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"Accidents are not accidental" - it is told in the proverb, which can be confidently attributed to Mikhail Ozerov. Could the artist know that another casting for the vocal competition will allow us to speak about him not only as a team member KVN, but as a finalist of "the Voice", the leading soloist of the theater Alexander Gradsky.


Mikhail Ozerov was born in the city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region. 15 June 2017, he noted 36 years. The real name of artist Ivanov, alias "the lake" he took it, taking up creative activities.

Mikhail Ozerov

Mom and dad Michael are architects, but always loved to sing and play music. The house played records, mom sang, and dad played guitar. In the musical atmosphere of the lake and he became interested in music.

The Study was very hard, especially the exact Sciences, and straightforward character is also brought constant disagreements with teachers. Michael lake changes. In parallel with the secondary school the guy goes to music where learning to play the guitar and piano.


After school, Michael lake chooses a creative path and entered the Ural state Conservatory. M. Mussorgsky, the faculty of choral conducting.

Moving to Yekaterinburg marked the beginning of independent life away from home. Michael lake went to work in the vocal jazz quintet Crystal Chorus with the Ural variety theatre. A young man participates in international creative competitions, records album of the quintet.

The Crisis of 2008 affected the existence of the creative team, the band broke up, and the lake returned to Ozersk, where he got a job as a singing teacher in his native College of music.

Life in Moscow

Five years Later, lake decides to go to Moscow, but the capital is throwing his legs of the ability and success. The artist does not neglect the work of the assembler of steel structures, work in karaoke and street performances. His track record join television projects such as "the Organization of certain Nations", "Paradise". A special place in the biography of the artist took part in the KVN team "national Team of the Great Moscow state circus".


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Michael lake circus

Mikhail Ozerov, the acts team is mainly responsible for musical and vocal content of the programme team. The team often takes pride of place. In 2016 at festival "wailing kivin" team along with Ozerov in the squad took the prize "Big kivin in dark". Partners, Michael was an artists who is now successfully engaged in other comic and entertainment programs.

The project "the Voice"

A Turning point in the life of Mikhail Ozerov became the most common and habitual for the singer's audition. Selected participants for the project "the Voice" for fourth season adult. "Blind auditions" touched the heart of one of the Tutors of Alexander Gradsky. To him and made the team Michael lake.

A Curious fact happened on the set: the fact that the artist, who sang the qualifying hit Billy Joel, "Honesty", ranked as the relatives of another celebrity - commentator Nikolai Ozerov.

Apparently, the talented command of the voice of one and the other person with the same name, gave rise to this assumption. But, as explained by the lake, it was “615 question” about the famous commentator, not crowned an affirmative answer.

Michael lake

Mikhail Ozerov during the work in the project took the steps behind the stage. Alina Perova, Diana Savelieva, Emil Kadyrov, Elena Romanova, competing with Ozerov, left the project in different rounds. Michael went into the finals with hieromonk Photios. Audience voting determined the winner of Photius, and Ozerova got second place.

Now Michael continues to work with Alexander Gradsky in his "town Hall". He played a major role in the play "Reflection", participated in the concert dedicated to the birthday of John Lennon. In parallel, the artist writes his debut solo album.

Michael was married, had a son from his first marriage. Now is a civilian relationship with the girl Olga.

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