The cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012): voice actors and their characters


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Fourth feature film, tells about the adventures of fairies, was released in 2012. The story revealed new locations of the world of the fairies, namely – Winter forest.

Stories about fairies have become extremely popular among the target audience. Young viewers like to follow the adventure of the winged babies that live with nature in harmony.

Cartoons about fairies teach children only good. They show that you need to forgive offenders and give them a second chance, to believe in yourself and not try to change for someone else's approval.

The Fourth film also reveals one problem faced by the fairies fear. Winter and summer inhabitants are afraid of each other. But due to the long silence on both sides they have forgotten the reason why fairies can't communicate with each other. Who voiced the main characters in the cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012)? The actors and their characters will be presented next.


One day, bell decided to help Fauna to smuggle the animals from autumn to winter. But as soon as the bell approached the border of the Winter woods, her wings began to Shine. The fairy failed to find the cause of this phenomenon, Fauna pulls friend back in the fall.

Later, tink learns that the fairies of the warm days can't come to the winter grounds and Vice versa. And all because of pixie wings broken, and fixing them is impossible. But tink just can't forget the shining of its wings. Tucking the wings under the warm jacket, the fairy goes in search of answers in the Winter woods. Very soon, tink learns that in the world of winter, her sister – forget-me-not.

Like all stories about fairies, this film is filled with dozens of minor characters that helped to create the unique atmosphere of the world where there is harmony with nature. Fairies use the magic, only to force the flowers to bloom, animals to move to the country of winter, create a rainbow or to make it rain.

The Fairies of summer never close did not communicate with winter cousins. But when trouble comes, two different worlds come together to resist the enemy. Fairies of winter provide an invaluable support to our brothers and sisters, saving the Great Tree from the cold.

And after the fairies have managed to cope with the cold and frost to reveal the truth about the relations of the rulers of the Forest and how the King lost the ability to fly. The fairies finally managed to find out what secrets hide the shining wings.

Cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012): actors and characters

Many of the actors went back to the usual roles in the fourth cartoon about fairies. But viewers were presented and new characters voiced by new people. And even if these characters were not so much screen time, they still applauded by the fans.


In the cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012) actress Mae Whitman voiced Tinker bell - one of the most intelligent and talented faye warmer times of the year. It is able to construct a mechanism of any complexity, is curiosity, which often leads her to difficult situations.

In the fourth film Tinker learns that she has a sister who lives in the Winter Kingdom. Together the sisters were able to understand the cause of the brightness of the wings. After all the problems were solved, thanks to bell and her sister winter and summer combined. Fairies can cross the border and to communicate with other canines. So her friend found new friends, and she tink was able to get to know his sister.


Forget-Me-not voiced by actress Lucy Hale. Forget-me-not grew up in a country of eternal snow. It – fairy of frost. When Winter arrives Ding, forget-me-not learns that she has a twin sister. Like Ding, forget-me-not is used the lost things in his world.

When the Tree is approaching the cold, the sisters manage to reconcile both summer and winter fairies and save the source of pollen from the eternal cold. The friendship between tink and Periwinkle have helped the rest of the winter fairies to understand that there, abroad, there is no danger that the other fairies will happily accept them into your world and into your life.

actors in the cartoon fairies secret of the winter forest 2012

Queen Clarion

Not for the first time in a cartoon called "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012) actress Anjelica Huston is trying on the image of Queen Clarion. It is already for many years trying to pacify Dinh. But the fairy is always looking for adventure. In the fourth film, it became known that Clarion has long been in love with the king of winter.

Clarion and Milori met before. But their relationship was secret because of the ban on crossing the border was still in force. Their love was so strong that nothing could separate the couple. But once the rulers were faced with a tragedy. Milori cut her wings and could no longer rise into the air. Then he shut sweetheart and never crossed the border. Important tips he sentTrustees. Seeing how strong friendship sisters, the Lord decided once again to go to the land of eternal summer.

Lord Milori from the cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012)

Actor Timothy Dalton gave his voice to king of the Winter woods, Lord Milori. Very long Milori lost the ability to fly. He crossed the border of the forest and damaged his wings. Because of this, the Clarion and Milori are unable to be together. But after a joint battle against the frost the couple decides to give himself another chance at happiness.

After the battle with the cold rulers allowed their wards to communicate freely among themselves. This greatly reduced the fear of the fairies in front of new unknown lands.


In the cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012) actress Raven Simone announced Iridessa.

Fairy light different discipline, erudition and responsibility. She doesn't like it when someone breaks the rules. Fairy easy to disrupt, and then she starts to choke and stutter.


The significance and role of the Fauna in this belt. In the cartoon called "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012) actress America Ferrera voiced the fairy of animals. The fauna is similar to Ding. The same curious and fearless. It often leads to the house dangerous animals and because of this, gets in trouble.


In the cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012) actress Lucy Liu announced the Silverfish. The water fairy is kind, naive and optimistic. She sees in others only the positive traits. Serebryanka is afraid of loud noises and, therefore, often hiding behind their girlfriends.

 fairies secret of the winter forest cartoon


Some of the actors in the cartoon "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest" (2012) has not changed since the first film. As before, Pamela Adlon gave his voice Vidii. Fairy flight is different severe disposition, but through his interactions with bell and other fairies softened towards her friends.


Christine Chenoweth played the role of Rosetta in movie "fairies: the Secret of the winter forest". Flower fairy appeared in the valley before Ding and other friends. She's charming, carefully watching their appearance, can not tolerate dirt.

After the common enemy was defeated, in the life of a fairy was a turning point. Winter and other times of the year United and lived in peace and harmony. Fairies began to quietly cross the border, after having protected your wings from the temperature difference.

Many fairies of the summer found new friends in the cold lands. They began to bring them gifts from your world: flowers, leaves, warmth. And the winter brothers, in turn, has created for the summer fairies skating rink, which pleases them all year round.

A Cartoon about fairies and their winter counterparts teaches how important it is to see in others the good. So, Ding was not afraid to cross the border and establish contact with those who have never seen and subconsciously was afraid.

But to show fearlessness, Ding gained much more than lost - sister.

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