"Zlonraviya fruits worthy": the image of Mitrofanushka in the Comedy Fonvizina "Ignoramus"


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D. I. Fonvizin – the first Russian playwright-the playwright who dared during the brutal serfdom to raise the issue of his immorality, corrupting as gentlemen, and slaves, the peasants. For example, families Prostakova of Cotinine and their households, he revealed the destructive essence of autocracy, found in some socio-economic and cultural gap push those “owners” the state.

Name and title

image Mitrofanushka in the Comedy Fonvizina Among the portraits of all the heroes of particular importance is the way Mitrofanushka. In the Comedy Fonvizina “Minor” he represents the young generation of nobles, the future bulwark and strength of state power, hope and service to country. How is a youngster to its high purpose? In the characterization of the hero are two key concepts: the name and interpretation of the social situation. Why call it Fonvizin “oaf Mitrofanushka”? The first word was quite common in the daily life of native speakers of Russian at the time. They called young men of noble origin who had not reached 21 years of age and was not served, therefore, in the public service. They lived under the care of their parents, nothing bothering. If you remember “the Captain's daughter" Pushkin, there's the main character receives the same nickname. As for the name, the interpretation of its values is very important for the understanding of what represents the image of Mitrofanushka. In the Comedy Fonvizina “Minor”, work in the spirit and traditions of classicism, using the technique of talking names and surnames. “he” is a Greek word, translated as “which is your mother”, “like a mother”. What this means, consider the following.

“My age. It is cooked in people»

Fonvizin's Thus says the son of Ms. Prost. And, really, she just puffs, to give him a comfortable and happy future. Happy, of course, from his point of view. What grows under the mother's wing Yes reliable protection “nurse” Eremeevna this noble Scion? Let's face it: it's defiant, rude, lazy, selfish, spoiled, on the one hand, the permissiveness of their origin, and class privilege, and the other foolish, blind, animal love ‘mother”. In this sense, the image Mitrofanushka in the Comedy Fonvizina “Minor” is typical. A huge number of local aristocrats, like him, spent idle time in the parental estates, chasing pigeons, commanding the fortress and using the benefits they can derive from their work. Fonvizina character embodies the most negative traits of their class. He is brave and arrogant with those who are defenseless and powerless. Offends Eremeevna who raises him as his own. Mocks teachers, nothing not wanting to do anything useful is not interested in. Even his own father despises him and is rude. But to those who are stronger, it frankly is a coward. When Skotinin wants to beat his nephew, he is hiding behind his old babysitter. And the eagle catches it to protect your beloved pet! Like Mitrofanushka in the Comedy Fonvizina “Minor” speaks for itself. Son with mother complement each other. Mother is proud of the fact that neither read nor write son can not. And he advises not to study the science of mathematics, not to share with anyone, all for yourself. And geography but it is also not necessary: cabs will take! The main science – to strip off their peasants, “to fight layatsya Yes” – learned character perfectly. Like mother, he rolls up his sleeves to, just not in him to deal with the serfs and domestics, which for him are not people, and things or working cattle.Fonvizin's


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“Zlonraviya fruits worthy»

We all remember a phrase ends with the author (by D. I. Fonvizin) “Minor”. Feature Mitrofanushka in it at a glance. It is for a rich dowry participated in the mother's abduction of Sophia. And then, when Prost is separated from the management of the estate, is out of power and looking for sympathy my son, he just pushes away. Fonvizin, the author of the ComedyHe doesn't need a mother. Don't need one. This animal, devoid of even the instinctive attachment. In this regard, the hero mother, even surpassed. If it is in the ending of the play evokes pity and even a kind of sympathy, he – only contempt and resentment.

Unfortunately, topical Comedy and in our days. No wonder she does not come from the stage of the Metropolitan and provincial theatres!

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