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Boris Leonidovich Pasternak - one of the most famous Russian writers of the 20th century, whose prose and poetry are considered among the best. The most famous of his work – «Doctor Zhivago». This novel, which for the first time in the history of Russian literature combines poetry and prose. And opens the poetic part of the novel is a work called "Winter night".

Pasternak created a character, fine feeling and writing poetry. But in order not to distract the reader from the events of the life of Yuri Zhivago, the writer puts all his lyrical creations at the end of the novel.


winter nights PasternakSo, the poem a Winter night" (Pasternak), which will be described below, it was written as part of a larger work. This work offers a collection of poems of Yuri Zhivago. Later verse has been repeatedly published separately from the novel and was even put to music. But back to the story.

To Set the exact date of the writing of the poem is now impossible, as the novel Pasternak worked for 10 years (1945 - 1955). However, critics tend to believe that the poet has created his own lyrical masterpiece shortly before the end of the novel. This is due to the assumption that in those years has already suffered his first heart attack parsnips. "Winter night" - a poem about the struggle of life and death, therefore, this topic was supposed to be close to the writer. And what else the time, not in anticipation of the last moments of existence, might come into a man's head such thoughts?

Anyway, the majority of literary critics believe that the poem was written in the years 1954-55.

As for the work itself, the novel «Doctor Zhivago» has been recognized abroad, Pasternak was awarded for his ‘Nobel prize". For this work, and the writer has been at home serious persecution. It is no longer published and was expelled from the writers ' Union. Pasternak once wrote letters, wanting to convince the government of their loyalty, but it did not help. Opponents of the writer turned to the contents of the novel itself, calling it anti-Soviet. And the poem "Winter night" was subjected to special persecution, as it was recognized as vulgar, decadent and decadent.


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winter night parsnip analysisAs noted above, the main theme of the poem "Winter night" (Pasternak) was the theme of the struggle of life and death. The work itself is very metaphorical, in each line and the image hides the special meaning.

So, considering all of the text in the context of the fight, it can be concluded that the wind, the snow and the cold – the symbols of death, and barely a glimmer of a candle flame-life. And this delicate light leaves the patient of Yuri Zhivago as well as leave it and the parsnip.

However, with a grim theme of life and death present the theme of love is related to natural phenomena. The feelings of people like continuing in nature. So, human passion is accompanied by a snowstorm, trudging on the Windows “circles and arrows". However, does the nature and “the heat of temptation” beneficial to the main character?

The Idea

Pasternak winter night verseThe Idea of the poem "Winter night" (Pasternak) in tune with the theme. It is embodied in man's struggle not only with death but also with everyday adversities, human temptations. So lyrical hero as opposed to the Blizzard raging outside the window and the temptation, burning his soul. In the soul of the character confusion reigns, he is unable to understand good and evil. To Express this in a poem helps the following semantic range: angel, temptation, “Phillips”.

However, to withstand external threats (Blizzard) can only spiritual power (symbolized by the candle), and love. Before lofty sense the darkness recedes, the house becomes a cosy, warming.

A Remarkable symbol of the candle. It is, as noted above, consonant with by hero. She continues to burn (live), despite pressure from the outside world. The image of fragile, but continues to warm the candle goes through the whole poem.

The Composition of the poem "Winter night" (Pasternak)

Analysis of the composition of the poem allows us to conclude that the work is based on the antithesis (opposition) of two elements: ice and fire. The snowstorm that swept the whole world, engulfing everything around is broken glass, it cannot penetrate into the room, lit a candle.

A Poem composition has a ring – the last line repeats the first, albeit not exactly. And therefore this phrase is not only key, but the differences in it have huge meaning. So, at the end of the poem is missing repeat the ‘Melo-Melo” and present an indication of the time – Feb. Thus, the poet sums up the storm, which has already passed, and therefore the power of life and hope triumphed.

winter night Pasternak history


The size of the Verse provides a strong emotional poem "Winter night" (Pasternak). Analysis of the structure suggests that written work chetyrekhtomnym pentameter with cross-rhyme, where the male (1, 3rd row) and female (2, 4 string) rhymes alternate. And the so-called thrashing rhythm, that is, the reduction of 2-nd and 4-th rows gives the poem a special dynamism.


So, mergedtogether the universe and man, the moment and eternity in the poem "Winter night". Pasternak has created a stunningly soulful, emotional, and philosophical work.

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