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Sergey Stepanenko-Russian writer, whose books written in the genre of science fiction. The writer love readers because they are written in an easy style and interesting plot.

About the work

Sergey Stepanenko is the author of two books which are linked. They are both written in collaboration, though the second they are not specified. But, says Sergey Stepanenko, "two heads are better than one”, despite the fact that many writers prefer to compose on their own. Many believe that collaboration limits the writer's imagination, leading to conflict between authors, confuses and shoots down other ideas.

Sergey Stepanenko

Both books Sergey Stepanenko differ in their storylines. Despite the fact that basic is a fantastic line that is over all events in the life of a hero, and there is also the military line, and the line of friendship, and love line.

The works of Sergey Stepanenko like both men and women. The story adapts to the interests of both audiences, creating a special unique creativity of the writer.

Both literary works of Sergey Stepanenko published in the online journal “Samizdat”, where they begin his literary career a writers. After the recognition of the readers of the books of Sergei they were printed in "the Armada" - known publishing house with a circulation of about ten thousand copies.

Today it is known that Sergey Stepanenko is working on creating a third book to be written about the same characters and their lives after all the events that occurred previously.

The Main character-a former hunter. In the first book tells of his adventures in the role of a very ordinary profession. In the second of a former hunter want to know the young people who heard about the travels of the main character.


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Sergey Stepanenko: “destroyer”

The Main character-a former hunter whose career the Destroyer did not take place. Deciding to leave the old life, the protagonist takes a job as an ordinary taxi driver and leads a lifestyle very normal person.

Stepanenko Sergey books

But fate decreed otherwise. The main character's father leaves him very rich, but extremely unusual heritage. As often happens, immediately appeared many other possible heirs. Here only the main character is not going to retreat and will fight for her until the end.

Sergey Stepanenko: “the Three rings of the celestial sphere”

The life of the protagonist has passed quickly and was filled with different adventures. And now, years later, its history became interested in the local minstrel. Collector of stories appeared on the threshold of a friend of the protagonist, who talked about the many adventures in which was involved the former hunter.

 Sergey Stepanenko force of the breaker

As an old friend of the main character is boring, he lives alone, then free time he has very much and he embarks on a long story about daredevil, who was a lover of all kinds of rare finds, the search for whom has dedicated his life to.

So what is of interest to minstrel? And what it gathers information about the past of this famous person in his world? You learn all this from books by this author.

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