Vinogradov, Valentin: a biography of the Soviet filmmaker


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In Baku on 7 October 1933, he was born a man, Valentin Vinogradov, Soviet film Director and actor. Unfortunately, this amazing and talented man has died in Moscow July 15, 2011 at 78 years old.Valentin Vinogradov

About Director

Vinogradov Valentin Nikolaevich after leaving school in 1954 he entered the all-Russian State Institute of cinematography. His choice fell upon the directing Department. Valentin Vinogradov, the Director for education, he graduated from the Institute in 1959, but defended only in 1962. Study he successfully combined with the filming of the movie. One of the films with his participation - "the Killers."Valentin Vinogradov directed

Since 1961, Vinogradov, Valentin began to try yourself in the role of Director. His first work was joint with other already famous people. The first film that started his directing career Valentin, is "the Day marks 30 years". The world knows more than 10 of his works as a Director and screenwriter. As well as a few films in which he starred as an actor.

The Most famous films by the Director which became Vinogradov Valentin

Valentin Vinogradov Soviet Director Interesting facts from the life of a writer

Vinogradov Valentin is quite an interesting personality, so it'll be interesting to see not only his biography, but also interesting facts and events in his life.Director Vinogradov

  • A well-Known film Director - "Eastern corridor" was banned in the Soviet Union, as the authorities did not like it.
  • Studied in one group with Vasily Shukshin. Throughout their lives they remained friends and supported each other in difficult situations.
  • Despite the fact that the authorities liked not all movies of Valentina, his career in the youth developed rapidly, and he thought he lucky.
  • In 1990, the filmmaker has released a new version of the film "Wait for me, Anna."
  • Censored banned episode, "Blue wilderness", which is why the filming was interrupted and the 4 series the audience never got to see.
  • Despite the fact that Valentine had problems with the authorities due to the fact that his movies were not censored, he did not hold grudges against the Soviet regime and went on to create works.
  • The Last film the Director made in 1981, and then stopped working. Vinogradov, Valentin missed, and in the late 80-ies of the 20th century wanted to get back to work, but he failed to fulfill his plan.
  • After a career the filmmaker continued to write screenplays, but, unfortunately, they still lie idle, and the audience can't see another film on his script.Valentin Vinogradov

Valentin Vinogradov after the collapse of the Soviet Union

After the collapse of the USSR he received the recognition it deserves. He was a member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia. Vinogradov continued to work in the role of the writer.

Vinogradov Valentin had a lot of loyal viewers and even now, after his death, he is remembered and gladly review all of his wonderful work and the films in which he participated. He gave the world amazing films that are well-known not only in Russia but also abroad. Valentin was a wonderful person and professional.

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