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Not all read "the Decameron". The school is clearly not pass, but in everyday adult life places books have almost none. And not fashionable among today's youth to read... It's slightly reminiscent of the middle ages, when people who are knowledgeable, condemned by society. But this, however, lyrics. To work "the Decameron," a summary of very hard lead. After all, the book itself is a collection of short stories on the theme of love in all its manifestations.the Decameron summaries

History history

Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio is the author of the work "Decameron". A summary of the content, in fact, could not bring himself the author, because the structure of the whole work is the many small stories that share a basic plot line. Saw the light this book is in the Renaissance, about 1354. "Decameron" the content is very controversial, because for those times such literature was, on the one hand, and be forgiven, but on the other, was considered somewhat vulgar. The name itself translates as "Debatenew" and is a kind of sarcastic mockery of the author over the Church "Selenium". The work describes the creation of the world, but not God, then society, and not in six days, and ten. the Decameron short

The Book in brief

Now let's "Decameron". Summaries of short stories: things happen in the time of rampant plague of 1348. Three noble young men and seven ladies are leaving the diseased city to a Villa two miles from him. To with interest to spend time, one by one, they begin to tell each other entertaining stories. By the way, a lot of the stories were based on folklore, ancient stories, religious-moralistic examples from the sermons of the priests, and more.


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"the Decameron" - a summary of the life storytellers

Each new day starts with a short Intro, which tells about how young people spend time. It should be noted that the description is quite utopian, in the framework of morality and education. But do novels directly opposed to this utopia. They, figuratively speaking, but "a feast during the plague", the red thread permeating every line. The narrative begins in the morning of Wednesday and every day has ten short stories. In them you can see all the manifestations of love - from sexual context and to the tragedy with cruelty.

the Decameron content

Every day except Friday and Saturday, the chosen king (Queen), who assigns the theme for a story, and they must adhere to all the participants with the exception of Dioneo, to whom belongs the privilege of "free narrative". After listening to all the stories young people sit and discuss them, and exchange experiences. At the end of each day one of the ladies sings a ballad. This song samples the lyrics of Boccaccio, and tells them about pure love or the suffering of those loved ones who are not able to connect. Taking into account weekends, young people spend in the Villa for two weeks, and then still decided to return to the city.

"the Decameron". Brief conclusion

All the novels done in a special style. For since the Renaissance it was a novelty, as the book was not written on a common literary language and the juicy conversational Italian. The very same Boccaccio said about his brainchild as "the human Comedy".

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