How to identify nail fungus on feet symptoms, possible causes and treatment


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In this article we will focus on this unpleasant, but, alas, quite widespread phenomenon, as fungus of the toenails. Symptoms, causes of this disease known to medical science and easy diagnostics at all stages. However, can only detect it if you are attentive to their own health. How to identify nail fungus on your feet? How to treat it? If advertised well?

how to identify nail fungus on feet

Hence the fungus on your nails?

Nail Fungus is quite a common disease. The disease spreads particularly well in areas with moderate and tropical climate, where wet and warm. However, paradoxically, often suffer from a nail fungus inhabitants of cold countries. This is due to the fact that in the harsh climate of constantly having to wear warm shoes with socks. The foot sweats, the socks become wet and the man is forced to be in this state for a long time without the ability to change shoes. It best contribute to the formation of nail fungus. Before we talk about how to identify nail fungus on the feet, let's see who is more susceptible to this to identify nail fungus

Nail Fungus as an occupational disease

At risk are people, the skin of the feet that can't breathe during the day due to the tight shoes. The miners, employees of power plants, gardeners and other representatives of working specialties. The fungus can “hook”, working in the Laundry room, pool, hotel, restaurant.

What diseases can serve as a background

Often suffer from this disease not only representatives of the above professions, but also people who have diabetes 1 or 2 groups. In addition, a prerequisite for the formation of nail fungus can be deformity of foot, varicose veins. Among the causes of this infection - malnutrition of the nail because of occluded or trudnoprohodim vessels. That is why creams advertised today and also lipsticks that are designed ostensibly be saved from the fungus will be completely useless in the fight against the disease. Because it is often caused by internal ailments and external impact will not eradicate the problem.


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how to identify nail fungus

Who is at risk?

A Few decades ago nail fungus in most cases diagnosed in people of advanced age. However, every year the number of patients suffering from nail fungus, increases, the disease is "younger".

Official data show that two to three times more often, nail fungus develops in men. However, much more frequently with this problem turn to a dermatologist women. Women are more concerned about their health and do not find anything shameful in consultation with a physician.

Next, we'll look at why it is so important to get recommendations on the treatment of the fungus it from a dermatologist and talk about how you can identify nail fungus and what symptoms he has at each stage of its to identify fungus on feet tips

How does nail fungus

This disease is not fatal, but to get rid of it, of course, need. Fortunately, recognize the onset of the disease is easy to anyone. How to identify fungus on the feet? The tips given below. First and foremost, take a look at your nails.

The First thing you should pay attention to the color of the nail. Affected by fungus, the nail becomes dull-yellow and opaque. Depending on the stage of the disease, the lesion may be the edge of the nail plate, the base or the nail entirely.

Pay attention to the thickness of the nail

Responding to a question about how to identify nail fungus, you should mention the changes of the nail plate. Despite the fact that due to the illness of the nail thins, visually and feel-it is as if it becomes thicker, swells.

How to identify nail fungus? In order to detect the presence of infection, inadequate visual inspection of the nail plate. Mix the potassium permanganate and water in the ratio of 1 to 5, the solution was down for half a minute the nails. Healthy nail will turn and turn brown. Of the affected plates will stay to identify fungus on toe nails

Stage of disease

The Disease occurs in four stages. The sooner you start treatment, the more chances you have to get rid of nail fungus forever.

The First stage is characterized by lesions of the edge of the nail. As mentioned above, changing the color plates appear to bulge. The nail grows poor, hollow, and therefore breaks down and crumbles.

A Symptom of the second stage will increase the area affected. In addition, it should be noted that sometimes the second phase can begin as if in a bypass first. The defeat of the nail plate will start not from the edge, and at the base of the nail. To be cured of nail fungus in the second stage will be more problematic than at first.

How to identify nail fungus on the feet in the third stage? In medicine it is called white superficial fungus and looks like the entire plate is affected. It has a crisp white color, very crumbly on the edges.

The Fourth stage isname total dystrophic fungal. The nail has a yellowish-gray color, exudes a kind of unpleasant smell and very crumbly. In the fourth stage, you can often see bare piece of skin under the broken nail, because overgrown of the fungus, it is in most cases broken off.fungus toenails symptoms causes

The Reason for the treatment to the dermatologist is often the finding, that is the fourth stage of nail fungus. Do not look on the forums or on the Internet tips on how to effectively treat nail fungus. It is better to consult a specialist at the first symptoms of the disease.

What to expect from going to the doctor?

Perhaps each of us is the fear of doctors. However, do not be afraid of the treatment to the dermatologist if you suspect the nail fungus. Specialist will conduct a visual inspection and will be scraping the upper Horny layer of the nail to send it for diagnosis to the laboratory. A detailed analysis will reveal, what was the causative agent of the disease, determine the type of fungus, and will tell the doctor what treatment you want to assign.

Treatment of nail fungus takes a long time. It can last from one to three months. After a course of treatment will need to be tested, even if the above symptoms are to treat nail fungus

A Few words about effective treatment

So now you know how to identify fungus on toe nails. The ways given above. Now it is necessary to say a few words about the treatment that you can conduct yourself. Very well established drug "drug zistan". However, it is necessary to use not the ointment, namely the solution. This drug can be used in the case of fungal attack stop.

How to use "Ekzotarium"? If you have fungus on the first stage of the disease, then lubricate the affected surface of the nail twice a day. Nails should be dry and well washed. The next stages of the disease, can not do without taking pills. However, in this case, the use of "Acteria" not worth a stop: it will strengthen the effects of the drugs.

Before applying the tool to thoroughly clean the affected surface of the nail nail device. However, it is necessary to be extremely cautious. After perfect manipulations should be applied to the cleaned place solution "drug zistan". Repeat 2 times a day.

People who are familiar with this infectious disease, speak positively about the drug called "Mikosan". At the price of "drug zistan" or "Mikosan" are in the same range: around 500 to 700 rubles. Some of these tools to use, you decide. But without the help of a dermatologist from the nail fungus to get rid of forever and completely fail.

Summing up

The article provides an answer to the question of how to determine the nail fungus on the feet. However, it is worth remembering that self-medication does not always lead to full recovery. When changes in thickness or color of the nails you should consult a doctor.

The affected nail plate fungus can be divided into four stages. If in the first stage, the disease is not alarming, as it does not greatly deform the nail plate, the fourth can easily lose their Polish. One should not delay going to the dermatologist.

It is Highly recommended not to self-medicate, yielding to the persuasion of advertising on the effectiveness of a drug. Cream or any other medium applied to the nail plate from the outside, not get rid of the causative agent, and therefore would be inefficient. In the end, you will only delay the process of treatment, masking the manifestation of the disease. We should also not forget that nail fungus not only looks unsightly but also is a kind of beacon to indicate the presence of disorders in the body.

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