How to draw a forest. Teach children to protect nature


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All kids love drawing. They are happy to take up paints, pencils or markers and try to portray the world the way I see. However, not only as a children's hobby, you can use the fine arts. Through it you can convey to the baby or that rule of life. In this article we will look at how to paint the forest and at the same time to tell the children how important nature and its resources.

how to draw a forestNot necessary to remember all the wood before you paint the forest. Remember that in this picture it is important to their quantity and not variety. The more trees the richer the picture. In addition, you can quickly explain to your child that, for example, poplar and oak can grow next to each other. In order for the child appeared a kind of "sporting" interest paint with it. Better start putting the picture directly in pencil, because it will be easier to remove with an eraser, if any part you do not like. You can prepare colorful pens, but first explain to the child that, for example, a tree trunk may not be red or blue. Decide on the time of year. It is desirable for the protection of nature to use the fall.

Now consider how to draw forest step by step. The first step is to depict the major objects of our pattern. It may be the barrels that are closest to us, stumps and trails. Since we're on the autumn season, lush crown is excluded. However, the leaves remaining on the branches, draw is necessary. But most of it is to cover the earth. The background is also specified trees. The farther away they are from us, the smaller the visual. In any case do not dictate to the child how to color something or how to draw. Forest on the picture should comply with his views. Let it will be somewhat ugly or sloppy paint. At the end you can add some animal hiding in the bushes or behind the trunk of trees. It may be Lys or, for example, a protein of about the same hole. By the way, this stage is also very useful because you can tell the child what kind of animals can live in the to draw a forest step by step,


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Our plan was not to study the instructions on how to paint the forest, because we planned to teach children to protect nature. After the picture is finished, tell your child about how fast break out the dry leaves and dried branches. You can advance to collect them and to demonstrate this, of course, in a safe place. On your drawing you can draw the fire, and explain that in the forest no one would be able to put it out. Show that even a small spark can flare up to such an extent that it will be difficult to fix that is to put out afterwards. Such a good example along with the explanation will remain in the memory of the to draw a forest with a pencil

Not explain to the child how to draw a forest with a pencil, of course, if he showed no interest in doing so. Our plan is not to teach him the fine arts. If he wants to immediately set the color the picture with paints or markers, don't bother. We tried to explain to him how important our natural resources, and we did it.

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