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Everything flows, everything changes. This is especially true of consummate Hollywood, where in place of such icons as Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz coming young Actresses in Hollywood. We present you the most promising girls, successful in the world of cinema.

5 successful young Actresses

1. Dakota Fanning. young Hollywood ActressesThis girl has a lot of serious roles, despite their young age. For the first time on the screens, she appeared a little girl. Many will remember the fantastic movie “war of the worlds”, where she played with famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise, and the Comedy romance "Uptown girls" with Brittany Murphy. Now Dakota successfully acted in several projects. Recently finished with the famous Saga about vampires “Twilight”, where Dakota played the role of vampire Jane, who is able to cause severe pain only one thought. The actress tops the list of "Most promising young Actresses of Hollywood."

2. Chloe Grace Moretz. Young and adorable, doll-like appearance, it has a fairly nonstandard role in its portfolio and has repeatedly topped the lists of “the Most beautiful Actresses in Hollywood”. To many she is known for dark film "Let me in" about the girl-vampire. At one time the theme of vampirism has been very popular, especially thanks to the work of Stephenie Meyer.
Hollywood star photoAnd recently, the screens out the non-standard black Comedy “Movie 43", where Chloe appeared in a cameo role. The film is certainly strange, but its funny, and many took that with flying colors. In the near future it is expected the premiere of the film “Psychic”, based on the unsurpassed novel by Stephen king. Chloe is brought before us in the title role. Looking forward to it.


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3. Emma Watson. Of course, the heroine, for so many years voprosova the image of the incomparable Hermione Granger in the cult of ‘Harry Potter”, from a rating of “the Most promising young Actresses in Hollywood”. It is the role of a young sorceress brought Emma's unprecedented fame and success. Now she is trying to get rid of this image not only image change, but also new roles. One of the last works - melodrama “Good to be a wallflower”, where Emma played a major role, and the role of a secondary plan in biographical tape “7 days and nights with Marilyn".

4. As though criticism had not belonged tobeautiful actress Hollywood acting talent of the actress, she still should pay tribute, because in his young age, she has worked on many film sets and has projects in many respects superior to the Saga of teen vampire Edward. It is, of course, about Kristen Stewart. But even if you ignore the “Twilight”, you can find many worthy of the actress. She first appeared on screen alongside jodie foster in the Thriller “panic Room”. Then critics were well marked by such works as “women” and “Welcome to Riley". That is why it is rightly included in the list of “the Most promising young Actresses in Hollywood”.

5. Saoirse Ronan - actress is quite in demand today. On account of its many serious multi-million dollar projects. The greatest popularity she gained after the release of the film “the Lovely bones" about a girl who is stuck between the world of the living and the dead, to help in catching the maniac who killed her. This was followed by the Thriller “Hannah: Perfect weapon” where she starred with unsurpassed cate Blanchett. Recently released another film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer “Guest”, where saoirse is also perfectly cope with the main role.

Each of them deserves the title of Hollywood stars. Photos of these Actresses have repeatedly graced the cover of most prestigious magazines.

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