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No matter How much you watch television and not wander the streets, everywhere: posters, banners, screens and monitors - we are looking an adorable girl with a beautiful, well-groomed hair, each of which can boast of a perfect haircut or hairstyle. And Hollywood has long been a constant legislator “fashion” in appearance, ranging from dress codes to “Hollywood smile”. What can we say about the hair.

But if few people can afford to dress like angelina Jolie's or Madonna's smile, copying the haircut of his idol always was and will be a favorite style of young people make your image more stylish. So gradually, and sometimes even instantly, hairstyles of Hollywood actors, with whom they appear on the red carpet or the pages of magazines have become a fashion trend, and stylists all around the world start to cut in this way almost every second of his client.

But is it good? Because everyone has different face shapes, types and kinds of hair, and what works for one, does not mean that it is also well suited and different. That is why, before going to the hairdresser with a photo of your favorite actor or singer and the requirement to “to”, have a lot to think about, especially how this haircut will look exactly on your hair.

Types of hair: is it possible to say that someone had more luck?

The types of the hair can be divided into straight, curly and wavy. Interestingly, the winner of the direct type daily spend hours at the mirror, Curling iron in hand, to give the careless curls waviness, and envy those who have strands of twine from nature. And the winner of the curly type, carefully straighten them, spending lots of money on expensive and not particularly useful procedure for straightening, such as ceratinine or lamination, secretly wishing that their hair was always straight and obedient.


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Few people think about the fact that it is necessary only to choose the right haircut and the problem sloppy head immediately disappear. For example, on direct will look good which has already become a classic cascade, giving more volume as well as any hairstyle for short hair, as straight strands fit well and do not require additional styling. Curly the curls should not be cut too short – the shorter they are, the more twisted and think that the head looks like a dandelion. For a curly look does not fit the long length, as it requires little care, the strands may look sloppy to the end of the day. Therefore, it is best to limit medium length curly hair. At such length, almost any hairstyle will look interesting, the rest will depend on the shape of the face, which also plays an important role in choosing a hairstyle.

types of hair

Hair care

Hair vary greatly in types, which is fully formed in adolescence and remains so for life. There are several classifications of types, the most popular of them – the thickness and fat content. The first criterion to distinguish thick, thin and normal. For thin hair is needed hairstyles that create volume and thick, opposite, straight cut.

Fat secrete oily, dry, normal and mixed types. To each of them always looked well-groomed, you need not only to choose the right kind of haircut, but also to provide competent care. For example, oily hair needs more frequent washing and care lotions for the scalp, which will improve fat balance, and they will become less oily. Dry type, on the contrary, not washing often, as it then washed away the elements that give hair elasticity, and appears brittle. At the same time for Shine and silkiness suggest to apply the mask, which increases the fat content, so that they become more healthy. In case if proper care will not matter what is done haircut – the head will always look well-groomed and neat, and brittle or oily hair can actually ruin the best and most fashionable hairstyle in the world.

types of haircuts Bob for short hair

Folk remedies for hair care

All types of hair need daily care. Unfortunately, those funds that offer shops will not have the properties that stated on the package, and have no effect, but in a professional means not always and not everyone has the money. That is why it is still popular are popular options care masks and conditioners, which are gladly used by many women. They help to repair hair, add Shine and a healthy appearance.

So, instead of a rinse useful to use camomile tea, which softens, or you can make a mask out of brandy, by adding it to your usual conditioner after washing. Brandy has a firming effect, dry scalp and hair become less oily. Also recommend a mask of egg white, which gives a healthy glow. Such a huge number of recipes, the important thing is that they include really natural remedies that work, and we can see the result in the mirror, admiring the shiny and beautiful hair, shining with strength and health.

haircuts for short hair front view back

Haircut or styling: what to choose

What types of hair we already have. Now let's talk about what's best: haircut or styling? Not knowing which way to stop, and fearing radical changes in appearance, many prefer the haircut styling. On the one hand, stacking allows you to experiment with images choosing for themselves the best, but their fascination with various kinds may spoil the hair and no haircut will not help them. Will have them hard to treat, demanding the return of the healthy kind. Frequent use of Curling iron or flat iron burns the top strands and makes them brittle, varnishes and mousses make hair rough sponge, devoid of moisture, and it looks after frequent use of these funds unkempt and ugly. Therefore it is better to go for a one-time change, to make yourself a haircut that may not be suitable, the spoil daily hair styling. After all, to grow cut much easier and faster than to grow completely spoiled, as often has lost form and health due to constant styling, the hair is not restored.

Let's talk about the types of haircuts hair, and what better to stop your choice.

haircuts for short hair back view

Haircuts for straight and curly hair: how not to screw things up

The biggest problem when choosing a hairstyle is the choice of form, style, and optimum length, which depends on hair type and face shape. If the girl has a rounded face and curly hair, she is in any case can not be cut short, this hairstyle will make her face more round and will not add to the appeal. In the case when the elongated face, straight hair, to leave a greater length may be inappropriate – it will visually elongate the face even more. On the contrary, their owner should think about short hair, giving extra volume. So the image will be more feminine and delicate.

The photo shows a beautiful haircut on curly hair (back view).

types of hair

Hairstyles for long hair

In the case when you do not want to part with the length, which was tradepals many years, and to change the hairstyle you want, you can always experiment with the shape of the tip. There are several types of haircuts – or exactly in a straight line, a semicircle, acute or obtuse angle, as well as creative forms – it all depends on your own courage and imagination of the master.

Also the owners of long hair, especially straight and slim, it is recommended to try the cascade. This haircut adds volume to the hair, and the lightness and airiness created image.

Another wizard, he likes to use such techniques as thinning and graduations. Hairdresser in both cases as “discharge” the hair, leaving the ends ragged. If thinning is used only at the longest ends of your hair, then do the calibration over the entire head, often applying it in the lawn cascade.

In the article you see a photo that show the most successful hair cut (back view).

types of haircuts hair

Hairstyles for medium length hair

The Most popular length it is now medium hair. It is primarily designed for such a length does not require complex care, as for long and long daily styling like short. With such a length is easy to experiment and if the experiment doesn't work, cut off will grow back quickly enough.

The Most popular haircuts for medium hair can be called classics cascade, elongated quads – this type is more suitable for direct sight, but on wavy it will look very elegant, and asymmetrical Bob. The last kind of hairstyle lately becoming more popular. In this haircut one side of the head are cut short, rounding out the face and add volume, and on the other – go long, making the tips of the pointed corner. This hairstyle looks original and even a bit mischievously, giving the image a uniqueness.

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