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In 1995, on the Russian screens released film adaptation of the novel Pushkin's "mistress into maid”. The actors in the film played by both famous and beginners. The Director of the film Alexey Sakharov. This is one of his last works. All the actors of the movie “Lady-peasant-woman” listed in this article.

peasant girl actors

The Film was awarded several awards. Actress who plays the main role, received the prize at the festival «the Kinoshock”. The film-makers were awarded “Literature and film». “nick” received the costume designer, Director and composer.

“peasant Girl" (1995): actors

The Main role is played Elena Korikova. Her film debut took place in 1990. But fame Korikova brought the image of Pushkin ladies peasant. Actor Dmitry Shcherbina played Alexei Berestov. Leonid Kuravlyov - Grigory Murom, father of the main character. In the movie “Lady-peasant-woman” the actor Vasily Lanovoy played the role of Ivan Berestov. Ekaterina Rednikova played a peasant girl, Anastasia.

The Image of a Prim and proper Englishwoman, governess Lisa on the screen was created by the actress who has been in films since the mid-eighties, but widely known only in the 2000s - Ludmila Artemieva.

E. Zharikov and N. Gvozdikova played a couple Rosinah. Other actors "Ladies peasant”: V. Zakharchenko, A. Shengelaya, Y. Martynov, O. Samokhvalova, I., Vykhodtsev, Yu. Vorobyev, A. Vedenkin, Polyakov, S. Amanova, R. Ryazanova, G. Komarov, V. Golubenko, V. vil'skogo.


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movie peasant girl actors

Elena Korikova

The aspiring actress born in 1972 in Tobolsk. Later he moved with his mother in Rostov-on-don. At school Elena attended drama. After receiving the matriculation went to the capital, where the first try went to VGIK. Korikova studied in the workshop of Sergey Solovyov. In the movie she started acting when he was a student.

Debuted Elena Korikova in the film “Ha-bi-assy”. Fame came to her after the release of the film adaptation of Pushkin's story, but the glory among the admirers of the melodrama later, after one of the Russian TV channels started the series “Poor Nastya”. Other movies with Korikova: ‘Three sisters”, “Mu’, ‘Black room”, “the Captain's children”, “format”, “Rustle”.

peasant girl actors 1995

Dmitry Shcherbina

The lead actor in the movie “Lady-peasant-woman” the light appeared in 1968. Hometown Dmitry Shcherbina – Baku. The future actor lost his father early, after his death went with his mother in Minsk, where he graduated from high school. Then he went to Moscow and entered the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre.

For the first time In the movie nick starred in 1992. This was a movie ‘Three day out of law”. Since 1995, the actor plays on the stage of the Mossovet theatre. Dmitry Shcherbina played in such films as “Bunker”, “Dutch passage”, “lucky”, “ermolovy”, “the Passion according to Chapa”. His filmography includes over fifty roles.

Vasily Lanovoi

This is one of the most outstanding figures in Soviet and Russian cinema. Vasily Lanovoy was born in 1934 in Moscow. Lanovoy since the childhood was engaged in a theatrical Studio. School graduated with honors, and then enrolled in Moscow state University on journalism faculty. However, there Lanovoy studied for only a few months. The following year, he entered the Shchukin school. The first role in cinema Vasily Lanovoy has performed in 1954. The most known films with participation of the actor: "Scarlet sails" of the “War and peace», «Anna Karenina», “Solaris”, “the Man with a gun”, “Officers”.

Leonid Kuravlev

The Future actor was born in 1936 in Moscow. When he was seven years old, his mother on false charges, tried, sentenced to exile. A woman with her son held in the Murmansk region for several years. The first attempt Kuravleva to enter the theatre College failed. For a time he worked in the Moscow artel “optics”. In 1955 he became a student of VGIK.

Kuravlyov made his film debut in 1959 in the film “Today dismissal will not be». His filmography includes a lot of great roles. In 1967 Kuravlev played Homa Brutus in the “Wii”. A year later he performed the role of Shura Balaganov. Korolev played in the movie ‘world», «Carousel», «Twelve months”, “Athos” and many others.

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