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Who the hell is Daria Makarova? In what movies has managed to pull the young actress? How well formed her career in the domestic film industry? Biography of Darya Makarova, the path to success, movies with her participation – all this will be discussed later in our material.

Childhood and youth

Daria Makarova

The Actress Daria Makarova was born on 7 March 1989 in Moscow. From an early age, the girl showed artistic inclinations. The baby was fond of painting, loved to dance, had a great vocal. In school, our heroine became interested in cinema, was in the circles initiative. In high school first played on the stage, performing several roles in Amateur theatrical productions.

Having Received secondary education, Daria Makarova, a photo which you can see in the article, applied for admission to the Shchukin school. Here was credited with the first attempt. In 2012, talented girl graduated from a prestigious educational institution with a diploma as an actress.

Film Debut

photo of Daria Makarova

The First work of the young actress in a big movie was a cameo appearance in fiction, “Maiden hunt”, which was released in 2011. a year Later, the aspiring actress has re-emerged, starring in the dramatic picture of the “Without witnesses". Then it was followed by a small role in a Comedy film directed by Yevgeny Nevsky “In a sport only girls”.

After such a successful start of a career Darya Makarova started to regularly get suggestions about the filming of domestic scenes. However, the girl did not cease to grow as a theater artist, performing on the stage of the famous Metropolitan areas.


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Career Development

Extremely successful for Daria Makarova became 2013. At this time, the young actress received an offer to play a noticeable role in the sixth season of the popular serial project “Code of honor”. In the picture Daria had to disclose the unusual for himself the image of the journalist that was involved in the investigation of criminal stories. The role has become for the artist a real experiment, as previously she did not have to act in action films. However, according to critics, the actress coped with the revelation of the character of the heroine.

Better known Daria Makarova gained after starring in the controversial film “Family maniac Belyaev”, which premiered in 2014. This small four-part film, the actress appeared on the screen in the image of Natalia Belyaeva – daughter of the protagonist, who is unjustly accused of a series of brutal murders.

Most successful role

Daria Makarova actress

In 2016, the premiere of the film adaptation of the novel by the famous Russian writer Vasily Aksenov “Mysterious passion”. In the film, which tells of "the sixties" Daria Makarova was fortunate enough to work on a film set with famous actors like Chulpan Khamatova, Alexei Morozov, Leonid Kulagin and Sergey Bezrukov.

After the release of pictures on the wide screen, many viewers noted that I watched the movie because of wonderful cast. No attention left and Daria Makarova, a game which received the highest praise. In the opinion of the audience, the actress to fully disclose their hidden potential and well accustomed to the image of one of the minor heroines of the film.

Latest work actress

Most “fresh” the role of Darya Makarova is a part in the filming of fantasy ribbons “belovode. The mystery of the lost country”. In the film, which is planned for the current year, the actress will appear on the screen in the way a secondary character named Dina.

Currently we only know that the movie is about a magical land of belovod'e, the inhabitants of which have to fight with otherworldly forces. The Central storyline in the story will be the adventures of a character named Cyril and his faithful companions. The latter will find a magical artifact that seals the entrance to the sinister world of the undead.

Personal life

Daria Makarova biography

Darya Makarova is trying to hide from the attention of the reporters to his own person. About her relationship with the opposite sex to this day nothing is known. The details of his personal life, the actress is not divided nor the media, nor with many fans of their creativity.

In this regard, Makarov is significantly different from the other young Russian Actresses. Instead of advertising relationships with men Daria solely focused on career development in films and on theatrical stage. Due to permanent employment actress only in exceptional cases can be seen at public events.


At the moment, Daria Makarova managed to light up in the following films:

  • “Maiden hunt”.
  • “Capture”.
  • “Family maniac Belyaev”.
  • “In a sport only girls”.
  • "No witnesses".
  • “belovode. The mystery of the lost country”.
  • “Code of honor”.
  • “Londongrad. Know ours!”.
  • “Fiction”.
  • “Mysteriouspassion”.
  • “Orlova and Aleksandrov”.

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