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The Role of F. M. Dostoevsky, his influence on the minds of his own and subsequent generations cannot be overstated. Dostoevsky was a man with a complex character, while devout Orthodox Christian. The writer is often overwhelmed by passion, he fought with them, Stadel.

Dostoevsky's Works no doubt can be attributed to such a rare phenomenon as literature with a spiritual content.Dostoevsky idiot

Russian literature in General is a profound approach to life. This is not a love adventures of a handsome man from Paris and the adventures of the luckiest guys in the world. Russian classical literature is almost always looking for answers to questions about the meaning of life, human existence.

Questions of life and death in one way or another affected virtually every great work: ‘the Captain's daughter" Pushkin to “Demons” Dostoevsky.

One of the works which was written to Dostoevsky – “Idiot”. What this novel with such a strange name? About how in Russia comes to people who, because of their illness perceives the world somewhat differently than others, trying to see in all only good side. Untainted, pure, without hypocrisy, Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin falls into an ordinary noble family. Seemingly very ordinary family, but inside it simmer serious passions.the idiot Dostoevsky quick

Dostoevsky, “Idiot” which still dominates the minds, and he sometimes could not cope with their vices. He was a gambler, impatient, proud man. Therefore, the experience of a person who's really angry or jealous to death, could not survive the insult or humiliation, he was well clear. After reading only one novel of a few, you can see the entire spiritual world, the depth of his moral decline. More surprising that the author of these works-Dostoevsky. “Idiot” written in the two years (1867–1869). This is one of the earliest works of the writer.


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It is believed that in Prince Myshkin he was trying to portray Christ, if he were not God, there is no one perfect person. The Parallels are not absolute, but they are still there. Prince Myshkin in the age close to the age of Christ, it is the same course kind, gentle, insightful, and Christ. But Christ has a certain strength, because he's not just a very good man and the God-man. Myshkin does not have this force. What would happen to Jesus if he was just a man? Many people ask this question, and Dostoevsky (“Idiot”) tried to answer it in the artwork.f m Dostoevsky the idiot

One of the most popular films of recent years was based on the novel which was written by Dostoevsky. “Idiot” (directed to keep the original name) is supplied with a great love of work. A lot of attention paid to detail. The text dialogue is reproduced almost verbatim, all the scenes from the book are present. The main goal of the creators of the film – to convey to our contemporaries the meaning of great works, which was written by F. M. Dostoevsky. “Idiot” once again become popular, people read the long-familiar or read a new line. This novel is not included in the standard school curriculum, so a brief summary is not popular. You have to read this novel as "the Idiot". Dostoevsky, a summary of the works which gives even less information than usual, generally should be read very slowly. He did not adventure novels, but works that need to read and ponder.

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