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Mikhail Kozakov, a biography which was full of creative achievements, was one of the most prominent actors and Directors in the Soviet Union. Know the audience of different generations: in Soviet times, the Cossacks became famous for her role in the film "Aquaman" in our day starred in a series of Comedy films "Love-carrot". How to begin career of Mikhail Mikhailovich and what is the role for him was the last?

Mikhail Kozakov (actor): biography. The early years

The Cossacks – a native of St. Petersburg. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it turned out to be a great writer and Director, because his father Michael was a professional writer, mother, editor. The mother of the future artist was arrested because she didn't want to use harsh ideological editing to trusted her books and literary materials.

Mikhail KozakovParents never scolded Michael. Their education they carried out through long conversations and discussions of various topics. They also introduced his son to reading fiction.

Mikhail Kozakov after high school, enrolled in ballet school. When the young man realized that he is actually attracted to the acting profession and directing, he went to receive the second higher education in the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre.

Mikhail Kozakov: photo, early career

A Prominent young man, endowed with an indisputable talent, could not fail to notice her. Mikhail Kozakov first came to the set while still a student in 1956, he debuted in the film “Murder on Dante street” where with him his first role was played by Valentin Gaft and innocent Smoktunovskij. Kosakowo lucky, and he immediately got the lead role. The Director of the picture was Mikhail Romm, also known for his work “Admiral Ushakov” and “history Lesson".


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Kazakov, MikhailAfter such a successful debut Cossacks began to appear regularly in film: “far Away from the homeland”, “Grandet”, “Baltic sky”, “the amphibian Man”. And always he got a prominent role. Name Kozakov never “hung” among the actors-episodical.

In Addition, Mikhail Mikhailovich successfully developed a career in the theater: a long time he served in the “contemporary” and in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. The young man worked in the theater field not only as an actor but as a Director.

The Cossacks is Also a Director of 21 television films among which is known to all “Pokrovsky gates” and “Nameless star”. Often the Director himself wrote scripts to his paintings.

“Straw hat”

Mikhail Kozakov, filmography which is full of paintings that have become classics of Soviet cinema, in 1974 she starred in the musical Comedy "Straw hat" with such stars of cinema, as Andrei Mironov ("12 chairs”), Vladislav Strzhelchik (“the collapse of the Empire”) and Lyudmila Gurchenko («carnival night»). Most Kosakowo got the Comedy role of a certain Vicomte de Rosalba, which had the strange habit to compose pastoral romances on the life of young boys.

Mikhail Kozakov actorIn a fun vaudeville about the life of Lovelace Leonidas Vadinar also starred Zinovy Gerdt ("Golden calf"), Yefim Kopelyan (“the mod squad”), Ekaterina Vasilyeva ("Ordinary miracle") and Alisa Freundlich (“Office romance”).

The Director of the movie was Leonid Kvinikhidze, who directed the film “Heavenly” and “Mary Poppins, good-bye!”.

“Hello, I your aunt!”

Mikhail Kozakov often acted in comedies, despite the fact that possessed an undoubted gift of drama. One of his most memorable works are the image of Colonel Francis Chesney, get married in the Comedy film "Hello, I your aunt!”.

Mikhail Kozakov actor biographyPainting by Viktor Titov was immediately dismantled by the audience for quotes. With inexpressible irony and absurdity uttered several memorable phrases and character Kozakov: “I am an old soldier and do not know the words of love”, “…love the touching music. Play us a military March!”

Together with Mikhail Kozakov in this film also starred Aleksandr Kalyagin, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Oleg Shklovsky.

“the Syndicate-2”

Special in the career of an actor can be called the 80-ies, because in this period he played in three pictures in a row the same role: Felix Dzerzhinsky. Mikhail Kozakov for the first time appeared before the audience in this way in multiserial film “the Syndicate-2”, dedicated to the work of security officers.

