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Today we will discuss the film ‘the Great Gatsby" (2013). Actors and roles are described below. We are talking about the film directed by baz Luhrmann, the film adaptation of the same name by Fitzgerald. Ribbon ‘the Great Gatsby” is filmed in 3D format. The painting was controversial American film. Despite this, has received many awards, including “Oscar” for the costumes and sets.


the great Gatsby movie 2013 cast

First, let's discuss the plot of the film ‘the Great Gatsby" (2013). Actors will be named in the following sections. Nick Carraway recovering from alcoholism. He talks about Gatsby – the person of the hero of destiny in new York. Nick can barely talk about it, so the doctor offers to describe the story on paper. Nick's story begins with memories of how you moved to new York. He arrived here from the Middle West and on long island in West egg rented a house.

Nick visited the luxurious mansion of Daisy and Tom Bukarinov. The first was the relative of a hero - second cousin. Tom - her husband, played in the Yale Polo. Daisy introduces nick's friend Jordan. At dinner, starts to ring the phone connected to the identity of Tom's mistress. About it all have long known. For meetings with his mistress Myrtle Wilson-the wife of auto mechanic George, Tom in the city rents the apartment.

Tom takes nick back. There the hero meets with Myrtle's sister named Catherine and her friends by Mr. and Mrs. McKee. The night ends with Buster. Was also broken nose, Myrtle, irritating Tom your mention of Daisy. All told nick about Jay Gatsby, his nearest neighbor, a very rich man who known for holding a chic party in a giant mansion. Every Saturday these events are visited by hundreds of people. Soon the driver Gatsby brings nick an invitation to a party. Gatsby was a very mysterious person. About the size and source of colossal wealth was widely rumored.


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Basic members

the great Gatsby movie

Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby-the main characters of the film ‘the Great Gatsby" (2013). Actors Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio moved these characters to the screen. We'll talk more about them.

Tobias Vincent Maguire — an American actor, producer. He is a two-time winner of the award "Saturn" nominated for «Golden globe». Known for the role of spider-Man in the trilogy of Sam Raimi. Born in Santa Monica. His parents – Wendy and Vincent. In his youth, Toby wanted to become a chef. At the age of thirteen he left school and started an apprenticeship, taking part in commercials.

Leonardo DiCaprio-American actor and producer. He was nominated for “Oscar” for her role in the films “Survivor”, “What's eating Gilbert Grape". Four times nominated for BAFTA. Awarded “Oscar” for the work on the painting “Survivor” in which she played the role of Hugh glass. Also received a BAFTA for the specified feed.

Mulligan and Fisher

the great Gatsby movie 2013

Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson – the two main female roles of the film ‘the Great Gatsby" (2013). Actors Carey Mulligan and Isla Fisher embodies these images. We'll talk more about them.

Carey Hannah Mulligan — British actress of film, theatre and television. The winner of a BAFTA award. Was nominated for the «Oscar» and «Golden globe». In addition to the creative activities in the UK, playing on stage and in films in the United States. In some pictures with her participation she also performed as a vocalist. Was born in Westminster. Comes from a family of Nano Booth and Stephen Mulligan.

Isla lang Fisher — Australian actress. Known for the films “me”, “Shopper”, “Intruders”, “Scooby-Doo”. It has a Scottish origin. Was born in Muscat. Her father held a position at the UN. Then the family, which in addition to Ayla was four brothers, went to Perth. The girl was named after the island. Converted to Judaism at the insistence of the wife of Sacha Baron Cohen.

Edgerton and Debicki

the great Gatsby

In the film there is a character named Tom Buchanan. Joel Edgerton played the role. We are talking about the Australian actor of film, theater and television, writer, Director. Known for roles in the films “Black mass”, “Smokin ' aces", «Warrior». Nominee for «Golden globe». He was born in the suburb of BLACKTOWN. Marianne, his mother, was a housewife. Father-lawyer, provided the family financially.

Elizabeth Debicki appears in the film as Jordan Baker. We are talking about an Australian actress of film and theatre. Was born in Paris. The father of her pole. Mother is an Australian of Irish descent. Her parents were dancers. When the future actress was five years old, her family moved to Melbourne. Growing Debicki with two young children. Elizabeth was interested in the ballet.

Other characters

George Wilson and Catherine also appear in the film “the Great Gatsby" (2013). Actors Jason Clarke and Adelaide Clemens have played these roles. We'll talk more about them.

Jason Clarke — Australian actor. Was born in Winton. His father was a sheep Shearer sheep. Starred in many TV series Australia: “wild party”, “Call of the killer”, “blue healers”, “Home in the way" of "Farscape", ‘Stingers’, ‘All the saints", «Blue-white collar”. In the film “Brotherhood” played Tommy Caffey. Starred in the films “rabbit Cage”, “rush”, “the Human contract”.

Adelaide Clemens — Australian actress. Born in Brisbane. Is the eldest daughter in the family Manager English and Australian nurses. In the childhood the future actress moved frequently with their parents. Lived in Japan as a child. Then the family went to France. Lived in Hong Kong. There he studied in a private school Hong Kong International School. At the age of twelve years he returned to Australia.

Interesting facts

the great Gatsby movie 2013 actors and roles

The Film “the Great Gatsby" (2013) filmed in Sydney. When working used camera RED Epic. The role of Daisy Buchanan could do Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Abbie Cornish, Blake lively, Rebecca Hall, keira Knightley, Amanda Seyfried. In the film “the Great Gatsby” in the image of Tom Buchanan could appear Luke Evans, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck. Baz Luhrmann decided to shoot the picture, while in Siberia, during the global financial crisis.


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