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The idea of creating artificial intelligence that rivals human intelligence and even surpassing it, do not cease to excite people. It is not surprising that a movie about robots, where fantasy come to life, attracting the attention of millions of viewers. Friends, associates, invaders, monsters – anybody into the car, obeying the will of scriptwriters and film Directors. What are the films about them are the most fascinating?

Movie about robots and people

“Artificial intelligence” is a fantastic drama, a view which can be recommended not only for adults but also for children under 12 years of age. It's a movie about robots critics have described as a touching drama, in which – of human emotions. The action takes place in a future world whose inhabitants can't have more than one child. In the alternative, the government proposed that couples to buy robots, capable of showing human emotions.

a movie about robots

The Action takes place in the family home of Swinton. Android with the appearance of 11-year-old boy replaces the husband and wife of the son, abiding in a long coma. A special program made the robot capable of human love. As soon as the consciousness returns to the son, Swinton lose interest in Android, that becomes a real grief.

The Most spectacular movies

“transformers” is the ideal family-safe movie about robots, narrating about the opposition of the inhabitants of two powerful planets, the epicenter of which enters the Land. In our world the will of fate turns the key, needed enemies in order to bring the whole Universe under control. This “mascot” captures ordinary teenager, before getting the key took the life of a typical American high school student. But now the young man is forced to decide the fate of their world.


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the best movie about robots

There is a movie about robots, which already looked absolutely all fans of the genre. We are talking about all parts of the “Terminator”. The future world is under the control of machines that obey the "Skynet". Mankind is threatened by extinction, the few survivors are in terrible conditions. Saving people from robots have John Connor, but "Skynet" trying to prevent his revolt, sending terminators into the past of the murderers.

The Story of a man-machine

The Best movie about robots is able to surprise the audience with unexpected plot twists. This property certainly has a fantastic Thriller “Robocop”. Once the main character of the story was an ordinary policeman, but died on the job. At the behest of powerful corporations, his body was used in the experiment, during which Murphy turned into a cyborg.

a movie about robots for kids

Becoming a robot, an ex-COP gets the job to protect the inhabitants of the city from the criminals who are becoming more and more. However, information technology not long be able to subjugate the human mind. The man begins to remember the past, get interesting information about the circumstances of her own death.

The Most unusual plot

The Audience who like to be surprised throughout the movie, you can choose to view the tape “the Stepford wives”. The business woman is going through emotional turmoil, forcing her to seek peace and solitude in a small town. It would seem that in this boring place and nothing ever happens, but she suddenly begins to see strange behavior in others. It amazes with the perfection of local wives, all of them are kindness, hard work, diligence, similar to each other.

a movie about robots list

There are other examples that demonstrate how unusual and fascinating it may be a movie about robots. The list includes the pattern “I, robot", transporting the audience in 2035. In the world of the future machines exist side-by-side with humanity, they are invaluable assistants. However, not all people are happy to see next to a machine, for example, refuses to interact with them police Affairs. He has to take over the investigation of the crime, which is suspected of a robot.

Movies for children

There are paintings that do not have age restrictions, which you can watch with the kids. A kids movie about robots – such animated films as “wall”. This is a story about the car-cleaner who is forced to spend month after month, removing garbage on our lonely planet. Mountains of garbage have been preserved since the sojourn on Earth of people who went into space. It seems that a sad robot will work until it breaks, but before it can expect dramatic changes in your life.

kid's movie about robots

“Good” fantastic movie about robots for older children. A talented scientist living in the fictional town loses a son. To compensate for the loss, it constructs a child-gives him supernatural powers and human kindness. Astro boy is experiencing bitter disappointment when he realizes that he is not an ordinary boy and the robot. Not asleep and the forces of evil, intending to usetalents superhero to conquer the entire planet.

More view

"Surrogates" - a fun movie about robots, the primary role of which performs Bruce Willis. The action takes place in a future world whose inhabitants have invented an original way to commit crime, accidents, disasters. People no longer leave their homes, sending in his place to work and play managed surrogates. Buying a robot, a person can choose any appearance, age, gender. But the machines are not as secure as I can assure buyers of their producers.

So look the most interesting films involving robots.

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