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Pak Chung-Min is a South Korean actor. Played role in 23 films and television series. Known to the General public on the film “the Hot blood of youth” series “You are surrounded”. At the time of this writing he is 30. First big role happened in 2010. His height-178 cm Participates as an actor in films genres: Comedy, romance, drama, Thriller. According to the zodiac sign Pisces.

Park Jung min


Pak Chong-Min was born on 25 February 1987 in Chungju (South Korea). He received his higher education at the Korean national University of arts. In South Korea today, cinema is at its peak. It produces a huge amount of TV shows and movies that have successfully conquered the film market not only in Asia but throughout the rest of the world. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that Park Chung-Min, living in the developed economic country, which in recent decades have young active people do not have problems with employment, has gone the way of art, and now he is successful and earns a good idea. In 2015, the actor was awarded the Korean cinema award Baeksang Arts Awards as best new actors.

South Korea XXI century is of growing interest. In a country where Eastern and Western traditions miraculously successfully complement each other, of course, is to look to those who study world history and culture. The easiest way to get to know her – to look at Korean dramas, which are now in demand as never before. Pak Chong-Min and his colleagues show the world the mentality and traditions of South Korea in the current situation and doing it quite successfully.

entourage TV series

First role

In 2007, the actor drew the attention of Korean viewers, playing a minor role of a young man in the short film The End of The World. Two years later, the actor Park Jung-Min starred in the movie Lovers.


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About the actor's talent spoke with admiration after the role in the drama "Cold night" Director Yoon sung Hyun. The film, first released on March 3, 2011, raises a powerful layer of problems concerning the relationship of today's youth, social disharmony. The focus is students in one of the Korean schools that are struggling to coexist with each other, despite the oppressive atmosphere of this place.

Park Jung min filmography

Future work

In 2012, actor Park Jung-Min played one of the titular roles in the South Korean Comedy family drama “dancing Queen”. The film is directed by Lee Seok-Hoon showed the audience the story of a married couple in which the husband is on the sidelines as a wife and more successful in his profession, and earns more. The status of a slave a man is as long as don't save a man that fell under the train. Now the hero of the story – the darling of the public, who kindly offered to become a candidate in the election for mayor of the city. Under the Shine of the spotlight, he does not notice that the life of his wife is also changed.

Then the actor Park Jung-Min starred in the South Korean crime Thriller “Fist of legend" of Director Kang Woo-Seok. This picture has collected in world hire more than 5 million dollars to show us once the best fighter of the school Doc-Kyu, who by the force of circumstances forced to become a member of the TV show “Fist of legend". The film premiered in 2013. The audience reacted very favorably to the picture, having a similar opinion that she is a textbook on moral education, which provides powerful guidance for proper human values.


In 2013, actor Park Jung-Min has returned to comedic roles, playing in a mini-series called "puberty". This is the story of the audience arranges a meeting with the student, who, being in a new school, in vain do not lose time. Very quickly he gets a girlfriend, having to fight with the local bully and the contest performers.

In 2014, actor Park Jeong-Min filmography which will be described below, played the role in Comedy drama “the Hot blood of youth”. It's a school story about the relationship between the first womanizer Jun, fascinated with all the girls, the first Tomboy, which also succumbed to the charms of the hero, and the first beauty, newly arrived in these places. Love the carousel will begin its unpredictable movement after the bully will get jealous of beauty, who very quickly won the heart of Jun.

In 2014, actor Park Jung-Min has played in South Korean police history of Comedy “You are surrounded”. This movie presented to the audience at the end of April 2014, shares with us the story about the boys, newly wearing police uniforms, who are to serve the law, guarding the peace of the residents of Gangnam district.

Park Jung min biography


The Actor, Park Jung-Min moved on to dramatic roles, playing in 2015 in the Thriller “Office”. The film invites the viewer to participate with the police Jeong-Hoon in the investigation of a crime as if committed by the employee of a large company Kim Byung-Guk, who had killed his family with a hammer. What prompted him to this heinous action, can know some of his colleagues. For example, the Intern Mi-RAE. The film received at the Cannes film festival award for his directorial debut.

Popular film

The Series “Entourage”, which was played by the actor in 2016, will introduce viewers to the world of South Korean show business. The show first saw a large audience on 4 November of that year. This is the story of cha young-Binet, which nurtured the dream of becoming an actor and to become famous. Leapfrog adventure will begin after his dreams will come true. The acquisition of fame – this is a wonderful way to gather all your friends and share with them its tempting fruit. Series “Entourage” is very popular in Asian countries and beyond.


  • “Cold night";
  • “the feast of the Gods”;
  • “Transition to adulthood";
  • “the Hot blood of youth”;
  • “Mad, sad, bad”;
  • “Heartbreak Hotel";
  • “Back in 1988”;
  • “Dongo: portrait of the poet";
  • “horror Story 3”;
  • “King”;
  • “Psychic”;
  • ‘dancing Queen”;
  • “Fist of legend";
  • “stray dog";
  • “You are surrounded”;
  • “Human”;
  • “Office”;
  • “Bye and Hello";
  • “Pure love";
  • “Entourage”;
  • “Artist. To be born a second time»;
  • “This is just my world”.

South Korean actors do not tend to act in foreign films, and therefore, Park Chung-yuna fans only see the projects made in his homeland. But things can change, and it is possible that this talented artist will surprise the film world with a role in the film that won the Oscar. In the meantime, you can watch movies Korean production and enjoy playing it.


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