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Have You ever thought about the fact that on the nails, you can create a masterpiece? Unique, original and unique. But it is possible. Moreover, all this can be done by yourself at home with available materials at hand. You do not even have to know how to draw. Ideas for manicure at home can be taken from the head or peeking in the log.

ideas for manicure at homeManicure by a newspaper

It would Seem that the similarities between the newspaper and the nails? And yet it is incongruous. With the help of Newspapers you can create a masterpiece without much effort. You must:

  • A piece of paper with the labels
  • Alcohol
  • Lac transparent,
  • Polish color,
  • Base coat,
  • Tweezers.

So, ideas for manicure at home using the newspaper. Apply a base coat, wait dry. Then paint nails in your desired color, but not too dark, otherwise the label will not be visible. Alcohol in forceps carefully lower bits of newspaper. They should be cut about the size of a fingernail. In alcohol you need to keep no more than a minute, then gently move the newspaper to the nail and press firmly. Fingers and is not recommended, you can lubricate the picture. Better lint-free cloth. You need to nail for a few seconds and then remove. The newspaper of the inscription is translated on the nail, then apply clear coat or a top coat.

ideas for home manicureLace

Ideas for manicure in house conditions it is possible to realize and with the help of lace. You can buy them in the store for nail art or sewing. It is important that the lace was fine. They are applied just. You will need a base coat, color and top coat. Pre-cut lace scissors of suitable size under the nails. Once nail color is applied, you need to gently squeeze the lace and cover them with top coat. If at first you don't succeed, try another way. To the dried colored lacquer applied to the nail glue and attach the lace. Ideas for a home manicure is not limited to a simple attachment of such a tape. It can not just cut, but also figuratively to issue or to add some decorative elements. This can be feathers, rhinestones, stickers, drawings. Each element is added on its own. For example, rhinestones krepjat on a lace, and stickers and drawings under the lace.


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ideas for summer manicure 2013Manicure water

Ideas for manicure at home you can implement and lacquers with water. Everything is very simple. You need to pre-grease the side bolsters and cuticle fat cream. It is important to get to the nail plate, otherwise it will figure in the end. Warm water and dropped the nail one color, then another. Colors can be from two up to five or six, as desired. Fine needle gently the droplets are stretched in different directions, formed an unusual pattern. Then the nail is immersed in water and removed in the middle of the picture. The varnish should be thick, otherwise it will not stretch and will not fall. Every finger is covered separately. It's long, but worth it. The finished pattern is just covered by the top coat. Optionally, you can add a drawing with varnish or paint. Then you will need to fix the whole picture in the end.

Ideas of summer nail Polish 2013 and added options such as art painting on different subjects. If by yourself do not work, but skills are not enough, you can contact the salon to the master or to enroll. Of course, we should not neglect the lessons. In addition to these methods there are many other options for decorating nails yourself.

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