Ruslana Lyzhychko: the winner of "Eurovision-2004" and the star of the Ukrainian show-business


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Ruslana Lyzhychko known to many music lovers in Eastern and Western Europe, thanks to its victory in the «Eurovision» in 2004, the singer Also known for his irrepressible temperament and attempts to take an active part in the political life of Ukraine. As Ruslana has achieved great success in the Ukrainian show business and what he does today?

Ruslana: biography, childhood

Ruslana was born in Lviv in the family of employees of Institute of petrochemical industries. Zodiac sign singer – Gemini.

Ruslana LyzhychkoParents divorced when she was eight years old. The mother subsequently put a lot of effort to Lyzhychko Ruslana took place in show business. And even now she works at the production Agency, created by the daughter in Kiev.

The mother-Nina A. – gave his daughter to study in a music school. In parallel, a small Ruslana performed together with the children's groups called “Orion”, “Horizon” and “Smile”.

From childhood accustomed to the musical culture, Ruslana after graduation for a long time puzzled what will get the job: she went straight to the Lviv Conservatory. At the Conservatory, the Association has mastered playing the piano and conducting skills.

Early career

Ruslana Lyzhychko has a singing voice Alto and contralto. Because she sang from childhood, after graduating from the Conservatory, decided to try his hand in show business. The first victory was not long in coming, and in 1996 Ruslana won the triumph at the festival «Slavic Bazaar”.


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In the same year, Ruslan shoots their first video for the song “Zvonki Wind”. In the audio recording of this song the girl meets her future producer and husband.

In ' 97. g. Ruslan invited to Lviv television with the aim to create a program called "Christmas with Ruslana”. Cooperation with the television helps the performer to gain the attention of many viewers, so in a year it releases, finally, their first album. Especially popular were the tracks “Light and shade”, “Ballad about a Princess” and “You I not snylosja…”. Song “Svitanok” was warmly received by critics and even received an award «the Golden Firebird 98”.

Breakthrough and world famous

However Ruslana has always felt like a large bird of flight, so was looking for ways to distinguish themselves and enter the global market. Lyzhychko, Ruslana, whose ancestors on my father's side were Hutsuls, finally found his inspiration in folk music. For the 2003 album “Dyki Tantsi” singer, we synthesized a new style that were widely used dance motifs, mixed with the game of folk Hutsul instruments. This album in Ukraine has gone platinum 5 times. It sold half a million copies.

Ruslana songIn 2004 with her own funds, Ruslan goes to the competition «Eurovision» of Istanbul. In recognition of the singer, her husband “put on this contest all” and even got into debt. That is why Ruslan understood that the back may return only with a full victory. In the semi-final of the competition Lyzhychko took 2nd place. When it died down the final concert, Ruslana gave the highest scores, many countries, including Russia, Iceland, Poland, Turkey, Estonia, Israel and many other States. The singer scored 280 points with a large margin took the first place of honor.

After that, the singer was struck by a crazy popularity. Album "Wild Dances" enrolled in music stores in Europe. In Romania, the singer has even received a prestigious award in the category ‘Best foreign album”.

Personal life and family

Ruslana Lyzhychko, whose family lives at the moment in Kiev, married to her producer – Alexander by Ksenofontova – 1995

Ruslana biographyIn an interview to Ukrainian TV channel Ruslan admitted that a year of preparation for «Eurovision» and a few years after that exhausted her, there were times when the singer took the stage show ballet, since she could not move from exhaustion. Such exhausting tour affected her health, so for many years, they can't have my husband and child. To adopt Ruslana with her husband is that one not expect, therefore, to this day, the singer has no children.

Recent events

His mother's unrealized potential, the singer sent a completely different direction: she's trying to take an active part in political and public life of Ukraine. Ruslana Lyzhychko, a song which the whole country knows, was an active participant of the Maidan in 2004 and Euromaidan in 2013

Ruslana familyThe Singer genuinely believed that protects the “right” thing and the scene said on this score rant: in particular, she promised she will burn yourself, if Euromaidan will not bring in the lives of Ukrainians positive change. Well, positive change is not observed, but Ruslan did not hurry himself to publicly bring the fire. Having failed in the political arena, in March 2015 the singer returned to show business after a long break.

By the way, the last album the singer released in 2012 ("far-I"), and the last video in 2013 In the same year, the singer played their last concert before he became activist of the Maidan, which began in November 2013.


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