of the novel develops finally in 1937, you could say that this ends the main story of the creation, “Master and Margarita” finally gets its name, and a story that couldn't be changed in the future. However, the work does not stop until the last breath author, most of the amendments to the work makes Bulgakov's spouse.

The Obsession of the author of the novel has not been in vain, his wife puts before itself one goal – to achieve the book's publication. Elena reprints the manuscript and independently makes minor adjustments. Magazine «Moscow», was the first who was lucky enough to acquaint the world with this immortal creation, a masterpiece of Russian literature. Then in 1967, it is published in Paris and translated into several European languages. As for Russia, here is the full text of the work appears only in 1973. The history of the novel “Master and Margarita" has lasted almost half a century, but the genre it is still not determined.the master and Margarita history

So reflecting the life of the Creator is Roman "Master and Margarita”, the history of it is closely intertwined with the entire plot. The fate of the Master and Bulgakov are two very similar lives. Your duty as the Creator, he sees that, to return to humanity the belief in higher ideals, to remind you about the search for truth. A novel about eternal love and creative power is the clear proof of that.

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