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The story of the brilliant chef with a demeanor as Dr. house, could cause confusion and rejection, if not for the charisma of the actor who played the main character. Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller made a good Duo in tragicomedy “Chief Adams Jones”. The reviews about this film could be a brochure, a film critic, so we decided to get acquainted with it closer.

A Trivial story?

View blockbusters stimulates our taste buds to active work. Settling on the couch to watch another movie, we are definitely stocking up on some food, without this view seems incomplete. What can cause the film, in every scene of which there are a mind-blowing gourmet cuisine?Chef Adam Jones, reviews

In recent years the film industry seriously, apparently, has tackled the problem of supply. Movies on a culinary theme with the participation of leading stars of Hollywood are increasingly taking to the big screen. “Chief” with Jean Reno, “Chocolate” with Juliette Binoche, “Eat, pray, love" with Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem... let's Not forget the classics the picture of the “Charlie and the chocolate factory" with the brilliant johnny Depp. This, of course, is not a complete list. You will be surprised at how many dramatic twists and turns can be spun around the kitchen. Although it is unlikely. Many of you probably already are fans of the same series of the Russian production.

The cast of ‘Chef Adam Jones" (2015)

The Reviews about the acting of Bradley Cooper, who played a major role, rarely negative. His charming, slightly sad face with piercing blue eyes that usually provides the film a high enough rating. I must say that the producers of the film “Chef Adam Jones" reviews expect to receive only praise, once came to the choice of actors with such generosity. Partners Cooper on the set of steel Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl, and Uma Thurman. Such a powerful cast shot quite aptly already quite salasanaa the story.


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Suffering talented chefs

What to do if you are a gifted cook whose hands the most common foods are transformed into a work of art, and everything is easy? Usually all the spoils frustration, pushing to try something new. Maybe the feeling that everything has already been achieved, produces a good servant of the system to go beyond it and see what happens? Chef Adam Jones, the movie reviewsAdam Jones, a former best chef of Paris, began to lead a hectic life and eventually lost his job because of addiction to alcohol and drugs. From this moment begins the “Chef Adam Jones". Reviews of the film are not so impartial that this alone should indicate that it deserves attention.

Other character

Director John wells has managed very subtly to reveal the psychological underpinnings of any profession, or rather — the psychology of the person, entirely committed to her. Such people are often not adapted to the interaction with the surrounding reality or very badly with him. In this case, the presence of humans, more steadily standing on my feet, more preoccupied with solving everyday problems is the necessary lifeline that can pull a drowning in the everyday life of being a genius. Chef Movie Adam Jones 2015, reviewsThat a friend in London gets a chef Adam Jones. Reviews of the film contain so many laudatory references to the heroine Sienna Miller, that involuntarily the question arises: which of them is the main character? A single mother, struggling with alcoholism, she finds enough mental strength not to send Adam with all his mental anguish to change the baby's diaper, for example, and sympathetically listen and give wise advice.

Fight for the stars

Back in London, where he left friends and colleagues, Adam surprisingly quickly gathers a team under my command. It seems that all his friends were waiting for him to decide again to work with them, and not harbored all these years no resentment. But how can you resist the charm of piercing blue eyes of Bradley Cooper?

A Very difficult task put in front of him and his crew chief Adam Jones: a rating of "Michelin" in England and Ireland confirmed only four of the restaurant, and he aimed in the short term to get all three stars of this influential publication. Not to reveal the suspense, we're not here to write, whether it is — see for yourself.chef movie Adam Jones 2015 reviews

Interesting facts

Before the filming of the movie “Chef Adam Jones’ Cooper and Miller starred together in “Sniper”. Apparently, the Duo because it turned out so harmonious. Interestingly, as a child, Cooper wanted to become either an actor or a chef. In this film he had a chance to collect your children's wishes together. And, by the way, this is not his first “cooking” role: in 2005-2006, he played chef in the series ‘the Secrets of the kitchen”. But his partner could be not Sienna Miller. This role also auditioned Marion Cotillar and Michelle Williams.

In the U.S., the film was released under the title “Burnt”, which means“Baked”. This simultaneous sending and moral character, and the specific trauma of his work — in the kitchen because shit happens.

In 2007 the film script was in «blacklist” as a promising, but never implemented. John wells almost breathed a second life into it.

Grandiloquent tirades Jones, whom he accompanied in the process of making culinary masterpieces are not finding the writers. The main character — is a collective image of several well-known chefs — Marcus Vareena, Gordon Ramsay, Claire Smith. What Ramsay was famous for his verbal performances in the kitchen.Chef Adam Jones reviews anyone watched

Reportage from the shooting

According to the film's Director John wells, all the scenes in the kitchen were filmed in the real London restaurants, surrounded by sharp knives and boiling oil in a frying pan. Moreover, in some episodes involved real cooks that charged actors more passion. They even tried to cook something. According to the testimony of the entire crew the best culinary talents showed Sienna Miller. Jamie Dornan, well-played in a short scene about the past of the heroine, in the movie version and was not included. On the preview of the film “Chef Adam Jones’ comments about this episode, the audience gave a negative one, resulting in his and cut.

As recognized by Bradley Cooper in an interview to one of magazines, the Central scene with Sienna Miller, he managed to safely navigate through their recent joint survey in the ‘American sniper”, which ended a few months before the beginning of the “Boss”.

Chef Adam Jones movie reviews 2015

"Chef Adam Jones". Reviews of the film (2015)

Today you can find a considerable number of reviews of "the Boss." Not every newly released film received the same number of responses. Not the last role might have played a stellar cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman - these names give rise to the belief that the picture with their participation will be far from ordinary. Whether justified hopes of the audience? Even a cursory glance shows that quite a conflicting happened on the movie "Chef Adam Jones" reviews. Who watched it, expecting a Grand drama of the game from Bradley Cooper, were clearly disappointed. However, those viewers who were hoping to have a good laugh over sharp dialogue, as the movie stated in the genre of tragicomedy, also write that the events of this attempt failed. The most unrestrained of those who saw the movie even called him "nemokamai and nedohoda". Many viewers complain about the weak drama, the plot of the story, unnecessarily pretentious monologues of the hero and strained psychologizing trivial, in General, the problems. In the course are the standard wording on the Hollywood manner of contemptible ideas wrapped in a beautiful wrapper and to cause the viewer a false enthusiasm by the power of the spirit of the hero, taking on Board the vicissitudes of life.

For More loyal viewers who wrote about the film “Chef Adam Jones" reviews, note that other culinary masterwork it compares favorably with more professionalism. All of the highlights of Haute cuisine carefully selected and poured out a generous, but wise hand of the writer on the big screen. Some of the spectators even got the impression that this project "delicatessen outplayed actors".

In General, we can say that the film is “Chef Adam Jones" (2015) the feedback gathered mostly negative. But much more harsh comments of the critics. It is known that in the American release, the film drastically failed. Rating it abroad, according to some reports, is only 30 percent. On the Russian site "Kinopoisk" his rating is somewhere between 6 and 7 points, which corresponds to the level of a mediocre movie.

Chef Adam Jones rating

In short, the experiences from this project the audience of different and quite contradictory. Well, it's a good excuse to make up their own opinion. Even if the acting and story line you will not entice, always a pleasure once again to see how elegant it can look like food on the plate.

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