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Natalia A. Golovko – actress with Russian citizenship. Roles in 7 cinema projects. First movie was played in 1970. In 1985 he attended the film “crowd Favorite" and from then until the present day in the movie was not filmed. I remember the audience's role in the film “the captivating Star of happiness”. Played in the films genres: romance, Comedy, drama. According to the horoscope sign Aquarius. Has two children. Married.

Natalia Golovko A.


Natalia A. Golovko was born on 12 February 1953. Her father – the famous Admiral Arseny Golovko, who commanded during the Second world war the North sea fleet. Her mother, Kira N. Golovko, bears the title "people's artist of the RSFSR". Very famous actress Kira Nikolaevna has acquired through her role as Countess Rostova in the movie “War and peace”.

Natalia A. Golovko in the mid-1970s, years of graduated School-Studio of MKHAT. Some time later settled in the Moscow art theatre, where he worked with actress fifteen years. At this time, is the head of the student theatre at the University. Does business, works as an consultant with Mary Kay. Natalia A. Golovko helps the Church to volunteer work in the Church hospital.

Talking about his life, the actress claims that in his youth considered himself old-fashioned and was “outsider” in the time of the students. According to her, in childhood and adolescence, she never heard bad words in the family, her parents never argued. The actress suggests that felt shame for their backwardness, she was frequently the subject of ridicule from their classmates for failing “to swear and abusive words to be vulgar”.


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Natalya A. Golovko

The First step in the world of cinema

Natalia A. Golovko, a photo of which is posted on this page in 1970 played a small role in the Soviet tragedy by Alexey Saltykov "And there was evening and there was morning". This movie about the revolution, the scenario to which has written Edward Volodarsky, Boris Lavrenev, introduces viewers to the events of 1917, which was attended by the sailors of the Baltic fleet. A film with Yuri Tiger and Alexander Kaidanovsky a duration of 89 minutes and was released in early March, 1971.

Natalya A. Golovko actress

“Stellar” film

In 1975, Natalia A. Golovko was lucky enough to play one of the roles in the famous film by Vladimir Motyl “the captivating Star of happiness”. This film presents to the audience the tragic story of the wives of the Decembrists, who were not afraid after the men-prisoners to go to remote Siberian land. “the captivating Star of happiness”, first released in theaters in November 1975, was watched by 22 million Soviet viewers. The lead roles in this film played by Irina Kupchenko and Alexei Batalov. The music was created by composer Isaac Schwartz. Today, the picture has an age restriction of 16 +.

Natalia Golovko A. photo

Role in the drama

A year Later, Natalia A. Golovko appeared in the drama Yuri Boretsky “My love is in his third year”. In this Soviet film with duration of 88 minutes, the actress played a major role – Mary Scriabin. This is the story of a student brigade, arrived at work in one of the farms. Young people full of desire to work on the principle of the commune, but at first all went not the way they wanted. The screenplay for this youth picture written by Anwar Daulbayev, music & ndash; Alexandra Pakhmutova. The partner on the set Natalia Arsenievna made actor Anwar Moldabekov.

Role in the film on Chekhov

In 1981, actress Natalie A. Golovko, biography discussed in this review, played a secondary role in the Soviet melodrama «Ivanov» Sergei Desnitsky and Oleg Efremov, scenario which is based on the work of Anton Chekhov. Feature film with duration 169 min displays the fate of the landowner Nikolai Ivanov, who many were quick to condemn, attributing his selfish thoughts after his marriage to a Jewish woman. The suspicions of others increase, after a rumor spread that he allegedly wants to get rid of sick wife for marriage with the daughter of wealthy landowners. The main role in this film was played by legendary actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky. The film also starred mark Prudkin, Ekaterina Vasilieva, Evgeniya Kanaeva.

Natalia Golovko A. biography

Roles in family comedies

In 1982, he left on cinema screens Comedy film «do Not want to grow old”, in which one of the roles was played by Natalia A. Golovko. Film Directors Y. however, the newspaper published Yuri Kryuchkov introduces viewers to the boy Pavlik, whose parents decided that their son should learn and learn to always and everywhere be the first. Only in the village where my grandmother lives. Pavlik, our hero is really fun, because there is no need to think about the lessons and you can fully enjoy the freedom. The main role in this Comedy performed by young actor Kirill Golovko-Serbian. “Adult” the role went to Natalya Varley and Eugene Steblova.

In 1983, the actress Natalia A. Golovko played the role in yet another Comedy film project, “the Morning without a marks”. It's a family film, which premiered 1 September 1984, about Gleb – six-year-old boy who, by purchasing through an exchange of school uniform, once went to school, but had to go to kindergarten. The main roles in this Soviet film about the adventures of a “fake a first grader” was performed by Kirill Golovko-Serbian, Paul, and Mary Gaiduchenko Artikova. The film duration of 68 minutes, was directed by Vladimir Martynov. The music was written by Vladimir Shainsky.

Role in the movie by Kuprin

In 1985, Natalia A. Golovko brought in a list of his film work role in the film made in the USSR "crowd Favorite", which is based on the work of Alexander Kuprina "White dog". The picture is directed by Nana Kldiashvili and Aleksandr Zguridi with Anatoliy Romashin in the main role was introduced in September 1985. The music for this drama was written by Alfred Schnittke.

Natalia A. Golovko in one of his interviews, touching on cinematic subject, said that in his student years was a long time to get used to “preuvelicheniem emotion”, which it was necessary to demonstrate on the stage.

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