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One of the most enigmatic, mysterious and unpredictable are the films about the future. Advanced machinery, skyscrapers that reach higher layers of the atmosphere, superpowers and technological progress in its most advanced manifestation – how it all can not enchant the audience? However, as in any other genre, it has the best picture, but there are more mediocre. So now we will briefly discuss the most interesting films about the future, take a look at the story and characters.films about the future

Sensitive, interesting and profound is the picture of “Artificial intelligence”. In the center of all events is a robot boy that is programmed to display of unconditional love for their parents. However, people of flesh and blood are unable to rate all the affection that David (in their view, ordinary machine) was shown to him, and left him alone in the whole world. The wanderings of this baby with artificial intelligence, the search for his “I” and the desire to be a boy and grow up as all cannot leave the viewer indifferent.

Even movies about the future, which describes a very different life Charter, a completely different world around, show us the essence of the ruling elite of society. Among these paintings the most popular is the “Time”. The uniqueness of the story lies in the fact that immortality and eternal youth can buy, now the rich people after 25 years old. And here the main character, smirilsya with his poverty and early death, finds a person who does not want his bought 105 years, and he is ready to give to will. However, after this event, the guy begins to chase the police, accusing him of theft and murder.the film people of the future


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The Films about the future often have an intricate plot, while not devoid of sense. Among these paintings is to call is a masterpiece of the world under the name of “blade Runner”. On-site Los Angeles, in the near future, Replicants coexist with people, and the special agent should identify such and to destroy. But one of the robots, namely the girl he falls in love, and his work takes on a very different character.

Intricate, but also built on a love relationship, the plot of the painting ‘total Recall”, which was filmed in 2012. Celestial worlds, flying cars, laser guns and travel, occurring through the planet core – all this was the backdrop to a large deception on the part of the authorities in relation to the main hero of the picture.

However, in the view of some Directors, the years ahead are not full of skyscrapers, technology and advanced machines. For example, the film “the Lost future" shows us the jungle as the usual abode of our descendants. Because of his greed, gluttony, people have lost everything and returned to his former, almost primitive way of life. But despite all this, they continue to look for the Ghost town, which is all that for many thousands of years mankind has accumulated.movie of the lost future

But family-safe ideal would be a film “future”, which consists of several episodes. It tells the story of teenagers who came in our days of incognizant. Familiar with there skills (telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation), they need prilovchitsya to new conditions of life.

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