The story Bunin's "the Gentleman from San Francisco": the meaning of the title, summary, main characters


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The Story "the Gentleman from San Francisco", the meaning of the name which is explained in this article, one of the most famous works of Ivan Bunin. It is a kind of parable, which talks about the meaninglessness of wealth and fame before the inevitability of death. The key idea of this work - understanding the human essence of his existence, knowing how fragile life is, how she's worthless, if it lacks beauty and authenticity.

Meaning of names

the gentleman from San Francisco the meaning of the name

The Story "the Gentleman from San Francisco", the meaning of the name which is revealed in this article, first published in 1915.

The Main feature of this work is that the author has not given the name of the main character. Even the title he is called simply the gentleman from San Francisco. The meaning of the title is.

This gentleman was the representative of fake, boring and monotonous so-called high society. The author despised these people, the social circle to which they belong, for the callousness and belief in permissiveness at the expense of money, fake relationship, love. Because of all this, Bunin did not even give the name of his hero, noting that in the title. This is the meaning of the name "Gentleman from San Francisco".

This story

Bunin the gentleman from San Francisco

Never called in the story the main character by name, the author stresses their attitude to him, noting that his name no one remembered nor on Capri or in Naples, where he stayed. Together with his family (wife and daughter), he goes to the Old world. Bunin in "the Gentleman from San Francisco" writes that the characters for two years have sought only to entertain and to move from place to place. The Lord worked a lot in the last few years, now can afford such a vacation.


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The Family is sailing on a huge ship "Atlantis". It is more like a luxury hotel, which has everything you need for a comfortable trip.

Life on the boat in the story Bunin's "the Gentleman from San Francisco" flowing pretty steadily. Passengers in the morning to drink chocolate, then go to take baths, doing gymnastics, walking sedately on the decks, filled with the same happy life of people. All this in order to work up an appetite. Only after exercise in the fresh air go for Breakfast.

After a meal read the latest press in anticipation of second Breakfast. Then two hours devoted to rest. On the decks with comfortable reed armchairs, where you can comfortably apart, covered with a blanket. Here and spend the time before lunch and relaxation, admiring the cloudless sky.

In the Afternoon a small snack - tea with cookies. In the evening dinner. For tourists on the "Atlantis" it can be said that the main purpose of existence.

In the great hall, where the rich spend every evening an orchestra. And behind the walls at this time, the noise of the ocean. But it is these men in tuxedos and women in evening dresses dekolirovaniya not even remember. Every evening after dinner in the hall and the dancing begins.

The Power man go to the bar, where they drink liquors and cocktails. Cater to them Negros in the mandatory red jackets.

Old Europe

the gentleman from San Francisco analysis

The First big stop of the steamer is happening in Naples. In this town the family of the gentleman from San Francisco is housed in a luxury hotel. But their routine this is almost the same. Early morning Breakfast, afternoon cultural program - visiting museums and temples. Then second Breakfast, afternoon tea and then cooking for the evening dinner. Lunch - a kind of icing on the cake of every day.

Spoils the impression only the weather in Naples. The heroes of "the Gentleman from San Francisco" coming in December. At this time of the year there is constant bad weather - strong wind, sometimes torrential rain, under the feet of dirt. So the family decides to move to Capri. All around them claim that they will be like in Paradise. The family will be surrounded by only sun, warmth and blooming lemons.

Americans on Capri

the gentleman from San Francisco heroes

The heroes of "the Gentleman from San Francisco" moving to the island. They are sailing on a small boat. On the road suffer from seasickness, as the ship talks too much on the waves.

But here they are on the shore. The cable car delivers in a tiny town located on top of the mountain. They settle in a hotel where they are greeted by a welcoming staff. And immediately begin to prepare for dinner.

The protagonist gets dressed before their loved ones and in solitude is the cosy reading room of the hotel, where he met with a fresh press. He begins reading, but suddenly the lines start jumping in front of him. Sir, wriggling all over, slipping on the floor. Nearby resident calls for help, all of us are anxious. The hotel owner, seeks to reassure the guests, but all in vain. The evening is already ruined.


the gentleman from San Francisco problem

The Gentleman from San Francisco put in the cheapest and smallest room. His wife and daughter in horror stand side by side. What happens is that they feared most - he was dying.

The Wife of the protagonist wants to move the body in their apartment. But the owner is against it. He too appreciates theserooms and is afraid that the guests will start to avoid to stay with him, if they knew that there was a corpse. After all, Capri is a small island, and this will be known all at once. To get the coffin, too, is problematic, can only find the long box in which once stood the bottle of soda water.

The way Back

The family of the gentleman from San Francisco goes way back. On the same "Atlantis", in which they came here, going home.

But now carry the dead in the coffin, which is hidden from others in the hold. And on the decks at this time continues the usual measured life. We have our Breakfast, preparing for the nightly dinner and admiring the ocean outside the window.

Analysis story

the gentleman from San Francisco theme

Analysis of "the Gentleman from San Francisco" to start with in order to determine the intent of the story. He disclosed, when the family turns out to Capri. And then it becomes clear philosophical plan Bunin.

After the death of the protagonist occurs paradoxical thing. It belongs to the most dirty and disgusting room, which was only at the hotel, and the body sent to the ship in a crate of bottles to the tragedy was to know as little as possible guests.

This is the main theme of "the Gentleman from San Francisco". After the death of the wealth, glory and honor become absolutely unimportant. So the author demonstrates the essence of human existence. The money and respect that were so important in life, become completely useless after death.

Bunin addition to uses symbolic contrast, describing representatives of the bourgeoisie and the poor. In the analysis of "the Gentleman from San Francisco" it is worth noting that the images of ordinary people the author is alive, real and attractive. But the rich people he describes with undisguised contempt.

The Problem of "the Gentleman from San Francisco" lies in the fact that luxury and money does not protect a person from real life. People who care only about their wallet, according to Bunin, are doomed to moral baseness.

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