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Lily Collins was born in the family of a famous rock musician Phil Collins. In early childhood, started acting in TV programs. The school girl was fond of journalism, wrote articles for many teenage magazines.

Start an acting career

The Picture “blind side” 2009, made the audience pay attention to 19-year-old Lily Collins. Filmography the young actress includes films of different genres-drama, fantasy, adventure, horror. She is not afraid to experiment with images and willing to try yourself in different roles.Lily Collins filmography

Best movies

Collins In his career at the moment, nine feature films, one TV series and one short film. The famous television series “90210” was the debut project for Lily Collins. Filmography, a list of best movies with this young actress is regularly updated. We list the most famous pictures with her participation.

“blind side”

In the Oscar-winning drama of John Hancock Lily Collins played the daughter of the main character Lee TUI. It was the first role of a girl in a feature film. Although she played only a supporting role, it was a good beginning of the career of Lily Collins. Filmography, starring roles that followed this pattern, showing that the game aspiring actress praised.

“Snow white: Revenge of gnomes”

Adventure, fantasy, freely adapted from the works of the brothers Grimm, was the first main role in the career of the actress. Julia Roberts and armie hammer were partners in the frame of Lily Collins. Filmography girls have added this bright, fantastic picture thanks to Director Tarsem Singh, known as the project “outland”, “Cage” and "Out of control".


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Lily Collins filmography starring

“Stuck in love”

A drama with elements of Comedy, which tells about the writer William Borgens, his creative UPS and downs, the difficult relationship with his family. Lily Collins played his daughter Samantha Borgens. Such well-known stars like Kristen bell, Jennifer Connelly and Logan Lerman starred alongside Lily Collins.


In the horror film by Scott Stewart the actress played the role of Lucy pace – a young girl who is kidnapped by vampires. The film received mostly negative reviews from film critics, but that did not stop the film to find many fans around the world.

“the mortal Instruments: City of bones”

In 2013 the public saw the new movie with Lily Collins. Filmography actress added another fantastic picture – adaptation of the works of Cassandra Clare. Lily played the role of Claire's high school, which inexplicable mystical events. The girl tries to uncover the secret of his extraordinary origin and to find the missing mother.

On the set of Lily met James Bauer.

Lily Collins filmography list best films

Future projects

In November this year, will be released film “the Rules side” is a new picture of Lily Collins. Filmography actress replenished drama based on the story of Bo Goldman, is about the complex love triangle.

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