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Vitaly Kovalev – a contemporary writer from Latvia. Books Vitali is not widespread, but in their circles the author's love and respect for his talent in literature, masterfully drawn images of his main characters and writing style of short stories.

About the work of Vitaly

About the biography of Vitaly Kovalev very little is known. On the Internet there is no information about the writer's life. No photos of Vitaly Kovalev, nor biographical facts. Known only to the birthplace and place of residence of the writer.

Vitaly Kovalev

Vitaly Kovalev, originally from Latvia, so his works often describe the nature and character of his native land. Despite the fact that the writer has lived for many years in the Latvian capital, all his books are written in Russian. It is worth noting that all of his works tell us about events happening in his homeland, surrounded by nature, which has grown Vitali.

Vitaly Kovalev – one of the few male writers who create their works in the genre of romance. Friendship, love – something that is an integral part of his life. In his books there is not a drop of that vulgarity that is inherent to modern authors. His stories have been written about understanding, about kindness, about honesty in relationships, about how people are able to feel and to give its heat to others.

History, which tells in his books Vitaly Kovalev, able to touch the heart strings of every reader. Touching, gentle stories about the destinies of different people who live out their years in a completely different, experience the sorrows and joys, cope with difficulties and do not cease to hope for the best.


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The works of Vitaly Kovalev is perfect for those people who like to spend my free time reading with a Cup of warming tea, in search of peace and comfort. Good “tales" of which the author writes, will help each reader to find an emotional balance, which today is not enough for everyone. Want to feel a spreading warmth inside and full of peace.

“love, Love, love”

This book is a collection of several sketches Vitaly Kovalev about love that may be different. Love for parents, love for friends, love for a specific person… All the stories that have the compilation are life, autobiographical. Everything says Vitaly Kovalev, he survived himself. All the feelings about which he writes so beautifully, felt himself. The collection is filled with very touching and good stories that have only positive reviews.

“White stone"

The Book belongs to the cycle of “Sketches by the sea”.

Vitaly Kovalev photo

Vitaly Kovalev talks about the beauty of the Latvian land, and what grows here in the summer grass like crunches under my feet the sand of the sea and the swaying pine trees of Latvian forests. The salty smell of Jurmala, endless fields of Latgale, the green pine forests of the Central part of the homeland of the writer - it's all there in his stories. How Vitaliy describes his homeland, makes vividly imagine his native landscapes. The reader feel as if he himself had been there. Feel the salty smell, the scent of damp pine needles, heard the cries of gulls, the crash of trees... the World in which to immerse his stories, truly beautiful.


The Book also refers to the cycle of the “Sketches by the sea”.

Vitaly Kovalev biography

This is a story-a letter from a beloved writer. She complains to him how she misses him how much she loves and how much tired. She calls the writer a doctor who can cure the wound, and re-apply them. The work is permeated with a touch of sorrow and sadness that is felt through the line of the work. Despite this sadness, the book envelops the warm, enveloping like a soft blanket. Written in a simple style, the work touches the soul of each reader, makes one empathize with the writer, to experience the same feelings that he himself.

“Hurricane Lolita”

The Book consists of three parts. Each really touching. The book caught the fancy of all readers who are familiar with the works of Vitaly Kovalev. Kind and affectionate, she puts every reader in the events that happen to the main characters.

Vitaly Kovalev books

The plot revolves around ten-year-old girl, whose name is pronounced with the accent on the first syllable, - Lo. Girl Lolita - no ordinary child: red shaggy curls and endless energy, it emits love for the world, like a hurricane, a storm. It is like a cosmic creation, sent from some other world, to bring goodness and joy into our lives.

The Main character meets him – fellow student who would become her closest and dearest friend. The friendship that ties between the characters, this is a story about which the author writes. A real sense of caring and sincerity, careful and tender attitude to each other. He is able to reveal to her some of the realities of life and it can change his Outlook on the world. Individually, they are like heaven and earth – two complete opposites, but together, their souls are woven together, filling each other's emptiness inside each of them. Good story about friendship and loyalty, that, despite the large difference in the age people are able to empathize with each other and help.

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