Where did Irina Muromtseva known Russian TV presenter?


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For the past eight years, millions of viewers started their morning in the company of well-known TV presenter and darling of the public - Irina Muromtseva. Every day she led the transfer of “the Morning of Russia» on TV «Russia 1». However, last year one morning started with Irina, and the other presenter that surprised many viewers. Where did Irina Muromtseva? Where now works as a TV presenter? Why she left the channel? All these questions troubled many viewers, but for a long time nobody could find the answers.

Biography and career of Irina Muromtseva

Well-Known television presenter was born in Saint-Petersburg and from early childhood wanted to enroll in Moscow University. However, her dream did not come true because of strict parents didn't want to let go of his daughter so far away. In 1996 Muromtseva entered the Voronezh University, the faculty of journalism, because her parents insisted on admission into this University.

However, the dream of Moscow the girl did not stop, after a few years in this city she began to do the news on one of the radio stations of the capital.

where did Irina Muromtseva

Creative ways

In 1999, Irina has taken a firm decision to be transferred to the correspondence Department and go to work on TV. Her journey began on NTV channel in the program “Segodnjachko» correspondent.

Her next work was much more interesting: Irina led documentary stories in the "Old TV”, which was devoted to personalities and events relating to Soviet cinema.where did presenter Irina Muromtseva


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Irina Muromtseva tried himself in new role

The following year she decided not to dwell on achievements. Presenter Irina Muromtseva became a producer and started working on such news programs as “Hero” and “the voice of the people”. Irina and her colleagues tried to make a new transmission as interesting for the viewers and do all it can to attract the attention of the public. They managed to persuade most of Jackie Chan to participate in their transfer, despite the fact that he flew to Moscow for just one day. It is therefore not surprising that many admirers of her work were interested in what happened leading Irina Muromtseva.

where did the TV presenter Irina Muromtseva

News programs with Irina Muromtseva

The Woman worked and radio stations, and an editor and producer, but realized that her calling – news broadcasts on television. Irina repeatedly shared that before she was very afraid of the camera. Muromtseva felt awkward and trapped in the moment when she appeared in the frame. However, Irina has found a way out of the situation and decided that the best way to overcome a fear of cameras – to try himself as a leading television.

It is Worth noting that Muromtsev took it very seriously, took lessons in speech technology, and also attended courses of television craftsmanship. I think everyone who watched “the Morning of Russia”, confirm that she does not have labored in vain, because the result was not long in coming. Admiring the talent of Irina and her superb ability to conduct television shows, many viewers are concerned, where did Irina Muromtseva last year.

A Few months nothing was heard. Fans had no idea what happened to Irina Muromtseva, and why she left the channel. However, after some time, the woman shared with reporters the reasons for his departure from the «Russia 1».

where did the speaker Irina Muromtseva

Where did TV presenter Irina Muromtseva?

Irina is a very popular TV presenter, so her life is interested in a huge number of people. “Where did Irina Muromtseva? She was fired from the channel?” – these questions were asked by all fans and viewers, she is not told all the truth. Many thought that Muromtsev was fired from the channel, someone suspected that she was pregnant or maybe some disease. TV presenter decided to dispel all rumors, and to refute false rumors.

Muromtseva shared that another job she was offered in August 2014. The woman admits that if not for circumstances, she would hardly have gone from his usual place of work. However, she always wanted to try myself in other ways, leading very often offered to the channel guide new projects. Unfortunately, she was denied, as the channel «Russia 1» it was not accepted. Leading admitted that she would love to participate in any programs and projects, as in “channel”, however, the experimental peak «Russia 1» it was the only part in the dance show. The woman is not happy, as she wasn't going to work the host of “the Morning of Russia” to retirement.

Muromtseva admitted that everything was decided by one case. One day she crossed paths with Konstantin Ernst, who offered her to be a producer, as well as to the program for “channel”.

The Question of where did Irina Muromtseva, was interested in the millions of viewers of Russia. Of course, many have begun to worry about the woman, however, once fans learned that things Irina go up, reasons for concern remained.

presenter Irina Muromtseva

Personal life Irina

About the personal life of TV presenter knows not so much as I would like to many fans. But cameras and television, the woman did not hide the fact that she has a daughter Lyuba. In March 2013, Irina gave birth to a second daughter. Some viewers on the question of where did the speaker Irina Muromtseva, amusingly replied that Irina is pregnant again and went on maternity leave.

Creative way Muromtsevo is a very diverse and interesting, so many viewers and her fans were very interested to know the reasons for her departure from the «Russia 1».


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