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Beam "Horn" - hair style is very sweet and at the same time extremely stylish. Double steel capsule recently a new trend in fashion. Hollywood stars around the world demonstrate their exciting styling, and thousands of fans to their likes and commented on in social networks. Hair resembles cat ears funny and gives the image of playfulness and playfulness.

If you have such a mood, let's try to make this a tricky styling.

horn hair

Studs — the main tool

Seeing the photo, any woman will understand that horns are fixed with pins. These assistants in the various pilings are of two colors: for dark and light hair. They are usually sold by 10 pieces. Just buy two packages to have enough for each cone.

If you are not the owner of volume hair hard and thick hair, then most likely, the studs will be too long for the horns. Then, armed with pliers and cut their unnecessary length.

Now the main tool is ready. You can get to work.

Hairstyle “the horns made of hair”: how to make

The installation easy to do medium length hair and especially long tresses. Let's consider step by step how to do it.

hair horns made of hair how to do

  1. Hair well comb and make a straight parting in the middle.
  2. Then create the same tails on top of head and secure them tightly with rubber bands.
  3. If the curls do not respond well to styling, then you can apply the hair cream.
  4. This step — the most important one. Make a cone. Hairstyle consists of two equal tails. If he is right, the index finger of the right hand placed perpendicular next to the gum. Zamatyvaem other hand curls around the tail. Repeat the attempts until, until you get a horn that you are completely satisfied. With the tail you need to turn not from above but starting from the base near the head.
  5. Once the pod is ready, not pulling from her index finger, the middle finger held tip.
  6. Free hand take studs and are beginning to stick into the hair, gently pushing.
  7. At the end of two pins to attach the ends. For this one stud slips into the hole with the index finger and the other stick on the outside.
  8. Now strengthen on top of the cone. It will be better to stay, if two pins to hook a jug and stick in the hair. This is to ensure that they are not exposed gum and went up.
  9. The Remaining pins, you can attach those strands of hair that had escaped.
  10. Now when a pod is fully ready, it need a good spray varnish and smoothing hair in the direction of their spin. To impart the desired shape can slightly mash with your fingers horn. Hair half done.
  11. All the same is done with the second tail. In this case the index finger need to keep in the same way as with the other hand until this. Then you will get the same potbelly hairstyles.

“Horns”: photos of

horns hairstyle photo

Just as quickly, if you can adapt to make an original and playful hairstyle. The photo shows how stylish and attractive you can look these horns-ears-potbelly.

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