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Schwartz, Eugene L.-an outstanding Russian Soviet playwright, storyteller, screenwriter and novelist, who has created 25 pieces. However, not all of his works were published during his lifetime. He owned such famous pieces as “Dragon”, “Ordinary miracle”, “Shadow” etc.

Fully giving himself - so worked Shvarts Yevgeny Lvovich. A short biography for children is interesting because, thanks to his scripts, there are such movie masterpieces as “Cinderella”, “don Quixote”, “the first Grader” and many others. He abruptly turned his professional fate of lawyer to dramatist and writer, and never regretted it done ever, but more on that later.

Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich

Schwarz, Eugene L.: the biography

The Future writer was born in Kazan on 21 October 1896 in the family of an Orthodox Jew Leon Miller Schwartz and Maria Feodorovna Shchelkovo, they were both medical workers. Lev graduated from Kazan medical University, where he met his future wife Maria Feodorovna, visited at that time midwifery courses. In 1895 they were married. In the same year, Lev became an Orthodox Christian in Kazan, Archangel Michael Church.

I was born a little Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich. Biography further indicates that his family moved from Kazan ' to Armavir.

Schwartz, Eugene L.-biography

Arrest and exile of the father

Though it was Leo Schwartz from among the “unreliable” students, however, it is well graduated in the University, and in 1898 went to Dmitrov. And in the same year he was arrested for suspicion of anti-government propaganda. His family was sent to Armavir, then Akhtyr ' and Maykop. However, this was not the only episode of the proceedings with the authorities, there will be more arrests and links.


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But his young son, events related to political pristatymo father, almost not affected. Eugene is also baptized in the Orthodox Church, and so he always considered himself Russian. Orthodoxy for him was still belonging to the Russian nationality, and he does from it is not separated.

Schwartz, Eugene L.-a short biography


In Maykop spent his childhood and adolescence Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich. A short biography of the writer testifies, that about that time he remembered with great warmth and tenderness.

In 1914, he enrolled at the University. Shanyavsky in Moscow at the faculty of law. But after a couple years realized it was not his calling and decided to devote himself to literature and theatre.

Revolution and the civil war

In 1917 When Schwartz went to military service, there happened a revolution, and Eugene got into the volunteer army. In the battle for Ekaterinodar he's got a severe concussion, and he was demobilized. This injury did not go to writer completely, then the whole life he was accompanied by tremor of the hands.

After demobilization Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich (a short biography which is provided to your attention) not for a moment does not forget about his dream. He became a student of the Rostov University. Working in “Theater workshop”, he met with Nikolay Oleynikov, who later becomes his best friend and co-author. Schwartz, Eugene L.-a short biography for kids

Theatre work

In 1921 Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich with his theatre in which he worked, arrived in Petrograd on the road. Critics have noted his great acting talents. But he decided to leave and became a Secretary at the children's writer Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky, whom he helped in numerous literary matters.

And then, in 1923-1924, Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich worked on the satirical articles for publications of the city of Donetsk under the pseudonym Grandfather's Barn.

When, in 1924, he returned to Leningrad, to the editor of the state publishing house, where he helped young writers to find their way in the literary art. Schwartz also participated in the creation of children's comic magazines “Hedgehog” and “the swallow”. Wrote there poems and stories, talked with the group OBERIU.


The First work that brought Eugene Schwartz success, was the play of “underwood», written in 1929, 1934, subject to persuasion N. Akimova, he created the first satirical play “the Adventures of Hohenstaufen”.

In 1940, was written by drama “Shadow”, which was a political satire, but she did not long remain on the stage - it simply removed from the repertoire. During this performance, the laughter was incredible, but then my father was a bitter reflection.

After this, Eugene Schwartz has worked on several realistic, contemporary themes, works. During the Second world war in the evacuation, he lived in Kirov and Stalinabad. There he created his masterpiece, “Dragon”, which fell into the classification of dangerous tales and, like other dramatic works, had for centuries on the stage.

After several such failures, the playwright joked with friends that maybe he write a play about Ivan the terrible and to call her “Uncle Vanya”?

Only after Stalin's death thanks to the efforts of Olga Bergholz, who appreciated the work of Schwartz, saw the light his first collection of works.

Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich interesting facts

Schwarz, Eugene L.: interesting facts

Writer distinguished by wit and imagination. Many photos Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich show us a solid and serious expression, but almost always with a very cute and childish smile.

One of his contemporaries recalled that in those days, when the writer worked in the magazines “the swallow” and “Hedgehog”, entire sixth floor of the state publishing house on Nevsky 28 daily shook with laughter. Is Schwartz Oleynikov and colleagues entertained with his jokes. They needed an audience, and they found it.

The First book of poems for children by the famous writer came out in 1925 - "the Story of the old violin». Then was published the plays “Treasure”, “the adventures of Hohenstaufen" transcriptions and adaptations of the stories of Perrault and Andersen: “Nude”, “Pig” (1934), "Red cap" (1937), "snow Queen" (1938), the ‘Shadow" (1940), "Ordinary miracle" (1954).

Schwartz Evgeny Lvovich


With the advent of real freedom of his plays tales began to perform abroad - in Germany, Israel, USA, Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. Our contemporary Director mark Zakharov has created a gorgeous film called "Ordinary miracle”.

The Audience and the readers do not get tired to admire the bold flight of thought of the writer and his looseness, and once it was "Aesopian language”. Schwartz admired and even envied Picasso, who was independent-minded, inwardly free and, therefore, did everything I wanted.

After the death of the master, he published his “Phone book”, where he wrote down his memories about the people in alphabetical order. These memoirs of an unusually interesting, because they embodied the era 20-50's, this is his “trampled field” life.

They Schwartz does not act as a forgiving, good-natured, in his memoirs, he is extremely sincere and free. It feels kind of ruthlessness and sophistication of the barbs and taunts are falling one by one. Its main principle was to look facts in the face and not evade them.


In his youth he long courted Gayane Haulageway - future wife, but it wouldn't budge, so he was fabulously poor, though, and promised mountains of gold to her like a real storyteller. His second wife was Katherine. Before he died, and he died very hard, he tried to cheat fate and even signed up for the complete works of Charles Dickens, however, died long before the release of the latest volume.

Died Schwartz Eugene L. 15 Jan 1958. He was buried at the Theological cemetery in Leningrad. A talented writer, there were a number of biographical documentaries.

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