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In 2017 has already started 9. universal project “Moment”. It is broadcast on TV every Saturday. Around this show gathered a lot of viewers. All they are interested in the participants, jury members and leading “moment”.

About the program

Entertainment show, broadcasted on the First channel, first aired on 17 February 2007. Earlier, a similar project existed in more than 30 different countries since then and appeared in Russia own project. Its main goal-to collect a universal talent from across the country and to identify among them the winner.

The Most versatile contestant who could win the sympathy of the jury and the audience, receives a large sum of money, it was originally equal to 1 million rubles, gradually rose to 5 million rubles.

For ten years could see that change leading “moment”, is to elaborate on each of them.

Member KVN successfully established itself in a leading role

As soon As got the first season of the project, the female audience was interested in the question about who is “Moment”. On the TV screen appeared at that time unknown Armenian Garik Martirosyan. Leading born in the most romantic day – February 14, 1974.

At the age of 19 years he was able to conquer his hometown of Yerevan with its charm. The comedian has appeared at almost all events and surprised the audience. In 1993 a young man he moved to Moscow, about nine years old he played in the KVN for the team «New Armenians". Then he participated in such projects as “music box” and “Two stars".


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In 2007, the candidacy of Gary appeared in the list "presenters of the program "Minute of fame". He successfully passed the casting and were able to surpass your rivals. With this role the young man was successful and he was offered the same position and in the second season of the acclaimed show. After that, the life of the Armenian comedian sparkle with new colors, it is now known not only as comedian but also as a talented actor, successful screenwriter and producer. In addition, the first leading “moment” - and even family-oriented, he is married for over ten years and has two wonderful children.

Member Of the jury at the leading

In the third season of the project there is a new host of “Moment”. This time he was a former member of the jury Alexander Tsekalo. Bright man was born in the Ukraine, in Kiev March 22, 1961. Boy from childhood had a versatile talent, he perfectly spoke English, played the piano and participated in all school performances. At the age of 27 years Tsekalo has decided to take the step – moved to live in Moscow. In the capital, he participated in many musicals, sang a duet with Lolita and organized the show “Morning”. He first tried himself in the role of facilitator in the transfer of “Moment” with this he completed his mission successfully. After that, he had a few TV programs «ProjectorParisHilton”, “Two stars” and “Big difference”. He is also known as a talented actor, producer and screenwriter. The former host of “moment” still remembers the thrill of his presence in this program.

The Two most charismatic leading

The Fourth season of the famous program watched almost every second woman, after all, for all seasons, worked on the project with the most talented, lovely and charming hosts “moment”. Smile Alexander Oleshko could not leave anyone indifferent, besides the young man was endowed with a great sense of humor. The future star was born in Chisinau on 23 July 1976. From childhood he knew that he was given to become an artist, young people participated in all school activities, participated in plays and various scenes. Now he is known as a talented actor and a good leader.

leading minutes of fame

Scene with him was shared equally charming Ville Haapasalo. The Finnish man just could not draw their charm. Initially it was known as a good actor in his homeland, now it is popular all over the world.

who leads a minute of fame

The Most famous leading state

In the sixth season were the most famous leading “moment”. Among them were:

  • Edgard Zapashny – one of the most famous trainers in the world. He was born in the city of Yalta on 11 July 1976. Since childhood, I loved to experiment on animals, to teach them to walk on their hind legs, sing songs and to overcome the barriers. Youthful passion turned into profession, he now holds the position of Director of one of the largest circuses in the country. The businessman also periodically acts as lead on various projects, attending social events and taking part in popular TV programs.

leading the program minute of fame

  • The First woman on the project was Carmen Rust, it is more known to the audience as a talented circus artist.
  • In the second part of the season appeared on the scene the famous actor Igor zhizhikin. He was born October 8, 1965 in Moscow. From the very childhood, the boy stood out for their growth, now this option has reached 193 cm. He is also famous as leading a successful and talented actor, starring in Russian and foreign movies. Basically, he looked at the role of villains, although he's actually a good-natured, sweet and kind people.

It is Impossible to ignore and the Soviet actress Svetlana Druzhinin, who has repeatedly appeared on the stage of the project, she, like anyone else, could encourage, to comfort and support each participant.

a host of minute of fame

New format of the show

The seventh season of the project, the producers have treated with maximum responsibility, it was necessary to make it completely different to attract the attention of the audience. Regular presenter of remained Alexander Oleshko, but this time he was joined by Dmitry Shepelev. Earlier, a young man with a bright appearance and was known as a talented leader in Belarus, but Moscow has opened a new border. In the new format appeared red room, which was visited by each participant in the role of the psychologist in her was charming, sweet and talented singer Julia Kovalchuk. The same composition was in the eighth season of the show.

the first leading minutes of fame

For the First time without the famous hat

In the most recent, ninth season, came on the scene one the leading “moment”, it was Mikhail Boyarsky. This person can learn from afar on several key characteristics: mustache, glasses and a hat with a wide brim. It's hard to count on one hand how many touching songs were performed by popular singer. It is also an excellent actor and a talented broadcaster. In the project it can be seen in a completely new image. Viewers star won his good nature, it was noticeable how he is genuinely concerned for each participant, and supports it with great zeal trying to influence the opinion of strict judges.

 former lead minutes of fame

An Important role in the project “Moment” was played by the leading, they depended on the General mood of the audience, participants and members of the jury, the honour to occupy this important post was given only to the most famous personalities in the country.


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