What music to listen to in spring 2015?


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Spring – want updates and flight, as well as a new, pleasant sensations and sounds. After a long and harsh winter, we can finally Wake up, cheer up, filled with sunlight and sparkling with joy, and help us with this bright, positive, easy, and always a little crazy music the spring of 2015. Each person has its own music and its rhythm, but if you haven't had time to make their choice, we hope that our article will help you do that. In this small article we will introduce you to the spring musical novelties, which are to listen, not only pleasant but also fashionable. Don't miss the opportunity, download the most fashionable spring song and fill yourself with light and happiness, but  of course, spring, joyous sound. 

For fans of popular music, namely the female half of humanity, the idol of all young girls  Dima Bilan prepared fresh song “Watch”, Sergey Lazarev spring arrangement with the spring called “Spring”, a popular group “Vintage” a new song, like a breath of fresh air “Breathe”, young, but already a favorite singer Elvira T, provided a new spring-summer  hit with a mysterious name “MA”,  and  finally, the fresh fish, which look forward to  all the fans of sea, sun, and Thai exotic  -  long-awaited song “Samui" group "Disco Crash". All of these new products and what we offer below, you can listen to, download for free  to: Http://iplayer.fm/q/эльбрус+jamirzoev+time.

Fans of rap music group called "Basta" with a surprise by singing a duet with “slow down” their brand new hit "Want you" of the classics of the genre rap ‘Caste" offers its listeners and fans a new song, namely “the Ship song" Timothy together with Nathan made the bold song of this season is “Cocky”.

Fans of dance and club music too,  the good news – this  is replacing the Duo “You Know You Like It”,  performed by DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge, with a spring of spring hits with the romantic name "Hymn to Spring 2015” DJ ALEXELL,   for all lovers and loving, the most exciting, composee of Ripmake – “Recognition”.

Foreign performers are also pleased with the spring hits – “Tumblr Girls”, ispolnitel - G-Eazy, it is worth listening to  “Wish You Were Mine" romantic Philipа George, suggest  to pay attention to the song ‘Treat Me Like Fire", by

Lion Babe.

It is Worth remembering that spring is not only time of the year, and in fact  - the state of your soul. Let the soul spring with  positive  music.

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