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The Italian Comedy project Director Simone Godano spouses who changed their bodies, rather trivial, but at the same time romantic, sincere, and fun. The film is “Not your body" (2017) when the rating IMDb: 6.50 has the most positive responses of the audience and gentle reviews from critics.

Fun with stereotypes

Simone Godano can serve as a sample of fun and incredibly charming movie, though not without visible roughness and blemishes. The creators of the film trying to cover several subjects – thinking about the possibility of access to the consciousness of others and conduct gender studies. However, a romantic film “Not your body" of actors and roles which were selected by characters with vigilant monitoring of producer groups, was very relevant, fervently mussiraly stereotypical situation, repeatedly used by cinema.

comments about the picture not your body

Brief description of the storyline

The Narrative of the film “Not your body" (2017) introduces the viewer to the feature married main characters – her husband, a neurosurgeon Andrea (of Pierfrancesco Favino) and his wife, TV presenter Sophia (Kasia Smutniak). The pair is facing a crisis in the relationship and are pretty close to divorce. The couple argue incessantly, it is not delve in the Affairs and problems of each other, most of the time spending at work. Once Andrea brings home the ‘Charlie” - the result of his scientific experiment, the device, supposedly read minds. The mechanism is screwed up and when the hero is trying to set it up, he also connects himself and his wife to the sensors. The device fails, and Sophia and Andrea are exchanging consciousness. After the first shock a married couple comes some humility, they try to live each other's lives. But the scientist keeps trying to organize the work of the experimental apparatus and to return everything to normal.


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not your body movie 2017

No surprises

After a brief description of the plot of “Not your body" it becomes clear that he's no surprises contains. Sophisticated cinephile's easy to assume that the original narrative of the tape is filled with jokes and gags on the theme of “woman in a man's body, a man in a woman's body". Over time, after an impressive series of funny, grief, mutual accusations and disputes, the characters get used to the body of her husband, and solve problems at work and, of course, will come to mutual agreement and understanding that, before the incident the couple was not a long time ago. Critics say the feedback on “Not your body" of the entire tape consists of the aforementioned genre cliches. But more than another clichéd television is the climax of the monologue, Andrea, even in the body of Sophia. In it the hero rants about how the society mercilessly puts pressure on the "weaker sex" forcing women to dress and look perfect.

the film is not your body actors and roles

Advantages and disadvantages

However, some experts in movie reviews “Not your body" of the claim in a farcical romantic movie Godano important thing is not the content in the narrative innovative delights and surprises, and how soulful and comical developments. This way, according to the verdict of experts, the movie is doing quite good. The actors who played the roles of the Central characters, has created a charming on-screen Duo. Both the contractor's sufficiently funny, especially when deliberately grotesque demonstrate the habits of the opposite sex. Audience feedback on “Not your body" of regrets that touching and hilarious moments much less than we would like. Not gone unnoticed by critics and the fact that in certain places the film is clearly stalled. Perhaps if the creative tandem of writers have added to the narrative drive line – criminal recklessness, the success of the tape was more impressive. But genre purity and aktsentirovano on the emotional evolution of the characters also has its own charm.

not your body story

Exaggerated images

Special attention to the feedback on “Not your body" the authors-contributors to pay to the images of the main characters. Sofia Andre in the body behaves in a predictable hysterically, not calming down even for a moment, and her husband, not behind, puts on public display inflated self-esteem and to emphasize brutality. Embodying the idea of the Director, the performers do not show individual instances of accidents, trapped in the wrong body, and exaggerated images in which concentrated a lot of stereotypical things about the behavior of women and men. The kinks in the characteristics of the main characters is clearly visible and quite successfully used by the Director to amuse the audience. But the conceptual distortions in the behavior of a married couple because of the relationship with the study of consciousness is acceptable, so the project comes to almost unpredictable plot twist.

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