Mikhail Kozakov biographyThe Action takes place in the 20-ies of the last century. The officers of the Commission to combat counter-revolutionaries learn that in the Soviet Union and beyond, there are some terrorists led by Boris Savinkov. They come up with ingenious operation, the result of which was to be the utter defeat of the counter-revolutionaries.

Together with Mikhail Kozakov starring Evgeny Lebedev (“Two”), Lithuanian actor Antanas Barcas, Hari liepiņš (“a Long road in the dunes"), Andrey Martynov (‘the captain's daughter”) and Boris Sokolov (“Starcaptivating happiness”).

“the State border”

Kozakov Mikhail Mikhailovich in the role of Felix Dzerzhinsky appeared again in the same 80-m, but in another popular TV series “the State border”.

This film received the award of KGB of the USSR, again because the plot appealed to the defenders of the public tranquility – this time to the life of Soviet border guards. All was filmed eight movies. Mikhail Kozakov appeared only in the second, which was called “Peaceful summer 21-year”.

According to dynamic story, the border of the Soviet city was captured by the supporters of the white guard supported by the Polish intelligence. Before security officers have the task to dislodge the enemy from the village. This operation led personally by comrade Dzerzhinsky in the performance of Mikhail Kozakov.

The Actor looked so convincing in the image of the founder and the head of the Cheka, he had to play Dzerzhinsky again in 1981, but already in the film “Twentieth day of December”.


In 2004, Kozakov Mikhail Mikhailovich embodied on the screen image of the famous Soviet Director Tairov in the film “the Death of Tairov”. The film was shot Boris Blank, who throughout his career he participated in creating movies primarily as a painter. As artistic Director, the Blank in the Soviet period made only when the film "Human voice". But after 90 Boris Leibovich took a number of pictures, including those mentioned in the subtitle.

The Fate of a Director Tairov was difficult, therefore, is a valuable boon for a writer: from 1904 Alexander Yakovlevich played in the theater, in 1908 he began to put on plays, in 1914, created his own Chamber theatre. However, in the 49th Soviet authorities closed “offspring” Tairov, then the Director could not tolerate and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. In 1950, the famous actor and Director died.

The Film deserves praise not only because of the wonderful game of actors Mikhail Kozakov and Alla Demidova - at the height were the work of costume designer, which was awarded the “Nika” and «Golden eagle».Mikhail Kozakov photo


Mikhail Kozakov – an actor who continued to act until his death in 2011, his Last kinorabotoy was the role of Dr Cogan in the Comedy “Love-carrot 3”. Cossacks have played the doctor-a wizard in all three parts, but in the past not had a voice, so he did his son – actor Kirill Kozakov.

The plot of Dr. Kogan is a man who completely turned family life Marina (Christina Orbakajte) and Andrey Golubev (Gosha Kutsenko). In the first picture a couple comes to see him myself, because I can not recover old feelings. Kogan helps to establish mutual understanding in the family, changing Marina and Andrew's bodies. In later parts he turns a similar trick with their children and in-laws. This cheerful Comedy work and ended the career of a famous actor and stage Director – Mikhail Kozakov.Mikhail Kozakov filmography

Personal life

Mikhail Kozakov – actor, who was married five times.

His First choice was Taar, Greta, with whom he studied together in school. Greta at the time worked as a costume designer on "Mosfilm". Kosakowo she gave birth to two children-Catherine (later became a philologist) and Cyril. His son followed in his father's footsteps and became a famous Russian actor. It can be seen in the TV series ‘the Countess de Monsoreau” as the Duke of Anjou, and in a fantastic picture of the “Computer”.

In 1968 the Cossacks married Medea, Berelashvili. Their joint daughter Manana Kozakova became famous Georgian actress. In ' 71 actor tied the knot with another woman – a translator Regina Bykova. Children together, the pair amassed. But the two children gave birth to Kosakowo Anna Yampolskaya, with whom he cohabited in Israel. From 2006 to the end of his life Mikhail Kozakov lived with Nadezhda Sedova.

The Director during the life of had five grandchildren. So we can safely say that Mikhail Kozakov has left behind a dynasty.

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