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Perming was created about a century ago, in order to simplify daily styling and get long-lasting curls. The idea belongs to hairdresser Karl Ludwig Nesseria from Germany. Later developed a new technology that allows you to get large curls and not having high damage to hair. Japanese perming has gained huge popularity and is widely used. Many girls tried this treatment and very pleased with the results. The effect of the procedure lasts for quite some time, and after Curling the hair does not become dry and lifeless.Japanese Perm

Types of perms hair

Modern barbers offers many different types of hair. All their klassificeret according to various criteria into groups. For example, the type of reagents used, the procedure can be:

  1. Alkaline. This technology gives a very stable result, but very damaging to your hair.
  2. Biowave. Allows not only to obtain bouncy curls, but also to restore the hair structure.
  3. Acid Perm. Gentle on strands, but it's not as long as alkaline.
  4. Neutral. This technology allows you to get a longer result than the acid, while not damaging to your hair.

In appearance curler Curling there. You can wind strands:

  • The bobbin;
  • Wellformed
  • The curlers;
  • Spiral Perm rods.

Japanese perming involves the use of large rollers. The location of the clips on the head there is a circular, vertical, horizontal wave and the method of double wrap. If you want you can curl only the tail, to use the cap to wind the root of the hair, or make use of technology for children.Perm big curls


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Differences between German and Japanese technology

The Procedure came from Asia, named after a cosmetic company that is leading in its industry. Japanese perms Goldwell Evolution combines a gentle effect on hair and long lasting results.

The Fair sex for many years used different ways of winding the curls. Today there are dozens of different techniques, among which the soft and gentle effect on the hair, natural compounds for fixation. However, such technologies provide short-term results. In this context, women either have to sacrifice hair condition or styling to just a couple of weeks.

Japanese perming designed to meet all requirements. Women offer now to find a bouncy curls for a long time, without visible consequences for the hair.Japanese hair

If a woman wants to have beautiful and bouncy curls that will long to please its offers, the ideal option would be Japanese perming. Reviews about it are very positive and enthusiastic, because technology is a neutral harmless styling. Because of this, this method iron you can try even women with weakened and damaged hair after bleaching or lightening.

Japanese hair is with a unique lipid complex, which has a complex effect on strands:

  1. Restores from within the structure of the hair fiber;
  2. Revitalizes hair;
  3. Moisturizes hair;
  4. Protects from aggressive influence of environment.

Japanese perms goldwell evolution

Benefits of Japanese perms

This technology has a number of advantages, for example:

  1. It can be safely used on hair after coloring, bleaching, reservation or highlighting.
  2. By using the Japanese method it is possible for a long time to give even a rough and tough hair.
  3. The curlers introduced a special tool, Maintain the System, which helps to keep the pigment of the hair after dyeing.

Important points

The Japanese chemical wave, like any other, must begin with the diagnosis. The master in the cabin, be sure to evaluate the condition of the strands before you start the procedure. If hair is in bad condition, the hairdresser will recommend to first treat it, and then do styling. In addition, it is important to know the health status of the client. Allergy, stress, hormones – all of this can make a Perm ineffective.

Do Not think that perming "big hair" will free you from the need to hold regular styling. Stylist will tell you how to do hair in the morning.Japanese perming reviews

Perming "big hair": technology

The Session takes no more than 30 minutes, which is a huge advantage of technology. Contraindications Japanese Perm hair almost does not matter, because in part, for fixing the present substance for cell regeneration and moisturizing.

The Whole process is divided into several stages:

  1. Hair apply a special protective coating, which protects the strands from unwanted damages.
  2. Applied basic preparation for Curling.
  3. Wind the strands on the rod.
  4. After 15 minutes, then apply neutralizer liquid.
  5. This is followed by preparation for fixing the result.
  6. After removing the bobbins, the strands are treated with a protective agent.

How to care for hair after a Perm

After carrying out this procedure, it is important to adhere to certain rules of care for the curls. For example, it is not recommended to dry your hair, comb it, or put immediately after the session. In addition, the washing also should refrain for a couple of days. In the future, it is better to use special cosmetics to care for locks. Stylist can recommend what will be suitable for specific hair type.


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