How to draw Water out of a fairy tale: introduction


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Water – is a character of Slavic mythology. The evil spirit inhabiting the water. This swamp-river analogue of Neptune or Poseidon, who dwelt in the seas and oceans.

But we Water known in another incarnation. This middle-aged man, sad and gloomy, because that is doomed to live in the Kingdom of slime and reeds. Neighborhood water unenviable – leeches and frogs, and his soul, you see, seeks to fly. Because of that, and doing mischief. Cute character from a Soviet cartoon loved by adults and children. To capture this cute creature just using the tips how to draw Water with pencil step by step.

Foundation drawing of fairy tale characters

To figure out how to draw Water, easy. First we need to master some principles of drawing any fairy tale or cartoon characters.

First and foremost – imagination and courage. The tale is so good that completely divorced from reality. Large doll eyes, funny nose, frilly outfits – it's not all that it is possible to put on paper. It regards the author's drawings. When it comes to drawing characters, previously seen in cartoons, feature films, it is important to be able to move away from realism. You need to ignore and focus on the transmission of traits in the exact form in which they are depicted. Drawing eyes, to convey them as they were originally drawn. It is desirable to have a drawing and use it as a hint.

how to draw waterBy understanding these simple rules for how to draw Water from a story or other characters, you can proceed to the next stage.

Colors to paint the Water

The character – the inhabitant of the marshes and rivers. Therefore, in the color palette dominate have characteristic colors – red, blue, green, brown, dirty yellow and their shades.


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If you draw with a pencil, it is desirable to select soft or even watercolor to paint better flowed into each other, was less clear boundaries.

How to draw water evil, suggest the same color. The Water suit consists of white and blue stripes, blue tail and fins with some greenish colour and a touch of lilac. The environment accentuates the silhouette of the Water darker colors and shades of green, gray, brown.

how to draw water graduallyNote the saturation of colors is in the application of outlines in pencil. It should not be visible through the color layer. This applies not only to pencil drawing, but the image is gouache or watercolor.


So that the picture turned out successful, special attention must be given to a pencil sketch. Not necessarily to learn the basics of the build to understand how to draw water from a fairy tale.

Before embarking on a fine option, you need to get the hand to draw primitive shapes. We need to learn how to represent schematically:

  • Bag;
  • Oval;
  • Form the fish body;
  • Semi-circles, a smoother arc.

Contrary to the opinion of the mandatory building, we are transported into a fairy tale and forget about the rules. We don't need symmetry and clean lines. But some principles to drop still not worth it. First – lightly detachable lower part of the sheet (a little more than two thirds). It will be a water line.

how to draw water from the fairytaleThe two horizontal lines denote the upper and lower boundaries of the Central image – Water and hemp, on which he stands. Separately denoted by the dash and the outside of the Water.

Now you can continue to understand how to draw Water.

Draw head

Head of the Water in form resembles a pear and takes a third of his image. At the level where it starts to widen in the middle, draw two small vertical oval. It's eyes Water. As you can see, the view is to the nose.

Then pririsovyvat long bulbous nose, the side of the nostrils schematically indicated by the curl.

His Mouth Water not drawn completely. This is two wavy lines. The first, which refers to the place where the lips are closed – is a line from one concave downward curve. The second is the lower boundary. The length of the lines are the same, but the second one has two waves.

When simple manipulation of the face is finished, move on to the subject of the famous cartoon toilet Water – the headdress. Style pot – is a hemispherical hat with a narrow, slightly raised up, fields.

how to draw water with pencilOn the diagram to help you understand how to draw Water in stages, takes the principle of drawing the body.

Body of Water

Nothing could be simpler than to draw Water from a fairy tale. The torso of the cartoon character resembles the shape of a fish. Accordingly, based on the Association, draw Water like a big fish with a marble head.

The lower part of the body acute and slightly elongated. Actually all. Left the little touches – elegant, sharp collar and “shirts” four wavy stripes, which are then painted in blue, white and blue.

The Wavy lines should be placed slightly above the middle of the trunk. It should not be thin. Water as face overbearing, needs to be quite pot-bellied.

how to draw water with pencil graduallyThen go to the other parts of the body and finish the first part of the lesson on the topic: ‘How to draw Water with pencil?” it only Remains to add ambiance and decorate.

Other body part

To fish the body of Water pririsovyvat fins so that the end of the body was like a mermaid tail.

Do Not forget about the hands. The most common image of a fairy hero – a figure in full-length apart, slightly bent at the elbows with your hands. In order to understand how to draw Water, or rather, his hands, refer to simple lines. The depicted bent at a slight angle the line from the shoulder with one hand, the same – other. This is our backbone. We are gradually increasing muscle mass for Mr. marsh resident. The phalanges are composed elegantly, like a dancer.

Don't forget to draw and long white hair hanging down from under the hat-the bowler hat.


As you can draw Water out of a fairytale and not to mention on a simulated canvas - “phew, what muck” - leeches, frogs and other friends. You can find the classic picture-frame cartoon. And you can unleash the imagination and to portray their version of this swamp elite.

Also can not do without scenes for the flying Water in the world – without hemp. Draw an oval in the center of which must be feet-fins creatures. Then from the edges of the oval drop two perpendicular – side of hemp. The bottom evincive roots, and the oval color in the color a little lighter than the sides of the stump.

The Water you can decorate in one color, and only schematically denoted by waves in a darker color, but the same cold range.

how to draw waterHow to draw Water in stages, we found out. And even learned to keep him company. But to build on this skill, is to learn a few tricks that will make a unique masterpiece.

Tricks for drawing Water

To the picture is the original, first, before shading, to spend a few strokes with the candle. After applying the colors of these lines will remain bright. It is worth experimenting with applying the contour to the drawing.

How to draw Water, tell not just a cartoon. Description long-haired swamp frequenter provide boundless space for fantasy. Playing with nature, scenes, landscapes will bring novelty and originality.


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